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Humanized Care Lecture

Humanized Care Lecture

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Published by 4gen_4

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Published by: 4gen_4 on Jul 08, 2010
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Humanizing Nursing
Contacts for talks: Eduardo Guadalupe edguadalupe@hotmail.com dl d @ ht il Patro
cinio http://casafloripa.blogspot.com BrasÍlia/2008
http://casafloripa.blogspot.com http://eduardoguadalupe.blogspot.com

"Act or effect h d" f to humanize. Is to humanize humans, given the human condit
ion, human. "H"

According to boarding, humanization "is an attitude of respect toward the humani
zation" is an attitude of respect for the dignity and human nature, focused on t
he essence, uniqueness, completeness and uniqueness whole essence and subjectivi
ty of man ... "(Oliveira et al 2003).
http://casafloripa.blogspot.com http://eduardoguadalupe.blogspot.com

The human care calls for the caregiver, understanding the meaning of life, the a
bility to perceive and understand oneself and the other located in the world, an
d understand yourself and the other located in the world and subject of his own
history. The humanization of care required of health professionals, essencialmet
e, health essencialmete share with your customer experiences and experiences tha
t result in the implementation of the focus of their actions. Humanizing care is
to provide quality health care to respect the client. It accommodate the anxiet
ies of the human face of the weakness of body, mind and spirit.
http://casafloripa.blogspot.com http://eduardoguadalupe.blogspot.com

Care Care
The process of caring is the way they give care. Caring is more than an act, an
attitude, so it covers more than a moment of attention and zeal. It represents a
n attitude of attention and dedication of time represents an attitude of occupat
ion, concern, responsibility and affective involvement with others. affective in
volvement with others. The challenge of health professionals is to take care of
being the great challenge of health professionals is to take care of the human b
eing as a whole, exerting a preferred share ç, in relation to their pain and su
ffering in the physical, mental, social and spiritual, empowered human tecnocien
http://casafloripa.blogspot.com http://eduardoguadalupe.blogspot.com

Care Care
"Who cares and let it ring for human suffering becomes Q p is a radar with high
sensitivity, it humanizes the process and, even beyond the scientific knowledge,
have the precious chance and the privilege to grow in wisdom.

http://casafloripa.blogspot.com http://eduardoguadalupe.blogspot.com

Care Care
Care related to nursing professional refers to actions that he dispenses to the
patient by the various elements of the team which he belongs. These actions, acc
ording to their nature, they fall in shares of a technical or instrumental, whic
h include supervised physical care it i id tl lb et d physical therapy and you'r
e that correspond to the technical activities of nursing care (hygiene , maintai
ning the comfort and physical, therapy) as well as the area of expressive action
s, which include activities related to maintaining the emotional balance of the
patient and relate to the human aspect of the nurse-client relationship.
http://casafloripa.blogspot.com http://eduardoguadalupe.blogspot.com

Humane Care Oncology Nursing Patient
Patients with cancer require a differentiated assistance, as carry along with th
e stigma of the disease pathology, uncertain prognosis, fear of death, ç, pg, d

epression and anxiety, but also the will to live.

The cure even with the advances in medicine and technology is not always possibl e, and then death comes representing the end of the process that we should care. http://casafloripa.blogspot.com http://eduardoguadalupe.blogspot.com

Humane Care Oncology Nursing Patient
Cancer is a public health problem. In the United States, as well as in more deve
loped areas of Brazil, is the second leading cause of death, and in Brazil is th
e second leading cause of death being surpassed only by cardiovascular disease.
Every day we should look for ways of treatment that are more effective, less mut
ilating, and thus more social. ,, P,

http://casafloripa.blogspot.com http://eduardoguadalupe.blogspot.com

Humane Care Oncology Nursing Patient
Care for the human being should manifest itself in attitudes that value q and di
gnify human life, to the respectful gq, p next, and this present, absent, consci
ous or unconscious. The human commitment to make professional relationships with
colleagues, customers and the environment depends on an individual committed as
a starting point. The humanized care must be based mainly in construction must
be based essentially humane in the construction of moral and ethical values, bel
iefs , knowledge, duties and limits of p verbal and nonverbal.
http://casafloripa.blogspot.com http://eduardoguadalupe.blogspot.com

Humane Care Oncology Nursing Patient
Working with customer expectations, with the perception that p, q he expects fro
m our care, our assistance. For this to occur, it is important that we be recept
ive to listen more than talk, we are concerned with the needs of that requires a
n individualized care. Holistic approach, always allowing the involvement of tho
se who give emotional support and affective, social and economic support, be the
y family members, friends or caregivers. these are social and family members fri
ends or caregivers

http://casafloripa.blogspot.com http://eduardoguadalupe.blogspot.com

Humane Care Oncology Nursing Patient
Each patient must be treated according to their needs, but we must find ways to
help you express your difficulties, their needs, to make himself understood. dif
ficulties to their needs to understand the perception addition, nurses need skil
ls of perception In both nurses need ability both to help patients to communicat
e their needs, but also to understand what he is trying ppqq communicate without
words. It recommended that the nurse has science, drawing on their perception a
nd the perception of patients' expectations of care, to recognize the real needs
and plan to assist with the effective participation of the patient. patient
http://casafloripa.blogspot.com http://eduardoguadalupe.blogspot.com

Humane Care Oncology Nursing Patient

Establishment of interaction i nurse / client
technical paper significant role l i
Interaction - verbal and nonverbal

http://casafloripa.blogspot.com http://eduardoguadalupe.blogspot.com
Humanizing nursing care goes beyond technical or scientific expertise. Before pr

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