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The Warriors - Eleggua Oggun Ochosi Osun

The Warriors - Eleggua Oggun Ochosi Osun

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Published by 4gen_8

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Published by: 4gen_8 on Jul 09, 2010
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Paul G. Warriors Silverio-BenetElegguá Opens and closes the roads, occupying a considerable place in the ritual Osha (Santeria), because, as master of the destiny of all men, it gives start andend all ceremonies must be ritually conducive environment for life every believer. Avatars are usually said to Elegguá has 21 roads, although in reality there are many other, babalochas and babalaos raise the relationship between Elegguá and Esu is the mythical relationship between positive and negative, life and death, good and evil, the beginning and the end, happiness and misfortune, forming an inseparable unit linked to all human problems and situations in your life. Among the different paths are: • • • Elegguá abailable: is the messenger and mediator, conductsand translates the ebó at its destination, is an aid in the ile ocha. Echu Abalonke: an adult and strong guidance of the souls of the dead. Afra Echu: Eleggua isBabalu Aye, plow land is not like the rum and palm wine, the necklace beads alternating black and white, he is whistling through the corners and empty streets.Echu Aguere: lives in the mountains and is dedicated to Obatala. Echu Alaguana:is everywhere, is the head of eggun lives in the solitude of the dark and inhospitable places in the forest, represents misfortune and despair. Echu Añaqui: themother of all Elegguá is hardened and when angry is as violent as the storm, healthe egue, knows everything and moved in a whirlwind. He lives in the forest, a symbol of victory and strength. Aroni Echu: a healer, mage and very violent, lives in the woods and knows all the secrets of Osain. Echu Belek: it is a naughty boy, very skilful and excellent guardian. Great knowledge of the secrets of the herbs and remedies to cure, is a liar and gets into everything. Echu Barakinkeño: Elegguá child is, but damn and harmful. Batiye Echu does not believe in obstacles,overcomes them and kills all types of damage.• •• •• •• • • • • • • • • Esu Bi: is tough and evil. likes mischief and causes all kinds of accideriend of the Ibeyis. Echu Chiguide: is vindictive and jealous. Echu Echeniké: a friend of Osain, smokes a pipe filled with aromatic egue. Echu Ekileyo: Wise, soothsayer and protector of the people who seek knowledge, be the kingdom of Oyo. Echu Guiriyelú: Olofi's guide, eat pigeons, gourd and stick carries aroma. Echu Ekuboro: life and death. Echu Laboni: is the messenger of Oshun, is always attentive, listening to everything and is very talkative. Echu Laroye: is fond of dancingand money is mocking, mischievous, spoiled, likes sweets and candies. Lives inthe door at the entrance of the houses, all-knowing and warns of the danger anddisease. Echu Laye: is represented by a sea snail, is righteous, just talking and think very well what he does. Echu Okaddá: lives in landfills, where they are carried many ebbó, it feeds on the leftovers. Soker Echu: is speaking on the mat.• • •It is very important to determine the path of Elegguá to any person who is to receive or make. Then he proceeds to make the makuto (secret). When the stone is Elegguá reef called Anike and does not load, if it is a shell and appointing barakinkeño manzaquillo when a mass of concrete.Attributes and ToolsIn your casserole will be attached to keys, wallets, houses, tops, balls, kites,balloons, jugs, jams, maracas, tobacco, machete, doodle, hat guano, coconuts dry goats jars, coins and toys. The cement Elegguá carries a charge whose ingredient
s are:• • • • • • • • • • • • • •Three black stones, 7 Guinea peppers, 3 cents black; a piece of silver, a pieceof turtle carapace, PopCap, Land of mountains, land of the river, Land of sea, land of four corners, the homeland of the Earth godfather's house, Tierra del front of the house of the godfather, 7 Elegguá herbs (can not miss the fine grass) Head Aches: obi, ero, Kola and Osu (obligatory).All the above ingredients are wrapped in a piece of red cloth (head cloth) and the pile is made, before closing it will prompt the Elegguá (four pieces of coconut) whether or not to eat with these ingredients and if missing any other ingredient. When Elegguá is covered, you put your mouth, eyes, ears and nose of snails andhas been on a spear head with 9 pin, a feather of a parrot, a rooster and a Cockfight he has been sacrificed Chango. Elegguá is buried on a hill, royal palm andceiba for three days, to take the ache of Osain, after three days, dig,€will takehome the best man and placed in the ground inside the holy room, next to the other orishas born. NecklacesAccounts red and black, red represents life and the black death, sometimes alsoused alternating white and black. Clothes were wearing a jacket, trousers tightat the knee and a cap or brimmed hat cocked, lined in red and black. Sometimes the legs are red and black pants, or both, alternate lists. Both the jacket and pants and especially the cap, often adorned with bells, beads and shells. AnimalsGoats, chickens and roosters (black and red), mice, hutias, jicoteas. Grated coconut and burnt foods, bean balls akar or face, fufu green bananas and rum withorange peel, guava and other fruits. Prohibitions In homes where there is no beep Elegguá or whistle, it should offer no dove, or guineas. Other restrictions depend on itá. Syncretism is syncretized Elegguá in the Catholic religion and Child of Atocha, San Antonio de Padua, San Martin de Porres, San Bartolome, San Pedro, SanRoque, and the Anima Sola, is celebrated on the 1st. January and 13 June respectively. In the Rule of Palo Monte is known for Mañunga, Lubaniba, Nkuyu and Lucero. Plants / Herbs open road bonus purple, nursery, chili guaguao, anamú, liana boar, Cayajabos, caumao, Curujey, ebony coal, cordgrass, larkspur, güira, cock's egg,Itamar real, liana, cress, marjoram, yams , black stick, vine Maroon, chicken foot, peony, pica pica, pineapple mouse, belly scratches, San Diego, siguaraya, guinea pig gut, horse gram, guanine, tongue scraping, yerba Guajaca fine. The flower of the pinion and guava fruit.OggúnHistory Oggún orisha is a brother of Chango and Elegguá. It comes from the city of Ilesha (Nigeria). Odudua founded with the dynasties of Benin and Oyo. It's violent and cunning, and is considered the god of minerals, mountains and tools, and patron of blacksmiths, mechanics, engineers, physical-chemical and soldiers. Represents the collector, the hunter lonely wanderer who wanders through the woods and he knows all the secrets. Master the mysteries of the forest as a witch, butalso symbolizes the warrior meat-eater, rude, barbaric and brutal, which is evolving into sedentary farmers, pet room, snacks and fruit. His projection is thatof a good spirit and evil that results from war and destruction, but also coversmedicine. He owns the keys, chains and prisons. Your numbers are 3 and 7 in combination. His days on Tuesday, Wednesday and every day 4 of each month. In the Rule diloggún speaks for Oggundá ocha (letter larger). He is considered one of the earliest incarnations of the Yorubas. His colors are green, black and purple. ThePalo Monte, is called Zarabanda, the absolute master of the vast forest that limit, keys, chains and prisons. In Rule Kimbisa Dibudi Pungo called, when united Oggún and Ochosi; also Lufo Kuyio and Watariamba. The name is heard Oggún Oggún. Also called Oggún Onil, farmer, farmer, rancher; Valenyé, farmer; Oggún Arere, the forger ofiron, metals, warrior orisha; Oggún Ode, Upper Paleolithic hunter himself; Aguanillé, owner of the mountains; Alaguedé, montuno black, irritable and brutal; Oggún Arok
(Oloka) Olukoló, the collector peasant farmer agriculture, peasant-farmer; Echibirikí, jealous of the love of Chango Yemaya, blood and blind him mad, his ferocityand courage not are unmatched in the land; Oggún Oke, owner of the mountains. Alsocalled Oggún Afanamule and Oggún Ogumbí; Oggún winged Warring with Yemaya: Oggún Nako-Niko, Oggún killer; Oggún Kobu-Kobu Oggún Nike, Oggún Toye, DEI and Oggún Oggún Laika. His nais Gu fon and Haiti Oggún Dad.Oggún Pataki, the owner of iron, was an irascible and solitary montuno. When the orishas fell to earth was he who was responsible, with his tireless machete, to cut the logs and weeds to make way. Then lived at home with their parents, and Yemmú Obbatala, and with his brothers and Elegguá Ochosi. Oggún was in love with his mother and several times tried to rape her, which failed thanks to the vigilance ofElegguá. Oggún managed to achieve their purpose, but, unfortunately, Obbatala surprised him. Before he could say anything, Oggún shouted: "I'm going to curse myself.While the world is the world all I'm going to do is work for Ocha." Then he went to the mountains with no company but their dogs€hid from the men and no Ochosi orisha who was not his brother, the hunter, got him. He worked tirelessly, but was very bitter. In addition to producing iron, was devoted to water ofoché everywhere, and araya began to dominate the world. Oshun was then plunged into the mountain, drew him with his song and made him taste the honey of life. Oggún continuedworking, but lost the bitterness, she did not make the world ofoché and relaxed. Some say that when he left the mountain, took him to Olorun Oshun, who tied it with a huge chain, but this is a story. What string could be stronger than the honey of Oshun?Attributes Guerrero Oggún Tools Orisha tools Oggún be placed together in an iron pot, should be 21 pieces and are an anvil, a machete, a shovel, send a crowbar, a pick, seven horseshoes, a piece chain. Ochosi an arrow (live within Oggún casserole), a large black stone, seven nails line, among others. Necklaces alternating black and green accounts. Clothes For men a goatskin bag, adorned with many snails. His clothes are purple, crushed his hat is worn at the waist and the Marib, kind of skirt made from the young leaf of the royal palm. Raw handkerchief in thebreast of red. Animals Roosters, goats, guineas, dogs (exception), hutias and pigeons. Meals Roasted Yams, beans, rice and black beans, and marshmallow akaraká Tumbi. The oti is your favorite drink. Bans are depending on the ITA, are specificto each initiate. Syncretism in the Catholic religion is syncretized with St. Peter, St. Paul, St. James and St. Michael and is celebrated on 24 and 29 June respectively. In the Rule of Palo Monte is incretizado with Zarabanda or Dibudi Pungo. PlantsHe belongs basil, carob, avocado, Ayua, cane sugar, lemongrass, ginger, yerba mora, stick garrañón, oak and yucca. Its flower is the hibiscus and the avocado fruit.Oggún Pataki was in love with his mother Yenmú and several times tried to make love, he was surprised by Obatala, who curses him and sends him to live in the mountains and vowed to work tirelessly to Oggún OSHA. As a result of previous history suggests that the mochoggún Oggún or helper of all the Orishas, in charge of feeding,with the knife because the animals are slaughtered they are offering and the knife is a Oggún tools; ie, the blood spilled on the soup of the various Orishas when eating Oggún first passes through and thus is always working. Oggún, who like peace and quiet of the forest, was once disturbed by the shrill crowing of a rooster, the orisha insulted by the animal, took the cock and cut off the head of a blow with his machete drinking her blood. That's why we are slaughtered Oggún roosters.The Holy Warriors: Elegguá, Oggún, Ochosi, OsunPaul Silverio-Benet GWarrior SaintsThis set of orishas are tasked to care for and defend the person who receives an

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