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Boris Vian Complete Biography 1920-1950

Boris Vian Complete Biography 1920-1950

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Published by 4gen_1

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Published by: 4gen_1 on Jul 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Complete Biography 1920-1950 Top uneventful Boris Vian was born March 10, 1920 i n Ville d'Avray. His father Paul is the annuitant, son of Henry Vian blacksmith art of his condition and Joan Bush, heir of Navarre Stationery Bush. Unfortunate ly, they die young, as the brother of Paul, he is buried alive in a shell hole d uring the 14-18 war and interned at City-Évrad, her sister and throws herself un der a bus by heartache. Paul finds herself alone, but with an income sufficient to live a bourgeois as it always has. Boris's mother, Yvonne Woldermar Ravenna ( Pouch named Mother), Paul's parents Louis Woldemar, owner, manager or director o f several industrial companies, including Oil and Baku Decauville institutions. Her mother, Elizabeth Marshall, English, has six children. Unfortunately, again, the mother of Boris Vian is orphaned early, and in charge of his sister Alice. The elder brother of Boris, Lelio was born October 17, 1918. After Boris comes A lain, September 24, 1921, and Ninon September 15, 1924. Life in Ville d'Avray is peaceful, there advocating a liberal, educated life, but they refuse to comply with the laws clerical and more under military law. As and when the fortunes of the lifestyle Vian diminishes, forcing them to leave the hotel on Rue de Versail les for a smaller house. What they meet Jean Rostand and his son Francis, their neighbors. But the crisis of 29 did not spare them and they are forced to rent t he villa for the Menuhin family (whose son was a great violinist Yehudi Internat ional), and live in the keeper's house. Paul Vian, forced to work for a living, first translated English texts, but it was not enough, he worked as a representa tive for homeopathic medicines Abbot Chaupitre. At the age of twelve years that Boris Vian has a crisis of acute rheumatic fever, which causes aortic insufficie ncy. Clearly, he can live a long and peaceful life because of his weak heart. Af ter the basics instilled at home by a private teacher, Vian between small class in high school in Sèvres then enters the third Lycée Hoche in 1932 where he stud ied Latin and Greek. His first tray 15. Unfortunately in 1935 he suffered a seve re typhoid fever. Her mother is vigilant in its respect, that Boris is excessive . At seventeen years, he earned a bachelor of philosophy and mathematics at the Lycee Condorcet in Paris. A few friends outside the room it becomes a member of the Hot Jazz Club of France as a trumpeter. His father built a Ballroom at the b ottom of the garden, which makes the happiness of his children that drive since the surprise parties with up to 400 people. In 1938 Paul Vian is a real estate s alesman. Boris occurs in some houses worldly Ville d'Avray with his first band " Agreement Jazz" (consisting of Alain, Lelio Francis Rostand, and others). In 193 8 Twain also saw the first of what he called the "three great moments of his lif e": the concert of Duke Ellington in Paris (which later became a close friend of Boris). But one thing the storm: "Girls" there have indeed been stolen fucked, braces sensual, but her mother Pouch so frightened with syphilis, the man-eater, and another that he feels not the soul of a Don Juan. On June 39, Boris is rece ived for the entrance examination to the Ecole Centrale des Arts et Manufactures (125th of 313). Then comes the summer, 10 days of issuance, is the first time h e Lerdam else to vacation, and meets Monette, his first girlfriend ("official") in Saint-Jean-de-Monts . But no sooner returned to Ville d'Avray, September 3, w ar broke out. War when it was 20 years

1Michelle and Patrick Vian early November, Boris passes Reform Council and is exe

mpt for his heart disease (the disease was saved this time), was mobilized by Le lio cons. On November 6 by Boris at Angouleme for the Central School (refugee in the unfinished building of the new library). In June 1940 the family went into exile for Vian Caudéran in Gironde, Boris joined by bicycle. At first confined t o one room, the sponsor of Boris Ralph bbc, responsible for housing the prisoner s, they found a small house in Capbreton. This July 21, during a surprise party on the beach he meets Michelle Leglise, she is twenty years and prepare his tray philosophy, like everyone else, she left Paris. But the shadow of Monette's sti ll there in the spirit of Boris. 29 Boris meets Jacques Loustalot friend Michell e.€He is fifteen years, but appears twenty. This is the "blessed Major Indian re venue, and one-eyed crazy person that likes Vian, it takes some time the desire

to do the tightrope walking over the ridges of roofs can" fuck up an evening "be cause it does not please him, and he has the annoying habit of leaving someone's always out the window and down to c'elle it using a rope made up in the sheets by the home. The staff is all that Vian would have wanted to be, in his words as extravagant in his actions. August 1940, the Vian returned to Paris, first by c ar and want of fuel they sell and continue by train. This is the first September that Michelle returns to Paris. She sees Alain "Pam Pam" who invited him to Vil le d'Avray. That was when Boris and Monette fight, she slams the door, never to return. Alain Boris disappears and leaves one with Michelle. Since it will come every day after school lessons central Boris search and escort to the station of Saint-Lazare. In June 1941 they became engaged, married civilly July 3, 5, and religiously in the church of St. Vincent de Paul in Paris. 1941 was also the yea r of the first written for Vian encouraged by Michelle. It will tackle, among ot her things, take a few poems of his father, his brothers, Jean Rostand and his s on Francis and his comrades of the Central School as well as the musician Jacque s Besse and fanciful today ' Today known actor, John Carmet. He also participate d in several short films he has written himself, and begins writing a novel. The physical conditions of the couple are difficult Vian. Fortunately, Michelle liv es with her parents earn a little money by writing articles for the magazine "ne gro" Stars. In walking along the quays of Paris, accompanied by Michelle and Maj or, he discovered that American literature has escaped censorship, mainly novels policeman. Michelle Boris introduces him to English in translating some passage s from novels and jazz songs he loves so much. Also in 1941, his sister married John Lhespitaou Ninon, a friend of Boris Centrale. Paul gives up the drugs and a re turning to real estate. And finally, Lelio is released, and told them the Fre nch collapse, the cartridges that do not fit into their guns, their only defense against the German tanks. Abadie-Vian Orchestra Spring 1942, Alain plays drums in the trio of amateur clarinetist Claude Abadie. The group won the big cup of H ot Club of France. Alain Claude presents his brothers. They then form a group th at takes the name "group Abadie-Vian" (to please Michelle) and repeated twice a week. Meanwhile Patrick Vian, the son of Boris and Michelle was born April 12, 1 942. Not based in the mass of Centrale, Boris still gets his engineering degree in June He entered August 24 to the AFNOR (French Association for Standardizatio n) where he stayed until 1946. He moved with Michelle in the large apartment tha t Léglise rent at 98 rue Faubourg Poissonniere. Michelle's father was deported d uring the summer of 1941 to Berlin for its expertise in aerospace physics, his w ife follows. The apartment is empty. Boris began writing disorder in windrows th at will end a year later. In late 1942 early 43, he wrote a fairy tale for the u se of average people to Michelle while staying in the hospital for an operation. The orchestra Abadie-Vian occurs more often in public and participates in numer ous competitions. It now consists of three brothers Vian, Jackie Daubois the pia no

2Edouard Lassalle cello and Claude Abadie the clarinet and the direction of the w

hole. These representations allow him to escape his job as an engineer at AFNOR it weighs more. Boris fun even describe the lifestyle of some of his colleagues in Vercoquin and plankton and in the Manifesto of COCU. In September 1943, Alain and Lelio leave for the STO (Service du Travail Required), and Major was sent i n April at a shipyard youth by his father. Boris met Claude Luter great jazz sty le "New Orleans" in January 1944, they plan to record all the same. On January 2 , 1944, Claude Abadie's orchestra takes part in the seventh tournament of amateu rs in the press keeps a good impression but as the orchestra played an American work (which was banned during the Occupation), it is downgraded . Boris sent in March, under the pseudonym Bison Ravi, a poem titled Referendum shaped ballad to the magazine "Jazz Hot"€which places it second in the competition. After releas e, the group is asked AbadieVian everywhere. This is where Boris befriended Clau de Leon income of a concentration camp and former drummer Abadie, amateur car ra cing, as Boris. He returned to the orchestra that takes its final form. The band

was considered one of the best jazz bands of the time by fans and connoisseurs. Although they occur before the American GI's, they must be ruthless competition (and sometimes physically) to play Jazz (American) confused with the negro musi c decadent. Boris wrote jazz songs in French, as well as news that it plans to c onsolidate as the glasses filled. On the night of 22 to 23 November 1944, Paul V ian was murdered in the house by burglars Villed'Avray (well, we suppose, becaus e the perpetrators are never found). Boris being "the wisest of her son," as Pau l wrote in his will, he must watch over his family. The house sparrows are sold in haste and the furniture and knickknacks. Yvonne and her sister find themselve s in a tiny apartment in the sixteenth arrondissement of Paris. Meanwhile, Miche lle's parents returned to Germany, leaving only a room for Boris and his family. In March 1945, Boris gives his first article in a small fortnightly newspaper w hich is entitled The Friends of the Arts. He is responsible for the section of l iterature dealing Michelle Vian and Raymond Fol film music. Unfortunately, it wi ll only participate in three numbers and for good reason: they forgot to pay. Be tween writing and bassist François Rostand has entrusted the manuscript of Verco quin Plankton and his parents. Jean, who publishes his works to the NRF, in Quen eau's novel forward, secretary general of Editions Gallimard. Queneau and Vian m eet, then begins a great friendship that will never cease. On July 18, 1945, Bor is signed his first contract copyright, follow one for glasses filled. But Verco quin Plankton and will be printed two years later. The group Abadie happens a lo t that year, he is even in a film called Madame and her flirtation Jean Marguena t. This short film appearance Boris inspired to write the new set in the ants. O n July 10, Abadie Orchestra recorded for the mark a swing 78s. The musicians are : Boris Vian (trumpet), Raymond Janet (trombone), Claude Abadie (clarinet), Hube rt Fol (alto saxophone), Raymond Fol (piano), Paul Vernon (guitar), Alix Bret (b ass), Claude "Dody "Leon (drums). On November 17, 1945, Prime Amateur Internatio nal Tournament organized by the Jazz Hot Club of Brussels, the orchestra takes f our cups, a prize and the title of international champion. The result of this su ccess: the orchestra is invited to give Over Christmas and New Year at the taver n the Zenith in Brussels, in exchange for lavish fees.

3Boris Vian leaves AFNOR for the Office Professional Industrial and commercial pa

per and paperboard, February 15, 1946, on the recommendations of Claude Leon, wh o is already working. Book of the foam of the day This new job it requires littl e work, which allows him to write The scum of days from March to May But there i s another reason for writing this book: the price of the galaxy, created in June 1943, serves to reward new writers and so make themselves known. Boris had alre ady signed Vercoquin Gallimard so he could present it to the price, but it could have sold better with a price for the foam Pleiade days. The jury consists of A ndre Malraux, Paul Eluard, Marcel Arland, Maurice Blanchot, Joel Bousquet, Alber t Camus, Jean Grenier, Jacques Lemarchand, Jean Paulhan, Jean-Paul Sartre, Rolan d Tual and Raymond Queneau. Boris knows that Queneau and Lemarchand support his book without reservations. Jean Paulhan, very influential within the NRF (who ha s won all previous prices), has pledged to give the price. For Sartre philosophe r fashionable, highly respected in social gatherings, Vian is a caricature to th e extreme in the foam of day, he also read these passages. The humor touches Sar tre agrees to vote for his book. Boris is so confident of winning the award agai nst Father Jean Grosjean and his poetry collection Earth time (which, incidental ly, is completely forgotten today). But Malraux is a great friend of Grosjean an d led a strong campaign for his collection. Arland is hostile to the foam of day , and was persuaded by Malraux, moreover, it has a great influence on Blanchot, Bousquet and Grenier. To top it all,€Paulhan back his jacket and vote for Grosje an. On June 25, the price is awarded to Grosjean Pleiade by eight votes against three, and one for Henri Pichette who was not a candidate. Paul Eluard refusing to fight, would have voted for Pichette. The result stunned Vian does not suppor t this failure. For relief, he wrote The Fall in Beijing from September to Novem ber 1946, which found "Father Petitjean" Ursus Janpolent "and the infamous" Arla

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