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Minute Recipe

Minute Recipe

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Published by 4gen_1

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Published by: 4gen_1 on Jul 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Daniel Bork
recipe minutes
with biblical quotations chosen by Daniel Bork
recipe minutes
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Daniel Bork
recipe minutes
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Bork, Daniel minutes Revenue / Daniel Bork. - São Paulo: Nobel, 1999. ISBN 85-21

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This collection of recipes is the atmosphere we live in big cities. Or in today' s times, rather. Daniel Bork, multiple talents, had the bright idea to illustrat e my morning program and afternoon lightning Bandeirantes with recipes, to assis t people in their usual and hectic day-to-day. Actually, what Daniel has done, i s an important service delivery. There are big books and small kitchen. And ther e are great little cookbooks. The recipes here have been condensed executed one

by one, and many of them proven in the air for this presenter. I assure you that Daniel has maximum effect with the least possible time spent in the kitchen. Th is is a work that should be considered a household appliance. Put it next to you r pots, pans and such. Enjoy. Amaury Jr.


This book is dedicated to my wife Anna and my children Margherita and Beatrice O liver. Special thanks to Eny, my mother, who encouraged me in the kitchen and ga ve me many recipes. I also thank the Bandeirantes TV network and the Amaury Jr. who provided me the opportunity to do this book.


This book aims to suggest recipes easy, fast and with few ingredients to make li
fe easier for beginners and busy people. Revenues herein provide food for the bo
dy, while the Bible verses cited (the Word of God) is the food for our eternal s
pirit. "Jesus said," Do not worry about food or drink with no need to live with
the clothes they need to wear. After all, is that life is more important than fo
od? And is that the body is not more important than clothes? Look at the birds f
lying around: they do not sow or reap or accumulate
deposits. However, the Father in heaven takes care of them. Will

Are not you worth much more than the birds? None of you can live a few years mor e, to worry about it. And why are you worried about clothing? Look how the wild flowers grow: they neither in work or make clothes for themselves. But I say tha t not even Solomon was so rich, wore clothes as beautiful as these flowers. It i s God who clothes the wild grass, which flourishes today and gone tomorrow, burn ed in the oven. So, it is clear that God will clothe you, who have little faith! So do not worry, saying, Where am I going to get drinks, food and clothes? The pagans are always looking for these things. The Father of you, who is in heaven knows you need all these things. So put first in their lives the kingdom of God and what God wants, and He will give you all the other things. So do not be worr ied about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Enough for every day i ts own trouble. "Matthew 6:25 to 34

Editor's note Throughout the book there are spaces lined for the reader to make personal notes and observations on income and on page 71 there is a special spac e for writing down family recipes.


poultry, meat and fish
meatballs cooked tuna steak with rice steamed cod with beer drunk meat ground be
ef with rice and banana fillet of sole in the gondola chicken fillet with lemon
chicken fast with milk fish to fish with Uncle Sergio cream pie baked ham burger

11 20 12 13 17 18 19 15 23 24 21 14 16 22 18 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 33 44 32 38 32

spinach in oven farofa oatmeal yogurt salad with lemon mayonnaise without egg ho t sauce for vegetable mousse carrot salad, egg salad smoked salad to keep birds warm endive salad stuffed tomato pie with ricotta and vegetables

36 43 34 34 35 37 38 40 39 40 42 41 45 46 49 47 46 52 52 60 48 60 50 51 50 56 54

balls of coconut and peanut cake banana cake ricotta Guitti Margherita Brigadier
different from ice cream to syrup to cover fruit salad black diamond ice Eny sw
eet sweet sweet pumpkin fig pressure farofa apple apricot jelly condensed milk h

omemade mousse Grape lemon mousse

pasta, sauce and bread
Quick spaghetti sauce nonno homemade bread blender versatile Italian bread stuff
ed bread to Manuel, the waiter

salads and dressings
zucchini rice in the oven to Mariutti potato Nelli (for cold days) entry lettuce
fennel in the oven

passion fruit mousse quick bag of banana pudding pie sweet jaboticaba

custard pudding
54 56 59 53 57 58 48 58 55 61 63 68 62 68 69 70 64 64 66 65 66 67 62
Oma Hilde recipe cream pineapple cream sigh vera summer

biscuit-and-stop balls caseirinho capuccino cheese hamburger homemade hamburger
with mayonnaise and corn burger with yogurt sauce with beaten yogurt beet pate c

hester vegetable pate pate smoked sardines sardine magic juice exotic
where to buy cheap 72
poultry, meat and fish
poultry, meat and fish
braised tuna

800 g tuna in put juice of 1 lemon 1 clove crushed garlic 1 onion, sliced 2 toma toes, seeded, chopped 1 / 4 red or yellow pepper 1 spoon (soup) of soy sauce a p inch of salt

Season the fish with lemon juice, garlic and salt. Place fish in a pan, add the tomatoes, onion, pepper and soy sauce. Cover the pan and cook over low heat unti l the fish is cooked. If necessary, pour a little water to make sauce surrender.

John 3:16 - "For God so loved the world that he gave the
his only Son, that whosoever believes in Him may not die but have everlasting li
fe. "

about 300 g of soaked cod, boiled and shredded 1 cup (curd) of rice 1 onion 1 cl ove garlic 1 red or yellow peppers (optional) to taste - olive oil, parsley, oli ves, pitted

Cod fry in olive oil with garlic, onion, parsley, olives and green pepper choppe d. Add rice. Fry well and add water to pass two fingers of rice, cook. Serve as a single dish.

Matthew 4:4 - "Jesus answered, The Holy Scriptures
assert that human beings do not live by bread alone, but lives of all that God s
ays. "

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