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Global Pensions Plan

Global Pensions Plan

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Published by 4gen_4

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Published by: 4gen_4 on Jul 08, 2010
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Collect your pension before you retire Global Pension Plan Basics held again: en dowment policies are either operated by recurring payments (zBmonatlich) or by o ne-off. And an insurance capital can be borrowed, is well known to everyone, I s uppose, anyway. "We are buying insurance," reads a message header, the attentive readers of the economic part is familiar. Here are long-term investors in the p lant, the plan for years ahead. They offer insurance to a component which lies a bove the current surrender value. If the policy matured, the investor receives t he amount paid in full. This is founded our business model. And what exactly doe s the Global Pension Plan (GPP) now? GPP has been closed for decades, good conta cts in the financial world and with a group of investors as outlined above, a co ntract. After 100,000 people are sought that provide for a capital of  200,000. 00 insurance available. Will benefit from this all: • The policyholder / adverti sers

GPP as a mediator • The investor group Tipgeber - Program To target of 10 0,000 participants to achieve as quickly as possible and avoiding expensive adve rtising campaigns, you have chosen the network marketing and installed a generou s commission plan . For each registered partner is away, the sponsor  2,000.00 over 12 levels. This is very interesting contributions, including for persons ag e can not participate in the main program. The age limit is 66 years. So again: Who is older than 66 years can not buy insurance anymore, but participants adver tise as much as he can and will be  2,000.00, and for each commission .. paid J ust straight on and to promote people log on, however, is absurd, because the co ntract must be presented at a passport copy. However, everyone can register thei r family members with each other and thus increase the commission.

The most important facts in brief:
per person may be an inscription.
The off
er is valid for a limited period (closing at 100,000 subscribers)

Sign  30.00 one-time about "1mdc pay" (required "egold") or "e-bullion" do • The registrati on (required for the time being only the fields with * )

necessarily indicate
the complete name and the true date of birth! Very important!
Participation in the insurance plan by 66 years.

Participation in the commis sion plan without age limit, so each. Sum insured:  200,000.00 mortgage lending 60% =  120.000,00  41000.00 which a single premium for the insurance  55,000 .00 payment to the policyholder  24,000.00 Ref Commission à  2,000 planes over 12 profit for the investor group:  80,000.00 minus the premium to GPP, the amo unt is unknown to me. Even if the premium should be 20%, the initiator would rem ain a profit of  6.4 billion for the whole project! It is clear that insurance companies make older with contractors not the same good results as with younger people. However, the payment does not depend on the age, it is equal for all. Ba sed here are statistical documents emanating from an average age of 34 years (th e pensioner is facing a toddler). With GPP has been checked recently and the cus tomer realized that the assumed average age was well below. This led to a reasse ssment of the payment plan, which was divided into two parts suggest. Now 27-yea r-old contractor to get down to the infant a payout of 110,000 euros. Madness! W hat happens after registration? Now we wait for the closure of the program. Afte r that show everyone (Pass), sign a contract of insurance (only now are all pers data specified) and also sign the contract of assignment of the policy. As for the payout, so each receives an anonymous bank account with a debit card that ca n be used at all ATM and POS. You have already paid the registration fee. How sa fe it is now?

The concept is ok. There are various investment programs with which one can part icipate in such transactions. Most come from insurance and financial backer of t he same corner. They operate an investment fund derived from the necessary resou rces and earn rich profits for years. To ensure that this model works, we need t o policyholders. And as the small investors come into play. We ask for a price o f  55,000.00 available to our identity without an insurance policy is not even possible now. What made me enter in person at last,€brought a Chinese friend fro m Singapore. He told me that an uncle had sought from the organizers of his larg e family in Liechtenstein, because he wanted to assure his corporate staff there

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