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Published by 4gen_3

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Published by: 4gen_3 on Jul 08, 2010
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The multi-orgasmic Jürgen Wolter

Table of Contents I. Are you a perennial lovers! II Get to know the physical fun damentals III. If it does not work properly ... IV Men Without Women V. Sexual a bilities can learn VI. Ejaculate Not the same! VII Banish the stress out of bed!

I. Be persistent lover!

"Suddenly it was all over crash landing" This book is about ejaculation and orga sm in men. Both the outpouring and the climax are often identified, including bu t not together necessarily. Men can, even without ejaculation orgasm experience. Even multiple highlights are successively possible without that one must have e jaculated while. This opens men fascinating new possibilities of enjoyment. And bring women finally the satisfaction that is denied them too often. Two, three, is four minutes then it frequently with the male beauty and Strength over. It is "the man, he ejaculated, breaks down. The woman, far from her orgasm, remains o n the track. It must not be, any man can delay his ejaculation. Just as the 24-y ear-old Klaus In the following exemplary case.

Frustration rather than pleasure

He had come with his wife, Annegret to sexual advice. Alleging frustration rathe r than pleasure during sex. Specifically: He always came too early, they never r eached their peak. "This is a horrible feeling," said the woman, married for two years. "At first I was happy to be able to sleep with Klaus. He said to me was always something sweet, tender, and I could not wait to feel him in me. It was l ike a dream, we were both united us so near. My thoughts and feelings seemed to be in seventh heaven take off too. But suddenly it was all over, crash landing. Klaus shook, poured. Snorting, he turned to the side. More than once I could onl y howl. "suffered from the two years younger husband Therefore feelings of guilt . "I know that women longer to orgasm need. I would also like to bring love to b e there. but what shall I do? It seems to me just because I can hinders any myse lf." The relationship between the two deteriorated rapidly. They made each other allegations. Annegret: "You want so only your own pleasure. You just used me." Klaus: "You deny me more and more traffic. I thought that I then our rare meetin gs'm still excited and it I still come faster. "

"Staying power" needed His hasty disappointed Annegret each lot. Instead of tear s, she responded eventually with contempt. She remembered an old friend, and by his perseverance, she told the deeply injured Klaus. Moreover, they met with him , slept again a few times with him. "It was all about sex," she said. "I love hi m and Klaus will be together. The other was just the satisfaction, as we agreed. There were great nights. He gave me this, I longed for and what I was not Klaus . "Klaus was able to respond to this act of adultery only. It hurt him, but then he felt guilty, was aware that he can give her too little. He took refuge in al cohol and masturbation. Suff was in, although much more bearable at the moment, the real problem but he aggravated by it. As he once ran "" was allowed to stir anything. wimp! Too much drinking! to an inadequacy was now a second, far greate r added. Your sarcasm made him even less, was to not think about sex.

Masturbation as a remedy

By contrast, Masturbation Klaus did something very clever. He could work off whe never he wanted. The build off the excitement with which he was otherwise in the rare get-together and the marriage was over after the more quickly. He discover ed masturbation also as a means to prolong intercourse and ejaculation herauszuz ögem. When he was allowed to sleep shortly after masturbating with Annegret ", h e observed,Masturbation as the previous had taken much of the tension and the ou tpouring significantly postponed. He also learned at the hand of his responses t o know before ejaculation and learn to control in its infancy. Man (n) can do mo

re to practice and the stability ejaculation delay. Klaus was ready to learn suc h techniques. And Annegret it would help. And they did to a sex therapy, he lear ned next to some tricks to suppress an incipient effusion. These tricks and trea tments are extremely effective. They are easily understand and implement. They c an be learned by anyone, regardless of whether he is alone or has a partner. Eve n you, dear reader.

From "ZweiMinutenMann" to love artists If you ask men to their biggest problem i n the bed answer, three out of four: I will "it" too early to ejaculate. I, befo re my partner has reached her orgasm. As early and premature ejaculation denote the number of men and make themselves so ill, although they are not. For if the premature ejaculation in the jargon as "premature ejaculation called" a concept of sexual medicine and relates to those men who already makes the insertion of t he penis or just get out an effusion. The one sexual intercourse at the very app roach impossible, but to treat them with great success. What the three-quarters as regards problem men, they complain really only about normality. In KinseyRepo rt indicates the average duration of sexual intercourse with two minutes, and th is value will also can reach the vast majority of the mourners. But this normali ty can not be satisfied. Two minutes to the beautiful game just not enough. Well , that seems to understand more and more men. Not good that they make from their normality a problem in a disturbance vennuten, contribute to their own insecuri ty. Such painful thoughts are among the main obstacles on the way to skip the tw o minute marker.

Two minutes is too little

It is actually quite easy to hold out longer than two minutes before it comes to ejaculation. Even five, ten, twenty minutes coitus should be created for almost everyone. And it is even longer. This must be the relationship between arousal and erection want to know of ejaculation and orgasm. It is necessary to master s ome retarding techniques and a little to do for physical fitness. This book is a ll that can no longer wishing to bring themselves and their partners fulfilled l ove hours to give assistance. The tricks and exercises can apply any man, no mat ter whether he is a real EjaculatiopraecoxFall, one or two MinutenNormalMann Lov er is already a perennial. All the time of genital stimulation may extend until ejaculation. The end is open. There is no limit to the Verzögerbarkeit the ejacu lation and the sensation of orgasm. Except for a single, most important: the fee ling and taste. Not everyone and not all are enthusiastic about an hours of sexu al intercourse with multiple orgasms. A rapid number can also have their appeal, that all depends on various factors. Sometimes simply not enough time for the m arathon love, or the spatial conditions are not followed, or it is just physical ly uncomfortable. As I said, it is not a must to prolong the sexual act. Our rec ipes are not meant to necessarily nachgekocht be from you and eaten. Also on the domestic hearth, you just hit the in the pan, which you will taste all probabil ity. This is to deal with our recipes.

Always something new Let's stay in the comparison with the cooking and eating. S ince you have problems when you buy the ingredients, cook the meals and set the table. These efforts are as important as a good recipe. It's the same in bed the re also has to make the effort when trappings, in the atmosphere.Anything else i s between the bedroom and kitchen the same: in both, must always new ideas into it. Let the steak so tender, the salad may still as crisp, the rice may still so heartily to be you do not like to eat every day steak with rice and salad . Als o a favorite dish you will be tired when it is served too often. come just as ha ving sex. The once strongest position and the most daring art bores when both no thing new to think of. One consequence of such Tired of the familiar can realize rapid completion of the bed his duty. The man, it is too early, the woman does not even come to the point. Make a free program from compulsory! Try to be more than just love crafts, namely love artists!

Everyone is responsible for his own orgasm! Rein, out, in, out, finished Little Claus ... So you rhyme a few decades ago, and so did you look at it. The woman h ad to carry out their legitimate duty of pleasure as a reward for it, no one spo ke. She lay down, he top, and everything went as quickly as possible. His outbur st was, after all the evidence of his orgasm, and that he wanted to reach climax quickly. The wife was the face of these circumstances, sometimes very happy if they "it" could quickly get behind him. Sex was for them something that does hap pen, a man and a woman can be over.

It does not speak to the bedside lamps were deleted, it drove in the dark. Equal ly gloomy was watching it with the sexuality in general. We did not talk about i t, and if so, only bad. To witness was making love still allowed, but otherwise he is devil's work . Alone or in early years they had before hand and thoughts o f genital away, get close later only wife or husband. How, told a nobody. This m akes the individual even hardly make it a reproach that he coitus so inconsidera te, or they it all has so humiliating to put up. guilt was a society that placed the man over the woman and taught him, as he might and power, but not able to e xercise love and desire.'s sexuality was a means to do so. The men were surely I n its most convinced that their woman ought to have feelings similar to those in her orgasm. They moaned and trembled finally, cheered and gasped. That he did n ot know that there may be very few women in a raw RuckZuckKoitus "," should have simply located on a lack of education about anything sexual. And at a certain s peechlessness sexual matters over between him and his wife. was a core set of et hics: On everyone. Indeed, it was a shock when the modern sex research in the fi fties and sixties their results presented and stated, only one woman is in norma l sexual intercourse to orgasm. And if it succeeds, he will not fire through the penis into the vagina, but by touching the clitoris. The world view of the stro ng man and his orgasmusbringenden vaginal intercourse collapsed. The men had to confess that was two thirds of all its Koitusbemühungen the opposite result with their partners exactly that which they persuaded themselves. They felt like stu dents who have written with the secure feeling of a "1" march from the school to get a little later and then a "6" slapped around the ears. Such a thing can qui te unsettling.

To scientific knowledge was not to quibble, however. They were cut iron proof to prove. For the first time had not sexologist somehow abnormal, the police and P sychiatry "delivered" people studied with abnormal tendencies, but the average s exual nature man accepted. Alfred Kinsey and his employees were interviewed, for example, 20,000 Americans on all aspects of their sexual behavior and then a re presentative picture of manners of the people can draw. amazement, it was found that the majority of others do that, at most of the people talked in whispers.An d that even as perversions Valued practice exercises in everyday life for millio ns of families were.

10 000 orgasms in the lab, William Masters and Virginia Johnson broke with their research before even in the most intimate corners of the human body. 700 men an d women could copulate in her laboratory, which included 10 000 orgasms and they analyzed it. Drew on their instruments, in which bodies What tenths of a second clock flashed that square centimeter of skin in which nuances discolored, which glands how many milliliters secretion uttered. researchers such as Kinsey, Mast ers and Johnson switched abruptly neon lights in a given area, which the moralis ts would have preferred remain in the deepest darkness. A more open way of think ing to sexuality, one talking about it, came about through the results. The sexu al medicine, which today can pretty much eliminate any interference, was first f ounded by this research.

Orgasm with obstacles the other hand, have led to results for the Orgasmuserlebe n the woman to a deep insecurity of the man. Only a third of orgiastic satisfied women had to be different. But how? One of the women had themselves some respon sibility for your orgasm granted, would have been easy . She would have sexual i

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