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Jamie Oliver At Home

Jamie Oliver At Home

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Published by 4gen_7

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Published by: 4gen_7 on Jul 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Incoming the BBQ Onions and Grilled Vegetable bean croquettes Crostini species o f herbs and fried tomato, fried zucchini flowers cauliflower curry-style Spanish omelet "Jamie Oliver" bean Tostada cocks Welsh rarebit Sauces and Marinades Ket chup Sauce homemade BBQ. Marinade for Meat Calzone Pizza Pasta and Pizza Margari ta and rapid mass Spaghetti with meatballs and tomato sauce Penne with zucchini pizza to the Pizza carbonara four flavors salads, soup and pickled vegetables Eg gplant Cannelloni with broccoli and cauliflower salad tomato consommé seasoned l ettuce salad Cesar Salad Strawberry Salad with Halloumi cheese and dried beef gr illed peaches potato salad and smoked salmon salad with cheese and tomato salad onions

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Indian Carrot Salad Beans Borlotti onion soup with scallops English Fish stew of beans with mackerel monkfish baked with raw zucchini salad grilled salmon with Tzatziki Assortment of seafood on the BBQ Beef Carpaccio salad with pork chops b eans and carrots roasted beets with greens knuckle steak with potatoes pork loin with red onions and baked potatoes veal medallions with smoked beets and cottag e cheese Roasted chicken with potatoes and tomatoes sausage ragout baked dessert s and cocktails rice pudding with strawberry jam hot Cocktail Strawberries straw berry gratin with Pimm's ®

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1 January 1
A red onions Salt Pepper Rosemary Thyme Butter Oil
Onions to the BBQ grilled vegetables
Lemon juice mixed vegetables

1. We make a few cuts with chicken and leg of lamb. 2. In a mortar crush the clo ves, cumin, fennel, black pepper and salt. 3. We threw a dust pan and add rosema ry, bay leaf, thyme, some garlic and peel an orange. Chop everything. 4. Add fou r tablespoons of paprika, half a bottle of balsamic vinegar, the juice of an ora nge, a bottle of ketchup and about 8 tablespoons olive oil. 5. Season the meat, cover with foil and bake at 180 degrees for 1 hour and 15 minutes. 6. After this time, we put the meat on the grill and wet with the juice we going to evolve. 7 . Finally sprayed with oil, lemon juice and chopped fresh parsley.

250g beans olive oil 3 sprigs mint 1 sprig cilantro 1 tablespoon cumin ½ teaspoo

n cayenne pepper ½ sliced
Bean croquettes species
1 tablespoon flour ½ lemon juice Lettuce leaves Salt Yoghurt

1. Shelled beans, add the cilantro and mint and mince. 2. Add the cayenne, cumin , chili, salt, pepper. and lemon zest. Chop again. 3. We add a tablespoon of flo ur and stir. 4. We shape of patties and fry in deep hot oil. 5. For the sauce, m ix the yogurt with half a lemon, chopped mint, salt and pepper. We lose. 6. Drai n the croquettes and rectify if necessary. 7. Accompanied with a lettuce dressed with lemon and oil

Flores bread slices Sheets sorrel thyme leaves arugula greens mixed a couple of

tomatoes Lemon juice
Herb and tomato crostini
A clove of garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper

1. Cut a few slices of bread and toast. 2. We mix some leaves of sorrel, arugula and herbs available to us. 3. Squeeze some lemon juice on top. 4. Cut into smal l pieces a ripe tomato and season to taste. 5. Once the bread is toasted and hot , we spent a clove of garlic on top, add a little oil, crush the chunks of tomat o on the bread (to mix the flavors) and put a pile of green leaves above. 6. We decorate with thyme flowers.

Zucchini flowers and leaves of calendula flowers 200g ricotta cheese Grated Parm

esan Lemon Mint Leaves Nutmeg A chilli
Fried zucchini flowers

For the batter
200g self raising flour A little water or white wine Salt and lemon juice oil

1. Seasoning in a bowl 200g ricotta. 2. Add Parmesan cheese, lemon zest, a handf ul of chopped mint leaves and optionally a chopped red chilli. 3. Before mixing, add a little grated nutmeg. Mix. 4. Open flowers and fill. Tight. 5. With overs tuffed, we can make some balls of ricotta. 6. For the batter, mix 200g of flour with a little water or wine and salt. 7. We cover the flowers with the batter an d fry in abundant oil. 8.€Once fried, put them in a paper towel to remove excess oil. 9. Season and add a few drops of lemon.

A cauliflower kale 200g self raising flour 25cl of beer 2 tablespoons mustard se

eds 1 tablespoon cumin oil, salt and pepper
Fried cauliflower curry
Two tablespoon dried chilies turmeric Half A Lemon

1. Cut the cauliflower and kale into slices about 1cm. 2. Cauliflower lightly sm eared with a little flour. 3. In a bowl, mix 200g self raising flour and beer. W e beat. 4. In the mortar threw 2 tablespoons mustard seeds, one of cumin, salt, pepper and two dried chiles. We grind it all and we threw in the batter. 5. Fina lly add the turmeric to give it some color. We lose. 6. Fry in abundant oil, the big pieces first and then small. 7. Drain the cauliflower with a paper towel, a dd salt and assemble with a few slices of lemon.

Chorizo Potatoes oil 3 eggs, salt and pepper Parsley Chive Romero
Spanish Tortilla Jamie Oliver style

1. In a skillet with a little oil, fry the chorizo and potatoes before games. 2. On the other hand we beat 3 eggs in a bowl and season. 3. When almost have been made potatoes and chorizo, aside. 4. Gilded rosemary in the pan and threw the e gg. At the time, to rejoin the chorizo and potatoes. Bake. 5. We take the parsle y, chopped chives and season with salt, lemon and oil. Remove. 6. Once out of th e oven, decorate the tables with the parsley and chives.

Beans Peas 5 or 6 mint leaves p / p 3 tablespoons oil p / p pecorino or Parmesan

cheese 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1 clove garlic
Dick bean Tostada
A ball of mozzarella p / p A slice of village bread salad greens

1. In a mortar add equal amounts of peas and beans. Add the mint leaves and crus h raw. 2. Add 3 tablespoons of oil per person, also grate pecorino cheese. Mix. We add a tablespoon of lemon juice and rectify if necessary. 3. Toast bread and hot town, we passed 3 or 4 times a clove of garlic on top. 4. We extend the peas paste and add a ball of mozzarella cut in half. 5. We put green leaves above, s ome grated pecorino and olive oil.

Red Chili Pepper red peppers 2 red onions 2 bay leaves 1 sprig of rosemary 150ml

balsamic vinegar ½ cinnamon stick
(With chutney of chillies)
Welsh rarebit

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