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Booklet Golden Ratio

Booklet Golden Ratio

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Published by: 4gen_4 on Jul 08, 2010
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Booklet Golden Ratio
Golden section: Also called golden ratio, was studied by the Greeks before the t
ime of Euclid of Alexandria, who described this section in his proposal "to divi
de a line segment in mean and extreme right." It is said that the point B divide
s the segment AC in mean and extreme ratio, the ratio between the smallest and l
argest of segments is equal to the ratio between the highest and the entire segm
ent, ie, AB / BC = BC / AC. Using modern notation, we can write this relationshi
p as follows:

The positive root 1.618034 ... is often indicated by f (fi) and sometimes by t (

SEGMENT Text: Also called a thread of gold and gold number. This is the segment resulting from the division of another segment AB into extreme and mean ratio, i e, is obtained when making a golden section in the segment AB. 1. When one wants to get the golden mean (a) another segment AB given simply multiply (AB) by 1 / f. 2. When you want to get the segment AB, where (a) is the golden mean, just m ultiply by f AB (f = number of gold).

NUMBER OF GOLD: Also called the golden ratio, golden section and the golden mean , is symbolized by the letter (f), initial Phidias, Greek sculptor who used this number or (t), tau. It is the number obtained when dividing (a) by (b) (a + b) / a = a / b = 1.618034 f = f2 = 2.6181 / f = 0.618034 This ratio says that the r elationship between sum of two quantities, and one of them (most, in which case it is "a") is equal to the ratio that (a) and another (b). This in effect is obt ained

where a = 1.618, which is the number of gold. So 1.618 is the ratio of the propo rtion. It is the only positive number that satisfies the relation f2 = 1 + f. Th e equality f = 2.cos. (P) implies the presence of the number of gold in many pro portions. EXAMPLES: Among the elements of regular polygons such as pentagons, de cagon, decagonal and pentagonal stars. F The number appears in the arts (portrai t of "Isabella d'Este" painted by Leonardo da Vinci), the regular pentagon of st ars in the human body, animals, flowers, the formation of trees, disposal of the leaves on certain plants, fruit, in the logarithmic spiral, the construction of the regular decagon, the construction of the regular pentagon in a number of re gular polyhedra, the pyramid of Cheops, in the classical dances in the great cat hedrals of the Middle Ages in Architecture, in "Modular" Le Corbusier, in poetry , the Fibonacci series. Golden rectangle: This is the rectangle having its sides a and b in the golden ratio a / b = f = 1.618034 so the smaller side (b) is the longest side of the golden mean (a). Other Events For years a man tried to perf ect beauty, the ideal proportion. The Greeks then created the golden rectangle. It was a rectangle, which had the proportions ... the longest side divided by th e smaller side and from that proportion was all built. So they did the Parthenon ... the proportion of the rectangle that forms the central and lateral face. Th e depth divided by the length or height, everything followed an ideal ratio of 1 .618. The Egyptians did the same with the pyramids each stone was 1.618 lower th an the rock below the low was 1.618 higher than the top, which was 1.618 higher than the third row and so on. Well, for millennia, the classical Greek architect ure prevailed The golden rectangle was standard but after long time, came the Go thic building, with rounded forms that did not use the golden rectangle Greek. B ut in 1200 ... Leonardo Fibonacci a mathematician who studied the growth of rabb it populations has created what is probably the most famous mathematical sequenc e the Fibonacci Series. From 2 rabbits, Fibonacci was telling how they were incr easing from the reproduction of several generations and come in a sequence where a number is equal to the sum of the two previous numbers 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 5 5 89 ...

1 +1 = 2 2 +1 = 3 3 +2 = 5 5 +3 = 8 8 +5 = 13 13 +8 = 21 21 +13 = 34

And so on. Then comes the 1st "coincidence" ratio of average growth of the serie s is ... 1,618. The numbers vary a little up sometimes, down slightly but the av erage is 1.618, the exact proportion of the Egyptian pyramids and the golden rec tangle of the Greeks. So, this discovery opened a new Fibonacci idea of such pro portion that scientists began to study nature in mathematical terms and began to discover amazing things.•••••-The proportion of female bees in comparison to male bees in a hive is 1.618;-The proportion that increases the size of the s pirals of a snail is 1.618;-The extent to which increases the diameter of the se ed spirals of a sunflower is 1.618;-The proportion in which the leaves fall from a tree as we rise to the height is 1.618,-And not only on earth is this ratio.€ The stars in galaxies are distributed around a main star in a spiral obeying the proportion of 1.618 also why the number Phi became known as The Divine Proporti on. Why, the historians describe it was the perfect beauty that God had chosen t o make the world.

Well, around 1500 with the coming of the Renaissance to the classical culture ba ck in fashion ... Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci especially, great lovers of pagan culture, posted this natural proportions in their works. But da Vinci wen t further: he as a scientist, took cadavers to measure the extent of his body an d discovered that nothing else obeys both the Divine Proportion of the human bod y ... masterpiece of God. For example:••••••-Measure your height and then divide by the height of his navel to the ground, the result is 1.618. -Measure y our entire arm and then divide by the size of your elbow to your finger, the res ult is 1.618. -Measure your fingers, he divided the whole center fold to the tip or the center fold to the tip divided by the second fold. The result is 1.618;- Measure your leg and divide by the size of your knee to the floor. The result is 1.618;-The height of the skull divided by the size of their jaw to the crown. T he result 1.618;-From his waist to his head and then just the chest. The result is 1.618; (consider measurement errors of the ruler or tape measure objects that are not accurate measurement).

Everything, every bone in the human body is governed by the Divine Proportion. I s God using their larger concept of beauty in their greatest creation made in hi s image and likeness? Rabbits, bees, snails, constellations, sunflowers, trees, arts and humans; theoretically different things, all linked in a proportion in c ommon.

So far this is considered the most perfect proportions. Measure your credit card , width and height, your book, your journal, a photo revealed. (Remember, consid er measurement errors of the ruler or tape measure objects that are not accurate measurement). We also found the number on the famous Phi as the 9th symphonies of Beethoven and other miscellaneous works. The golden rectangle was influential in Greek architecture. The proportions of the Parthenon testify that influence. Built in the fifth century BC Athens, the Parthenon is considered one of the wo rld's most famous structures. When your pediment was still intact, its dimension s could be embedded in almost exactly a golden rectangle.

Other Applications: • Golden Triangle
The pyramids of Egypt were also built with the assistance of Phi. The reason app
ears, for example, in the ratio between height and sides and the inner chambers.
Logarithmic spiral

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