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Published by 4gen_0

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Published by: 4gen_0 on Jul 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Portal Downloads - MAISDOWNLOAD.COM N / REF.: PROP-PCD-07-02-12
Confidential - Version: 1.0 Date: February 9,yyyy
"The real digital divide in the country can only be done through the appropriati

on by the young of the social environment"
Mauro Oliveira Assistant Secretary for Science and Technology of Ceará Former Se
cretary of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications Former Director Genera

l of Ceará CEFET PhD in Informatics
Portal Downloads - MAISDOWNLOAD.COM N / REF.: PROP-PCD-07-02-12
Confidential - Version: 1.0 Date: February 9,yyyy

CONSULTING€Portal Downloads -
Dear Sir,
As your request, following our commercial proposition. In this opportunity we ar

e at their disposal for further clarification in order to provide the best asses
sment of this proposal, drawn up in accordance with the requirements.
Sincerely, Bruno da Silva Queiroz Commercial Director Cooperative Pirambu Digita
l - CPD
The contents of this document is intended solely for Consulting PartnerPortal Do
wnloads - MAISDOWNLOAD.COM N / REF.: PROP-PCD-07-02-12
Confidential - Version: 1.0 Date: February 9,yyyy

Result of a partnership between the Federal Center for Technological Education o
f Ceará (Ceará CEFET) and the Movement Emmaus CEFET Pirambu is an extension proj
ect that supports the Cooperative Pirambu Digital. The Cooperative Pirambu Digit
al (CPD) is composed of technicians from CEFET Ceará, informatics, residents of
the District of Pirambu. The CPD develops computer solutions, efficient and inno
vative in the various branches of Information Technology, seeking to satisfy the
demand for new solutions to market.

The Cluster Software Development (CAN), a business of the Cooperative Pirambu Di gital, operates in the development of software systems in order to popularize in formation technology. With the use of more sophisticated technologies,€also deve loped web solutions and provide support with quality standard based on what is m ost modern in IT

DEVELOPMENT OF SOFTWARE - Production Software for small businesses, and customer s demand for medium and large. The whole production with a team of high-level cr edibility and quality CEFET - CE. DEVELOPMENT OF SITES AND PORTALS - Production of web solutions with manager conteúdo.Produção dynamic systems with sophisticat ed animation technology.

Portal Downloads - MAISDOWNLOAD.COM N / REF.: PROP-PCD-07-02-12
Confidential - Version: 1.0 Date: February 9, yyyy

The goal of this proposal is to present the architecture of the Portal Downloads
- MAISDOWNLOAD.COM, the development schedule of the solution and the budget pro
posal of the Portal.

This project aims to develop an Internet-based system (on website) to make avail
able to the general public free access to software (programs, games, wallpapers,
slides, promotional, etc ...) that can be shared. This web system as a Portal D
ownloads will allow the sale or use free advertising space for users who wish to
publish their software through the Portal. The system should automate from the
customer management (their records and personal software published - link via re
gistered or upload their interactions with customers became interested in their
products, their advertising options highlighted by software, control accounts po
rtal, etc. ..) to run the Portal, which will enable your team to sponsor activit
ies such as: search and keep the clients records and manage their bills paid and
outstanding;€carry out communications with customers and own staff of the Porta
l to keep track of clicks, make entries of various types and categories, product
s, pricing and discounts, and generate management reports and operational. The d
esign aims to enhance the implementation of user interactivity with the web port
al as well as provide the management team of the portal a tool for fast and easy
handling, thus making the visual design of the portal effectively on ease of na
vigation of Internet users, and agile in managing of its content.

4. APPROACH REQUIREMENTS The following is a graphical view of the features ident

ified from requirements analysis to the customer:
Portal Downloads - MAISDOWNLOAD.COM N / REF.: PROP-PCD-07-02-12
Confidential - Version: 1.0 Date: February 9,yyyy
Portal Downloads - MAISDOWNLOAD.COM N / REF.: PROP-PCD-07-02-12
Confidential - Version: 1.0 Date: February 9,yyyy

1.€Technology Development: ASP, HTML, Javascript, and JAVA. 2. Database: MySQL.
1. Search Software 1.1 "Field-search dynamic with automatic search fields: TITLE
, DESCRIPTION SHORT, LONG DESCRIPTION," 1.2-Menu categories with major and minor
1.3-Area with the ranking of the most downloaded software area with 1.4-related
news the 1.5-ID software, search, Operating System Software (Linux, Windows, Mo
bile or On Line), changing the entire set of highlights, menu, news, etc.. 2. Se
e advertising 2.1 - Area for banner wide (730 x 90) (for advertisers in general)
2.2 - Area for over a smaller banner (to advertisers in general) 2.3 - Central
area for a banner developer, using a figure (300 x 130) 2.4 - Area to the highli
ghts of the smaller developers, without the use of Figures 2.5 - Area to display
sponsored links from google (related to the search performed) 2.6 - Area for li
nks to the Free Market 3. Access pages Portal 3.1 - Links to pages on Portal 3.2
Register / login 3.3 software developers at a selected category, with necessary
adjustments 3.4 Results of the search, with necessary adjustments 3.5 Hot-page
with the result of selection, with necessary adjustments 3.6 Information on the
company 3.7 3.8 Hiring Ad Partnership Opportunities 3.9 Market Offers Free Visit
or Registration 3:10 to receive newsletter and be critical of experienced softwa
re 3:11 Reviews / comments about the software 3:12 Indication of selected softwa
re to someone else 4. Maintain personnel records 4.1 - Page to add / change regi
stration Developer 4.2 - Page with the rules of publishing software 5. Keep 5.1
5.2 5.3 5.4 5.5 5.5.1 5.5.2 Registration Software - Page with list of registered
software - For each software,€link to: Critical Reviews Change Delete Reply / C

omments about software Show Reviews / comments
Portal Downloads - MAISDOWNLOAD.COM N / REF.: PROP-PCD-07-02-12

5.5.3 5.6 5.6.1 5.7 5.8
Confidential - Version: 1.0 Date: February 9,yyyy

Making a replica of the criticisms View Reports Download Report downaloads with movement per week - Page to add / modify the software, with a diagnosis of error s, with fields: - Page selection with the publication price (expressed, overexpr essed and free) - Interface to register a prominent, with selection of the perio d and automatic release value.

6. Consult Payments 6.1 - Page with bills paid per month 6.2 - Page with account s opened in July. Search Developer to maintain 7.1 - search page developer, view / change registration 7.2 Maintain records that link to Developer

8. Search Software 8.1 Search Page maintained software,€with link to view / chan ge registration 8.2 Keep records of all Software 8.3 - List of software, and for each software, link to: 8.4 Change 8.5 8.6 Delete Reviews / Comments on the Rep ort downaloads 8.7 software, with movement per week 08/08 Show Reviews / comment s 8.9 Customize the comments made by visitors to Edit 8:10 replica of the critic isms made by the developer 8.11 - Page to register / changing software, with a d iagnosis of errors with fields: 8.12 Description Brief Description 8:13, complet e with html editor ( fonts, font size, colors, etc.) 8.14 type (freeware, sharew are, demo, etc.) 8:15 8:16 Price links to the software (up to 3) 8.17-selection page with the price of the publication (expressed, overexpressed and free), allo wing 8:18-Interface insert discount for registration of distinction with the sel ection period and automatic calculation of value 9. Report 9.1-page for sending e-mail newsletter 9.2-page for sending e-mail communication 9.3-developers page for sending e-mail recovery 9.4-Page generation billet charging developers for 9 .5-Page Submission e-mail to employees 9.6-page for management of the banners di splayed 9.7-page response to various contacts

with the

Portal Downloads - MAISDOWNLOAD.COM N / REF.: PROP-PCD-07-02-12
10.Controlar Downloads clicks 10.1-10.2-sponsored links google 10.3-Links Free M
arket 11.Manter 11.1 11.2 11.3 11.4 11.5 11.6 11.7

Confidential - Version: 1.0 Date: February 9,yyyy

auxiliary entries - Products, pricing and discounts - Register of the country - State Register - Register of Occupation - Categories and subcategories of softwa re, indicating the order in the menu - Types of software (freeware, shareware, d emo, etc) - Types of Person (visitor, developer, administrator,€and employee rep resentative)

12.Manter Reports 12.1 - Contacts resolved and outstanding 12.2 - Statistics of downloads in general, per developer, per category and subcategory, etc. 12.3 - R oommate 12.4 - For accounts open

Portal Downloads - MAISDOWNLOAD.COM N / REF.: PROP-CPD-07-02-12 7. DIAGRAM OF SY

Confidential - Version: 1.0 Date: February 9,yyyy
Portal Downloads - MAISDOWNLOAD.COM N / REF.: PROP-PCD-07-02-12

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