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File Extensions (Source: WinMagazine)

File Extensions (Source: WinMagazine)

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Published by 4gen_2

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Published by: 4gen_2 on Jul 08, 2010
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Page 66
 File extensions  The EXE 

What hides double-click
A look at the extension as used in Windows, can run a process or software
er use any program in Windows usually takes very little is enough, in fact, a si
mple click on the corresponding icon on your desktop or on a link included in th
e Start menu or even the name of a file in a folder of some ' hard drive. In fac
t, when we carry out one of these simple steps, we only invoke a file "executabl
e" able, ie, performing a variety of procedures necessary to the operating syste
m to start the program. These files can be easily distinguished from others beca
use its extension is EXE, which is nothing if not an abbreviation of the English
word "Executable (executable).

Win number 78 Magazine, page 120, we talked in depth of file extensions
PHow is an EXE file?

An executable file contains within it a set of instructions that the computer mu st perform. To create software developers make use of a special instrument calle d a "compiler", which processes the instructions written in some programming lan guage and translates them into simpler ones that can be understood and then exec uted by the computer. In fact, when we click on a file. Exe, in most cases we ar e only just starting the main part of the program, while the other files necessa ry for the operation of the software (executables, dynamic libraries, configurat ion files, etc.). are recalled later, when needed, using the references inserted in the executable code itself.


Here are some typical examples of names used to identify an executable file.
Installation files of a program self-extracting compressed file, that is able to
extract the contents to disk even if the system was not installed File WinZip o
r WinRAR to start a worm or virus that spreads by launching the executable

Program.exe HAPPY99.EXE

A large family
Executable files are not only able to launch an application already installed on
your system, but can also play a number of other operations. Some of them (the
classic ones that have a name like setup.exe or install.exe) carry out the proce
dure for installing software, while others allow you to unpack a compressed file
directly into a folder on your hard drive, even though we have installed a comp
ression program like WinZip or WinRAR famous. Did you know then that the majorit
y of existing viruses and worms spread its form of executable files. It is not u

nlikely, in fact, by executing an infected file. Exe which is uncertain origin, perhaps downloaded from the Internet or received as an attachment to any email. The Board is therefore to be wary of executable files of dubious origin and alwa ys rely on a good updated antivirus.

Clicking on an executable file (eg miofile.exe) Windows files and invoke system

libraries needed for its execution.
Win Magazine October 2005
Page 100
 File extensions  The EXE 

The sorted file, Windows
We analyze the operation of the executable used to automatically start a sequenc
e of commands
guibile line of text containing the command, is run by computer and then proceed
s with the next line, all this until the end of the text. Making a. Bat is quite
simple, just a normal text editor like DOS Edit or Windows Notepad. The command
s used within a batch file are classics of the DOS command line, plus others tha
t are part of the programming language typical of batch files that create and co
ntrol structures to make incremental and, therefore, small programs . The most f
amous is certainly autoexec.bat batch file that runs automatically at boot DOS o
r Windows 95/98 and containing a series of commands for initializing the compute
r. In these operating systems the automatic extension procedures BAT stands for
"bat-file is used principalch autoexec.bat" (literally,€means "group") and mind
to set variables sisteusata to indicate a text file or to start but some progra
ms (a bit 'which contains a series of commands that what is entering collegamenc
omputer running in the same sequence with your applications in the folder which
they were written. Unlike Startup Start Menu EXE file, that when I am creating W
indows-XP). If well planned, files are not compiled and then made ready to be ca
rried. "Bat prove very execution tools, batch files are processed only powerful
because they can be used when they are opened. A-shares to automate routine task
s particular module in the system, called "interpreted or to avoid a direct inte
raction of the command you" means carried-education system with the user. Precis
ely for this reason, many viruses spread as email attachments with the extension
BAT. With few lines of code, to give an example of the dangers of these files i
s useful for making possiDue batch file automatically cleaning bile create a fil
e system. The first file to be executed once, call the setup screen disk cleanup
utility through the command "cleanmgr batch that deletes all files in a car / s
ageset. The second, however, start the cleaning process itself tella System. and
can be run whenever we want.

Win number 80 Magazine have analyzed the functioning of egeguibili file with a.


birch between folders on your computer, it will definitely happen to come across files or COM BAT: belong to the category of the binaries (just like. exe file w e discussed on last issue) and, as such, contain instructions that are executed from our computer. Historically. Bat file and. Com come from the MS-DOS and earl y versions of Windows operating systems in which were widely applied. Over the y ears slowly fell into disuse and the newer Windows systems, like 2000 and XP, co ntinue to support them only to ensure greater compatibility with older software.

Simple commands
The files with extension. Com, an abbreviation of the English command, are real
executables, which are no larger than 64 KB. These programs are structured so as
to be loaded and run directly into the computer RAM. The most important of thes
e is the command.com file, a module that executes the commands that we put ourse
lves in the window of the DOS Command Prompt. This file is its interpretation: i
n short, when I type one, it shall analyze the syntax to check its validity and
if there are no errors, runs it.


Here is a list of main keywords in the text of the batch programs.
Inserts a comment line displays a text directly on the monitor screen Clear Need
to move to another folder or drive temporarily stop execution of a batch progra
m creates a folder Delete a folder Delete a file or files Rename one or more fil
es Copy one or more files to another location Copy files and directory structure
contained in a directory to another location Move one or more files from one fo
lder to another Performs Performs a conditional statement is on a line marked wi
th a label spells out a batch file from another batch program ends execution of
the current batch file

Win Magazine November 2005
Page 100
 File extensions  MSI files 

When setup does everything by itself
Let us examine an extension of the files created by Microsoft to better manage t
he installation of software
vviare installing a program has become an operation familiar to anyone who has a
cquired a bit 'of familiarity with the computer. Just double click the executabl
e package to install the software and you're done. Most of the installation file
s are easily identifiable because they generally have much explanatory names, ty
pe install.exe (or setup.exe) or even have the same program name, eg DivXCreate.
exe. It is not uncommon, however, confronted with distributed programs, especial
ly by Microsoft, through msi file. Contrary to what one might think, even if the
behavior is similar to video, these files are not self-installing executable,€

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