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(Ebook - anthroposophy - ESP) - Rudolf Steiner - Hidden Meaning of blood

(Ebook - anthroposophy - ESP) - Rudolf Steiner - Hidden Meaning of blood

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Published by 4gen_3

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Published by: 4gen_3 on Jul 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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"Blood is a very special fluid. "
All of you know, undoubtedly, that the title of this little book is taken from G
oethe's Faust. In this poem is said to Faust, the representative of the highest
human endeavor, enters into a pact with the powers of evil, represented in this
work by Mefisófeles, the emissary of Hell. Faust is about to sign a contract wi
th Mephistopheles, who asked to sign with his own blood. Faust, at first, looks
at him with curiosity, but however, issued the following statement Melistófeles
that Goethe wished to be considered in all seriousness: "Blood is a very specia
l fluid." Now, with reference to this passage from Goethe's Faust, we find a cur
ious feature in so-called commentators Goethe. Of course, the literature on the
version of the Legend of Goethe's Faust makes enormous. It is a literature of su
ch stupendous dimensions that libraries need to store both whole book, and natur
ally we can not dwell on the various comments made by these interpreters of Goet
he on that particular passage. None of the interpretations sheds more light on t
he above sentence, that the explanation given by one of his later commentators,
Professor Minor. He, like others, spoke of it as if it were a wry observation of
Mephistopheles, and referring the matter makes the following statement, really
curious, which is necessary to pay greater attention, because it is surprising t
o hear strange conclusions that are able to reach Goethe commentators. Minor Pro
fessor notes that "the devil is an enemy of the" blood "and adds that, as blood
is what sustains and preserves life, Evil, who is the enemy of the human race mu
st therefore be , the enemy of the blood. " Then-with accuracy-called attention
to the fact that even in the earliest versions of the legend of Faust, as with a
ny legend in the blood generally always plays the same role. In an old book on t
he subject is told circumstantially that Faust made a small incision in the left
hand with a penknife, and that by taking the pen to sign the contract the blood
flowing from the wound formed the following words: "Oh , man, run away. " All t
his is quite true, but now comes the observation that the devil is an enemy of t
he blood and that, therefore, Mephistopheles demanded that the signature is writ
ten with blood. One would wonder how someone wants one thing that is so disliked
. The only reasonable explanation that can occur not only on the meaning of this
passage from Goethe, but also with reference to all the other legends that deal
with the matter is that, for the devil, the blood was something very special an
d it was not in any way a matter of indifference to him that the contract was si
gned with ordinary ink or blood.

It can be assumed that the representative of the powers of evil thought, or, rat her, is convinced, "that Faust will have more subject or power if you can get, i f only that one drop of blood. This is evident, and no one can give another expl anation to the matter. Fausto must write his name in his own blood, not because the devil is an enemy of it, but rather because he wants to gain power over it. However, in this passage lies a worthy observation is taken, that he who gains p ower over the blood of a man gains power over the man himself and that blood is a "very special fluid" because it is for it to be win the battle, so to speak, f ight takes place in man between good and evil. All those things have left us the legends and myths of different nations, and which relate to human life, will su ffer one day a trans peculiar formation, regarding the full understanding and in terpretation of human nature. It is long past the time when legends, fables and myths are looked upon as expressions of the children of the people. Certainly we have already passed the period of semi-ignorance, when it was said ironically t hat the legends were the poetic expression of our national soul. Anyone who has ever watched the soul of a people must have seen that it is not imaginary fictio n or something similar, but something much deeper, and that is a fact that legen ds and traditions of various peoples are wonderful expressions of power and extr aordinary events. If, from the new point of view of spiritual research, we refle ct on the ancient legends and myths€letting those beautiful and powerful images

to us by the time primoevales held on our minds, we will find, if we trained fo r our work with the methods of occult science, that these legends and myths are expressions of the most ancient and profound wisdom . It is true that at first w e feel inclined to ask how, in a primitive state of development ideas and even i nfants, could man the mysteries of the universe represented by such legends or f airy tales, and how is that when we meditate on them, we see in these stories wh at the current undercover investigations are revealing to us more clearly. This tends to excite surprise at first. But, however, which penetrates more and more deeply into the methods through which these are created fables and legends that will surprise fades and dissipates any doubt, certainly check in those myths, no t just what is called simple and naive vision of things, but the portentous and profound expression of the true and fundamental worldview.

And much more can be learned by examining thoroughly the fundamentals of these l egends and the myths that absorbed in the intellectual and experimental science today. But to act in this way, the student should be familiar, of course, with r esearch ETHODS m belong to the realm of spiritual science. Everything is contain ed in the legends and ancient doctrines about the blood is of utmost importance, since in old times there was a wisdom that enabled man to understand the true a nd vast significance of blood, which is a "very special fluid" and which is also the life that animates all beings. We can not now enter into discussion about t he source from which sprang this ancient wisdom, although it will give some indi cations on the end of this little book. What will occupy our attention will be t he blood itself, its importance to man and the part it plays in the progress of human civilization. Do not look into the matter either from the physiological po int of view or from the purely scientific, but considered from the standpoint of spiritual conception of the Universe. We will more closely with our theme if in deed understand the profound meaning of an ancient maxim, which is closely relat ed to ancient Egyptian civilization, which flourished the sublime wisdom of Herm es. It is an axiom that is the key phrase of all science, and is known under the name of Hermetic axiom "As above so below." You will know that there are many f anciful interpretations of this ruling, however, the explanation that will occup y us is this: For spiritual science is very clear that the world that man has pr imary access via your five senses is not the whole world , and is not merely the expression of a deeper world hidden behind him, that is, the spiritual world. N ow this is called the spiritual world, according to the Hermetic axiom, "the upp er world, the world of" up "and the world of the senses that unfolds around us, the existence we know through our senses and we studied by our intelligence, is the underworld, the world of "down" the expression of that higher and spiritual world. Thus, the occultist who sees the world of the senses do not see in it not hing final, but rather a kind of physiognomy, which recognizes as an expression of psychic and spiritual world, in the same way when we look at the outward appe arance of we do not stop a man in the shape of the face or gestures to devote ou r full attention to them, but we'll go over those details to get to the spiritua l element in it is expressed. What we all do instinctively when we are faced wit h any being possessing a soul is what the occult or spiritual connection to make scientific

world, and as above so below ", when this axiom refers to the man explains:" Eve ry impulse that animates his soul is expressed in his face. " A continent rude a nd shocking is the expression of a vulgar mind, a smile speaks of an inner joy, a tear, a wounded soul. Hermetic axiom we apply here the question: "Which is wha t, in truth, is the wisdom? Spiritual science has always argued that human wisdo m has something to do with the experience, especially with painful experiences. Anyone who is debate in the arms of pain expressed in that suffering a lack of i nternal harmony.€And whoever overcomes the suffering and pain carries with it o ff and always claim that, through these sufferings, has gained some wisdom. "The joys and pleasures of life, all that life can give satisfaction, all those thin gs receive grateful, but, however, I dislike most forget my past pains and suffe rings which private me such nice gifts of life because my pain and suffering is

to whom I owe my knowledge. "And that is how occult science has recognized that wisdom is what might be called" crystallized suffering, pain that has been conqu ered and, therefore, has transmuted into its opposite. " It is interesting to no te that more materialistic modern research have finally arrived at exactly the s ame conclusion. A recently published book on The Mimicry of Thought (the mimic o f thought), it is worth reading. It is the work of a Theosophist, but a student of human nature. The author tries to show how man's inner life, their ways of th inking, etc., Printed or express in his face. This student of human nature draws attention to the fact that there is something in her expression of thinkers, wh ich is very suggestive and one might describe as "pain absorbed." We see that th is principle is also supported by even the most materialistic of today being the brightest conformation of the immortal axiom of spiritual science. Penetraréis gradually deeper into it, and gradually find, point by point, that the ancient wisdom reappear in the science of modern times. Occult Investigations show decis ively that everything around us in this world, the mineral base, vegetation cove r and animal world, should be considered as facial expression, or the "bottom" o f an "arrival", or spirit is behind it. From the occult point of view, things th at we present in the sensory world can only be properly understood if our knowle dge includes "up" or spiritual archetype, the original spiritual beings, from wh ich all manifested things come. And for this reason we will work to apply our mi nds to the study of what lies behind the phenomenon of blood, of what it takes f or blood physiognomic expression in

sensible world. Come to understand the spiritual basis of blood you will realize that the knowledge of such matters should react completely on the mental concep t of life. Today assail us the most important issues, questions related to educa tion not only children but also nations. And we are dealing with educational pro blems that humanity must face in the future and can not fail to be recognized by those who know the current social movement and claims to rise everywhere, wheth er they are incorporated women's issues, the labor problem or pacifist propagand a. All these things that took our minds intensely anxious. But all these issues are illuminated as soon as we recognize the nature of the spiritual essence that is hidden in the blood. Who could deny that this issue is not tied to narrow ra ce, which every day becomes more obvious? Yet this problem of race is one that w e can not understand until we understand the mysteries of blood and the results produced by mixing the blood of different races, whose importance is increasing as we go ridding ourselves of the old methods of investigation concerning the ma tter and as we try to approach a more comprehensive and lucid understanding of t he issue. This is the problem of colonization, which pushes the civilized races to make contact with the savages, that is: To what extent are able to civilize t he savages? How can a black or any other savage into a civilized? So how to proc eed with them? Thus we see that we must consider not only the feelings that eman ate from a vague morality, but also we are faced with large, serious and critica l problems arising from the mere fact of existence itself Those who do not know the conditions that govern people-whether they are in a higher or lower degree o f evolution, or the one or the other whether or not a particular material for th eir blood - can not in any way, find an appropriate method for introducing civil ization to a race strange. All these problems arise only addresses the issue of blood.€What blood is itself presumably all know it, by the teachings of natural science streams, and you will know that, as he touches the man and the higher a nimals, this blood is practically the lifeblood. The inner man is brought into c ontact with the outside through the blood, andin the course of that process huma n blood absorbs oxygen, which is the very breath of life. By the absorption of o xygen the blood undergoes a renovation. The blood goes in search of that oxygen is a kind of poison to the body-a real-destructive and devastating, but by absor bing blue-red blood that this becomes a red fluid, the giver of life, the

combustion process. The blood that passes through the body, depositing particles everywhere primitive is charged with the task of assimilating the materials dir ectly from the outside world and implementing them through the fastest way possi

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