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The Diet Secret

The Diet Secret

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Published by 4gen_0

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Published by: 4gen_0 on Jul 08, 2010
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... and open your mind
The first thing to do is to totally forget everything you've heard about "diets"
and "low carb" and "low fat" (and all other topics related to weight loss) beca
use these things are just the " publicity "that changes like the flavor of the m
onth. You've heard all that publicity about the diets contradictory in the media
over the years ...

know what we are talking about ... First you say that "portion control" is the o nly way to lose weight, then I say that eating "low fat" is the solution, then I say throw the food philosophy of "low fat" and take the train food "low carb." The media changed their tune when they think that the ratings benefit from a new tune - have no idea of how the methods of dieting.

What other reason would be constantly changing their advertising?

2 Decisions Weight Loss
The first thing to decide is how much weight you want to lose because in this ma
nual have available two different weight loss programs and each manipulates the
carb / protein in a different way (not the same.) If you want to lose weight fas
ter then you could go to our registration area, click on the Diet Generator to s
tart using DIET SECRET.

(This generates your menu in just seconds.)
Or, if you want to lose weight more "lightly" (without having to follow a specif
ic diet) then we have a second weight loss program, which is a collection of 10
Rules to Lose Weight you can use to lose weight more "informal." These 10 rules
are called the 10 RULES secret to losing weight (these 10 rules use a different
system of CARBOHYDRATES / PROTEINS of using the Diet Generator.)

The 10 Rules are shown in the following 10 pages.

RULE # 1
Manipulating Calories
To lose weight you need to manipulate the types of calories that enter your body
at every meal, because the calories are like "fuel" and for losing weight shoul
d handle fuel your body gets. This is accomplished by manipulating the food you
eat at each meal. The first thing to do is learn about the 3 types of calories y
ou are, and what calories are in each kind of food you eat. The 3 Types of Calor
ies are: (1) Protein (2) Carbohydrates (3) Fat

No need to worry about handling the calories of "fat", you need only worry about manipulating the protein and carbohydrates. You must learn the following food l ist before reading the next nine rules (Rule # 4 will show you how ROTATE THOSE FOOD). But for now, only learn what foods (and when you reach the RULE # 4 then learn how to eat those foods ...)

Lean Roast Beef Cottage Cheese (low fat) Eggs (scrambled, hard) Mero (Sole) Gril
led (no breading) Tofu Products (no breading) Soy Products (no breading) egg sal
ad (use low-fat mayonnaise) Chicken ( Frango, Hen) (skinless) Lean Turkey Ham Le
an Beef Lean Halibut (Greenland, Cortes De Sole, sole in the Arctic) Roast (with
out breading) Red Snapper (Snapper) Grilled (no breading) Tuna Salad (using mayo
nnaise fat) Mixed Nuts (salted or unsalted)

Carbohydrate foods
Mixed Salad (only allowed lettuce, tomatoes (tomatoes) and vegetables)
* The dressing should be low-calorie dressing Use it sparingly, you should not m
eet with too much salad dressing.

Pan (bread type should only be "oat" or "saved") Mixed Vegetables (fresh or froz
en) apples (fibula) Fresh Pear Fresh Peaches (Peaches, Prescan)
Fresh Plums (Cojotes) Fresh Grapes Fresh Kiwi Fresh Oranges (Chinese) Fresh Apri
cots (Apricots, Apricots) Fresh

RULE # 2
Make 4 meals a day
To increase the weight loss you should begin to make 4 meals per day. Each meal
should be separated from the other for 2 ½ hours at least. This will burn fat be
cause your body does not pay attention to daily calories, your body pays attenti
on to the calories per meal. Also, if you eat too much at each meal, it will sto
re fat even though their total daily calories are low. Need to four meals a day,
and need to separate them as much as possible for your body to get less calorie
s per session. This allows you to burn fat - if you do this consistently every d

RULE # 3
Prepare your food at home
While the diet does prepare their meals at home, and if necessary, take them wit
h you to work (or elsewhere) in a cooler or food container.€It is better not to
eat their meals in restaurants while making the diet, because restaurant portion
s are usually bigger than you need and usually will be tempted to eat the whole
pan if you pay good money for him. In addition, food from restaurants is not sim
ple enough to eat while you diet. For example, a dinner is usually made of chick
en covered with a greasy sauce - and can also come with additional foods such as
pasta or rice, which ruins the whole meal of chicken (and makes it more oily).
Also, the restaurants tend to serve all the dishes of rice with huge portions, m
aking it REALLY fat (this can ruin the results of your diet too quickly). It is
better to prepare meals at home, and take them with you to work in a cooler.

RULE # 4
Food Rotation
You already know you will be eating four meals a day (of the RULE # 2) ... ... a
nd you also know that foods need to eat protein and carbohydrates (Rule # 1) ...

Now, to lose weight need only rotate the protein & carbohydrate foods each day, according to the following program (the exact foods are displayed in the Rule Da y 1: Eat three meals with a Lunch with Carbohydrates and Carbohydrate and Protei n Mixed Day 2: Eat three meals with a Lunch with carbohydrates and proteins Day 3: Eat two meals with carbohydrates and protein foods 2 Day 4: Eat a Lunch with Carbohydrate and Protein Foods 3 Day 5: Eat a carbohydrate-protein food and thre e meals Mixed Proteins with Day 6: Eat a Lunch with Carbohydrate and Protein Foo ds 3 Day 7: Eat 2 meals with carbs and protein foods 2 Day 8: Eat three meals wi th a Lunch with carbohydrates and proteins

Day 9: Eat three meals with a Lunch with Carbohydrates and Carbohydrate and Prot ein Mixed Day 10: Repeat the cycle starting again from Day 1 ... * Please rememb er that our high school program of diet. 11 Day Diet Generator is obtained from the diets (which can be found in our Table of Contents).

For example, if the menu says eat 3 carbohydrate meal and a carbohydrate-protein
food Mixed - then this means that three of your meals should be composed solely
of carbohydrate foods and a meal should be composed of protein and carbohydrate
foods. There is no limit on the number of different foods for each meal. This m
eans that if food is "only carbohydrate" - then you can eat a carbohydrate meal,
two or three carbohydrate foods carbohydrate foods in the same meal. The same a
pplies to food "protein only" and for meals MIXED (no limit to the number of foo
d at each meal). You can eat the meals in any order, it is your decision which f

oods go first and which last. For example, if told to do three meals with a meal with carbs and protein a day, then you can eat food with protein first, last or in between. It's easy

follow this meal program.

RULE # 5
Simple is Best
To truly maximize weight loss you should always ensure that your meals as easy a
s possible. This only means that you avoid using condiments, sauces and over-cov
erage, because these things can make you fat. The condiments are mostly full of
carbohydrates your body converts to fat very easily, this is the reason why he s
hould avoid them. Did you know the difference between being fat and thin can be
decided on how simply prepares your meals? It is true, so always be aware of thi
s rule. Do not have to prepare your meals in a "dry" is not what we are saying;
we are only saying that if you decide to use "sauces" or "coverage", then use th
e least amount possible. Do not be fooled about the "simplicity" of this rule, b
ecause the body of your dreams is greatly affected by this "simple" rule.

RULE # 6
Knowing when to STOP
To maximize weight loss need to stop eating at the right time. When is the "righ
t time" to stop eating? Simple, always stop eating before you are completely sat
isfied when you're a little hungry. You do not need starving, no need to feel th
at he is "very hungry "after a meal is not what we are saying. We're just saying
you should always stop eating when you're just a little hungry. This is more im
portant than you think. To avoid eating too should eat more slowly,€try to eat f
ood with protein (first meal) very slowly, trying to make their meals last 15 mi
nutes or more. This will guarantee not to overeat. Each time you feel completely
full will be a sure sign that increased body fat in your body, because it has t
oo many calories. The rule is simple, but it is probably one of the most importa
nt points for losing weight.

RULE # 7
To maximize weight loss you should only drink with 10 calories or less, in each

Common things that are less than 10 calories per glass include: 1) Sodas (soft d rinks) Diet 2) Water 3) Iced Tea 4) Low-Calorie Café 5) Other Low-Calorie Bevera ges Common things that are more than 10 calories are glass fruit juice, espresso , cappuccino, regular soft drinks, milk, etc. There is no limit on beverages dai ly, you can drink them between meals or with meals, but should be less than 10 c alories per cup.

RULE # 8
Drinking Water to Burn Fat
To maximize weight loss you should drink between 8 and 10 glasses of water a day
. It is important to space them throughout the day, and never should drink plent
y of water at a time. In fact, 2 glasses at once is usually more than enough. Dr
inking water greatly affects the process of weight loss and makes other rules wo
rk twice, so it is important that you follow this rule. If you can not drink 8-1
0 glasses of water a day, then try to drink six glasses a day, that amount is al
so very good. Each cup should fit you mlts 240. (8 ounces), just a glass of norm
al size is fine. * This rule is very important, do not underestimate the power o
f water when it comes to burn fat.

RULE # 9
You should not perform strenuous exercise (such as climbing stairs or running),

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