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Plastic Bags

Plastic Bags

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Published by 4gen_4

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Published by: 4gen_4 on Jul 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The sad story of the harmless disposable plastic bags so easily we "give away" e
verywhere ...

Data released by the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States reveal s that some are consumed each year around the world, between 500 billion and a t rillion plastic bags.

(National Geographic News September 2,
Less than 1% of bags are recycled. It is more expensive to recycle a plastic bag

to produce a new one.
- Christian Science Monitor News Paper
behind the recycling of plastic bags. Process and recycle one ton of plastic bag

s costs $ 4000: the same amount sold in the commodities market for $ 32. "
"There is a rough economy
- Jared Blumenfeld (Director of the Department of the Environment in San Francis

cSo ... Where plastic bags end up?
A study in 1975 showed that 3.7 billion pounds of plastic are dumped directly in

to the ocean annually.
- U.S. National Academy of Sciences
The bags are carried...

... To different places of our
... And to our seas, lakes and
Bags find their way to the sea in drains and pipes
- CNN.com / tecnhology November 16, 2007
Plastic bags have been found floating north of the Arctic Circle near Spitzberge

n, and even much further south in the Falkland Islands
- British Antarctic Survey
Plastic bags account for over 10% of the waste arriving at the edge of the coast

of EE. UU.
- Debris Monitoring Program National Marine
Plastic bags are photodegrade: with the passage of time is broken down into smal

ler and toxic petropolÍmeros
- CNN.com / tecnhology November 16, 2007
which eventually contaminate soils and waterways
- CNN.com / tecnhology November 16, 2007

As a consequence microscopic particles can enter the food chain of
- CNN.com / tecnhology November 16, 2007
The effect on wildlife can be catastrophic
- WWF Report 2005
The birds are trapped without hope
- WWF Report 2005
About 200 different species of marine life, including whales, dolphins, seals an

d turtles die from plastic bags
- WWF Report 2005
They die after ingesting plastic bags which they mistake for food
- WWF Report 2005
So ... How can we help stop this from happening?
If we use a cloth bag, we can save 6 bags a week
That is, 24 bags per month
In other words, 288 bags a year
This amounts to 22 176 bags during an average lifetime
If only 1 in 5 people in our country did this, we would save
1,330,560,000,000 bags

throughout our lives
Bangladesh banned the bags

- MSNBC.com March 8, 2007
China banned free plastic bags
- CNN.com / asia January 9, 2008
Ireland was the first in Europe to tax plastic bags in 2002. Thus, reduced consu

mption by 90%.
-BBC News August 20, 2002
In 2005 Rwanda banned plastic bags
-Associated Press
Israel, Canada, western India, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Taiwan a

nd Singapore have also banned or are in the process of banning plastic bags
- PlanetSave.com February 16, 2008

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