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Published by 4gen_1

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Published by: 4gen_1 on Jul 08, 2010
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Election of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate on 13 and 14 April 2008
with reference to the date of publication of the decree convening meetings, is p

osted and the poster to vote
LEGEND: C.D. S.R. I.M. C. E. CIR. C.E.C.
Republic Chamber of Deputies Senate==== Electoral Commission Ministerial Ins

tructions Circondariale = Municipal Election Commission
Reference Reference day after day decree published poster poster rallies
with reference to the day of the vote, the poster posting of meetings and public

ation in the OJ the decree of convocation of meetings
Reference day before voting

Votes of Italians living abroad voters living abroad can vote by mail. This mode
of voting was introduced by Law December 27, 2001, No 459, regulated by d.P.R.
April 2, 2003, No 104. Voters living abroad who do not wish to exercise the opti
on of postal voting, may opt to vote in Italy with special communication Consula
r Office in whose jurisdiction he resides (Article 4 of Law 27 December 2001, n.
459). Electoral propaganda - propaganda election through advertisements in news
papers or magazines, advertising and other forms of advertising broadcast broadc
asting is regulated by Law 22 February 2000, No 28. - From the day of calling th
e election rallies, municipalities are required to provide, in accordance with i
ts rules and regulations at no cost to the municipalities themselves, political
parties and movements participating in the electoral race, equally between them,
the premises owned by them already in place for conferences and debates (Articl
e 19 of Law 10 December 1993, No 515).

Model Code
--Wednesday 6 / 2

- Day of the publication in G.U. Decree of the President for convening of meetin gs (art. 11 DPR 30 March 1957, No 361 and Articles. 4:22, Legislative Decree 20 December 1993, No 533). The elections for the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate are held with decree of the President of the Republic on by the Council of Mini sters, published in Official Gazette no later than 45 days prior to the vote. - Deletion from the electoral roll (1st extraordinary session dynamic revision) of the voters moved to other municipalities (Article 32, subsection 4 of President ial Decree 20 March 1967, No 223). - Expiry date for the affixing of stamps, by the head of the municipal election, the list of electors in each section filed w ith the city, alongside the names of voters who can only vote for the election o f the Chamber of Deputies . The list of names is forwarded immediately to the Di strict Election Commission for all matters of jurisdiction (Art. 23, Legislative Decree 20 December 1993, No 533). Folder 2 91502.01

- 15 °
53 ° 52 °
Wednesday 20 / 2 Thursday 21 / 2
Folder 2 91502.63

- Expiry date for the determination by the Mayor or a Councillor delegate, assis ted by the Clerk, the existence and good condition of the polls, cabins and all the equipment required for the furnishing of electoral districts (Art. , 33 DPR 30 March 1957, No 361). The Town Council shall also undertake a thorough review of the frames and doors of the premises for polling stations. - 45 ° Thursday 28 /2

Folder 1 91502.08

- Put on by the Mayor, the convening of the electoral manifesto for the election of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate (art. 11 DPR 30 March 1957, No 361). - Communication all'UTG-Prefecture of the future display of the poster (IM). - E nd of period (Article 32, subsection 4 of Presidential Decree 20 March 1967 No 2 23): a) deletions to the electoral rolls of voters who have lost their Italian c itizenship or have incurred the loss of voting rights after a final court or oth er final order of the court (Article 32, paragraph 1, nos. 2 and 3 of DPR 223/19 67), b) for voter registration (2nd extraordinary session dynamic revision ) of voters who have moved residence in the community (Article 32, paragraph 1, of Pr esidential Decree No. 4 March 20, 1967, No. 223;

Folder 2 91502.03
February VSD 123
567 GPs
9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 SDLMMGVSDL MMGVSDL
3Reference Reference day after day decree published poster poster rallies

Reference day before voting
Model Code

c) changes be made to the lists after moving residence in the district of anothe r section of the City (Article 41 of DPR 223/1967). Loss of voting rights after the date of publication of the manifesto of convocation of meetings: In accordan ce with art. 32/ter of d.P.R. No 223/1967 if after the date of publication of th e convening of the electoral manifesto, the City received the measure, which sho ws the loss of voting rights for one of the reasons stated in numbers 2) and 3) the first paragraph of Article 32, the Mayor is to notify the voter a notice sta

ting the reason for which the elector is not allowed to vote, providing at the s ame time, withdrawal of the voter. A copy of such communication is delivered to the President of the seat which takes note of the section lists next to the name of the elector. Changes to the electoral result of the above determinations are made within the month following that in which the consultation took place. 10 ° 35 ° Sunday 9 / 3 - Expiry of deadline for completion by the head of the munici pal electoral list in triplicate of citizens, while including the electoral roll , they will have completed 18 years of age on the first day fixed for voting (Ar ticle 33, first paragraph, of Presidential Decree 20 March 1967, No 223). A copy of this list is immediately sent to the Electoral Commission by Mayor Circondar iale sectional that off the list for the vote the names of people included in th at list (Article 33, second paragraph of DPR 223/1967). The other two copies sha ll be published in the 'praetorian of a municipality, the other is deposited in the municipal secretary. The names listed above, by the Mayor, shall then be rem oved only from the copy - or extract - Sectional lists to be delivered to the Pr esidents of seats for the display in the hall of the vote (MI Circular No 2600 / The 1 February 1986). Electioneering - ORE 24: (indirect propaganda) - Expiry o f the period within which applications must be received by the Mayor of those wh o, while not participating in electoral competition with lists of candidates int end to make posters for campaigning in areas under Articles . 1 and 4 of the Law April 4, 1956, No 212.

Folder 2 91502.03
Folder 2 91502.15
Folder 2 91502.13
11 °
34 °
Monday 10 / 3
Folder 3 91503.11
12 °
33 °
Tuesday 11 / 3
14 °
31 °
Thursday 13 / 3
- From 33 to 31 days prior to the vote: The City Council shall define the spaces

to be allocated to electoral propaganda posters from those involved in electora l competition, and to delimit the spaces for those not directly involved the ele ctoral competition (Articles 2, 3 and 4, Law 4 April 1956, No 212). - Expiry dat e for the delimitation of the spaces to be allocated to electoral propaganda pos ters (Articles 2, 3 and 4, Law 4 April 1956, No 212). - The City Council, upon r eceiving disclosure of lists of candidates or by the District or the Central Pre fecture and in any event within two days of notification, must be taken to alloc ate and assign space for the propaganda those who participate directly and indir ectly to the elections (Article 5, Law 4 April 1956, No 212).

Folder 3 91503.12

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