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Reckeweg therapeutic indications

Reckeweg therapeutic indications

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Published by: 4gen_1 on Jul 08, 2010
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Dr. Reckeweg R1 - Drops
Tonsillitis, acute and chronic inflammation, scarlet fever, otitis' s middle ear
, Aden. Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to chromium, renal dysfunction, preg
nancy and lactation. Do not administer to infants and children. It is recommende
d for patients with thyroid dysfunction using the product only on doctor's advic
e. Possible side effects: in case of excessive salivation and rare skin irritati
on discontinue treatment.

Dr. Reckeweg R2 - Drops
Defects and heart disease, angina pectoris, coronary insufficiency, vegetative d

Dr. Reckeweg R3 - Drops
Minor to moderate heart failure, myocardial insufficiency post-infectious, post-

Dr. Reckeweg R4 - Drops
Colitis, gastric and enteric acute and chronic supportive treatment for diarrhea
and vomiting. Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to the Anacardiaceae, renal d
ysfunction, pregnancy and lactation. Do not administer to infants and children.
Possible side effects: excessive salivation in the event of emergency treatment.

Dr. Reckeweg R5 - Drops
Acute and chronic gastritis, dyspepsia, heartburn, flatulence.
Dr. Reckeweg R6 - Drop
ILI with aching limbs, supportive treatment of influenza in the states.

Dr. Reckeweg R7 - Drops
Defects and liver dysfunction, gallbladder and bile ducts; supportive treatment
in 'hepatitis.

Dr. Reckeweg R9 - Drops
Upper respiratory tract infections, treatment and support in pertussis. Contrain
dications: It is recommended for patients with thyroid dysfunction using the pro
duct only on doctor's advice.

Dr. Reckeweg R10 - Drops
Disorders associated with menopause, hot flashes, sweating, and irregular menstr
ual cycles ..

Dr. Reckeweg R11 - Drops
Acute and chronic muscle pain, lumbago, sciatica following influenza, sacroiliac
joint arthritis. Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to the Anacardiaceae.

Dr. Reckeweg R12 - Drops
Atherosclerosis, partial amnesia, blood congestion and dizziness.
Dr. Reckeweg R13 - Drops
Hemorrhoids, itching, pain, anal fissures, anal eczema.

Dr. Reckeweg R14 - Drops
Sleep disorders, nervous agitation and hyperarousal of the nervous system, neura

Dr. Reckeweg R16 - Drops
And acute migraine headaches.
Dr. Reckeweg R17 - Drops
Adjuvant in 'glandular swelling.
Dr. Reckeweg R 18 - Drops
Inflammation of the urinary tract, including pyelitis.
Dr. Reckeweg R19 - Drops
Support, encouragement and regulation of the male endocrine function.
Dr. Reckeweg R20 - Drops
Support, encouragement and regulation of the endocrine function of women.
Dr. Reckeweg R21 - Drops
Chronic skin disorders with rheumatic pains.
Dr. Reckeweg R22 - Drops
Respiratory distress and symptoms of angina pectoris of nervous origin.

Dr. Reckeweg R23 - Drops
Rash, acute eczema, herpes, crusts (crust of milk in children), administered aft
er the disappearance of 'eruption treated with drugs for external use.

Dr. Reckeweg R24 - Drops
Dr. Reckeweg R25 - Drops
Enlarged prostate gland and resulting symptoms.

Dr. Reckeweg R26 - Drops
Induces, stimulates and strengthens the body's defense mechanisms. Warning: the
'intermittently this drug is indicated in situations where the' use effect induc
ed by another drug prescribed is inadequate. In chronic disease this drug can be
administered as a single drug for prolonged periods. Contraindications: Do not
use without medical advice in cases of thyroid diseases.

Dr. Reckeweg R28 - Drops
Frequent and prolonged menstrual bleeding (menorrhagia and metrorrhagia), were f
atigue after hemorrhage.

Dr. Reckeweg R29 - Drops
Dizziness, loss of memory and oblivion after cerebral vascular diseases.

Dr. Reckeweg R31 - Drops
Anemia, loss of appetite, especially in children, strengthening the liver functi

Dr. Reckeweg R33 - Drops
Treatment of incorporation of 'Epilepsy, seizures, twitching nerve irritation of
the nerves, cramps in the calf.

Dr. Reckeweg R34 - Drops
Calcium metabolism and bone growth disorders, periostitis, bone fragility, incom
plete development of the callus.

Dr. Reckeweg R35 - Drops
Dental pain and cramps in children, disorders of dentition.
Dr. Reckeweg R36 - Drops
Disorders of the nervous system in children, muscle twitching, Chorea minor.
Dr. Reckeweg R37 - Drops
Flatulence, intestinal colic

Dr. Reckeweg R38 - Drops
Affections of the right lower abdominal region and ovarian inflammation, ovarian

Dr. Reckeweg R39 - Drops
Affections of the lower abdominal region and left ovarian inflammation, ovarian

Dr. Reckeweg R40 - Drops
Adjuvant in diabetes mellitus.
Dr. Reckeweg R41 - Drops
Male impotence, spermatohorrhoea, nervous exhaustion, poor 'elderly.

Dr. Reckeweg R42 N - Drops
Venous stasis, varicose veins, phlebitis,€lower extremity venous stasis, varico
se eczema.

Dr. Reckeweg R43 - Drops
Bronchial asthma and spastic bronchitis, the Treaty establishing the 'bronchial

Dr. Reckeweg R44 - Drops
Weakness of the circulatory system and hypotonus, feeling his heart, vegetative

Dr. Reckeweg R45 - Drops
Laryngeal inflammatory diseases, aphonia, strain the voice.
Dr. Reckeweg R46 - Drops
Rheumatic 's forearm and hands, knees, shoulders and inflammation to' hip.
Dr. Reckeweg R47 - Drops
Heart palpitations and feeling of choking, feelings hysterical.
Dr. Reckeweg R48 - Drops
Weakness constitutive lung, chronic pulmonary catarrh.

Dr. Reckeweg R49 - Drops
Acute and chronic catarrh of the sinuses and maxillari. Possible side effects: i
ncreased salivation may occur following administration, in this case the treatme
nt should be discontinued. In rare cases you may see skin reactions

Dr. Reckeweg R50 - Drops
Back pain of various origins, in particular due to diseases of the lower part of
the 'abdomen.

Dr. Reckeweg R51 - Drops
Hyperthyroidism associated with palpitation and excessive sweating of the hands.
Contraindications: Do not use without medical advice in cases of thyroid diseas

Dr. Reckeweg R52 - Drops
Nausea, sea sickness, sore 's car and badly' s plane, hyperemesis gravidarum.
Dr. Reckeweg R53 - Drops
Acne, pimples, skin complaints with festering skin reactions of puberty.
Dr. Reckeweg R54 - Drops

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