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Educational Resources

Educational Resources

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Published by 4gen_8

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Published by: 4gen_8 on Jul 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In this class we offer a directory of interesting websites and portals to acquir
e educational resources. You can use for organizing research on the net, and sup
porting literature or as a model for conducting your own pages, for example. The
y are grouped by subjects or curriculum areas, with a special section for the pr
imary cycle.

Inst_backup.ycp educational resources

Http://www.theeuropeanlibrary.org/portal/index.htm-European National Libraries.
-Directory of Spanish libraries http://www.unileon.es/dplabd/bibliot.htm-General
Index of the Spanish State Library http://www.mcu.es/bpe/bpe.html. Spanish-http
://www.rediris.es/recursos/bibliotecas/index.html Library. "National Library of
Spain http://www.bne.es.
-American Libraries USA) http://marvel.loc.gov/.

"Foreing Languages for Travellers http://www.travlang.com/languages/index.html
(Dictionary of basic terms in 34 languages).

-Logos, non parole only http://www.lycos.es/service/diccionario/logos/ (Dictiona
word translator in over 30 languages). Editorials:

Http://www.anaya.es/home.html-Anaya. Http://www.editorialccs.com/-CCS. -Edebé ht
tp://www.narceaediciones.es http://www.edebe.com/-Narcea. "Santillana http://www
Science and Math

Http://www.cern.ch/CERN-CERN (Particle Physics Laboratory in Geneva. Here
WWW system was born.)

-NASA http://www.nasa.gov Contains its history, projects, questions and answers more usual for anyone who has any curiosity about our planet and why not about o thers.

"Science is fun: http://ciencianet.com/. "Basic Anatomy and Physiology: http://w
ww.auxilio.com.mx/manuales/anato.htm. -The Math Forum http://forum.swarthmore.ed
u (Good set of proposals and links to
learn or teach mathematics.)

Granada-http://www.parqueciencias.com Planetarium.
Their news page brings us
Collection of short stories by science: "A Mouse in the Moon", "The toad and the
frog will jump evolution" ... Maripaseo tropical nights of observation, etc ...

Mathematics Olympiad-Spanish: http://platea.pntic.mec.es/ ~ csanchez / olimmain.
"Page dedicated to the dissemination of lecture notes, exams, forms, entrance ex
ams, games and puzzles, a little history of physics and mathematics at universit
y and non university. http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Galaxy/4004/fima.ht
ml. Geography:

-National Geographic http://nationalgeographic.com (Online version of the presti

Language and Literature
Search Tool on Cervantes

Index http://www.csdl.tamu.edu/cervantes/spanish/spanindex.html Bibliographic se
arch on Cervantes texts with translations into other languages Images News
-Page-websites Cervantina http://www.cervantina.org/ Golden Age literature http:

"Useful information on the Golden http://www.usc.es/quevd/docs/sdoro.html-lnterl etras (magazine of criticism and Spanish literature) http://fyl.unizar.es/gcoron a/interlet. htm

"General Society of Spanish Authors http://www.sgae.es/-Centro Virtual Cervantes
: http://www.cvc.cervantes.es
Spanish Courses Training teachers Interests Teaching Materials

"The Route of Don Quixote http://www.adesasoc.com/ Educational Resources for Pri
Other specific sites grouped by subject Elementary Mathematics:

-Naveguitos: http://www.naveguitos.com.ar "Hi guys: http://www.holachicos.com-Sp
anish Mathematics Olympiad:
~ http://platea.pntic.mec.es/ csanchez / olimmain.htm

-Chicomanía: http://www.chicomania.com/-Nanolandia: http://perso.wanadoo.es/fach
adas/index.htm-page children's health: http://www.une.edu.ve / kids / index.htm-
Tareasya.com: http://www.tareasya.com/-Application Exercises: http://www.educar.
org/Ejerciciosdeaplicacion/index.asp-A mathematical operation:

Club kids: http://www.clubpeques.com/-Apply your skills: http://www.icarito.cl/e nc_virtual/archivo/papel/646/646E.html "More resources for the classroom: http:/ / www.indexnet.santillana.es / home.htm-Pipo Club: http://www.pipoclub.com/-El Osio de los Santos: http://www.elosiodelosantos.com/menu.html-La minis Web: http ://www.chicos.net/minis/

"The web of Barney:" The learning http://www.pbs.org/barney/ website: "The works
hop http://www.vtech-abc.com win-ABC: http://www.sapiens. ya.com / Mateua /-More
resources for the classroom: http://www.indexnet.santillana.es/home.htm-Flashca
rds: http://www.aplusmath.com/flashcards/index.html-Math: http : / / www.salonho
gar.com / math / index.htm-room home: http://www.salonhogar.com/-Educalia: http:
//www.educalia.org-combined operations:
http://www.icarito.cl / enc_virtual / Mathematics / combined / actividades.html

"A quick calculation: approaches:

"Geometric figures: http://www.angelfire.com/ar/geom/-Basketmaths: http://www.in
dexnet.santillana.es/rcs2/matematicasYear/onLine.html" More entertaining: http:/
/www. icarito.cl/enc_virtual/matemat/juegos/juegos8.html-National Center for Edu
cation Information and Communication:

"Magnitudes, units and measures: http://imartinez.etsin.upm.es/ot1/Units_es.htm-
Units of Measurement: http://www.edufuturo.com/educacion.php?c=2770-Escolar.com
: http://www.escolar.com/-polygons and circles:

-Euro, the currency of the unit:
-Areas and volumes of geometric figures: http://www.arrakis.es/ ~ bbo / geom /-I

nitiation to the surface http://www.educarchile.cl/ntg/sitios_educativos/1618/ar

"Now combine operations:
-Naveguitos: http://www.naveguitos.com.ar

-Yupinitos: http://www.educarchile.cl/ntg/sitios_educativos/1618/article-61857.h
tml "Hi guys: http://www.holachicos.com-Intérnense: http://www.internenes.com/ "
The case of the magic words: http://www.cajamagica.net/-Calligraphy: http://cali
grafia.8k.com-Chicomanía: http://www.chicomania.com/-Nanolandia: http:// perso.w
anadoo.es / facade / index.htm-Storytelling: http://www.educastur.princast.es/pr
oyectos/cuentacuentos/sofa.htm "Read me a story: http://www.leemeuncuento.com.ar
/ -The site of Lewis Carroll: "The page http://www.expreso.co.cr/alicia/ healthy
children: http://www.une.edu.ve/kids/index.htm-Puppet: http : / / www.titerenet
.com/-Pequetimes: http://www.pequenet.com/index2.asp-Pipo Club: http://www.pipoc
lub.com/-El Osio de los Santos: http: / / www.elosiodelosantos.com / menu.html "
The web of minis: Poetry http://www.chicos.net/minis/-child: http://www.poemitas
.com/-Thousand Tales: http: / / www.geocities.com/athens/forum/2867/22.htm-play
materials that promote reading and writing:

"Aesop's fables:" The workshop http://edyd.com/Fabulas/Esopo/Eindice.htm Win-ABC : http://www.sapiens.ya.com/mateuad/-Learn Spanish with Camille: http : / / www. upv.es / camille / channel / canal.html-Interpeques: http://www.cronis.com/kids/ indexa.html "The chocolate egg: http://www.elhuevodechocolate.com/ Reading-Liter ature and animation: ~ cgalle2/pagina_nueva1.htm http://almez.cnice.mecd.es/

-Text to work the morphological categories: home-Hall: http://www.salonhogar.com
/-Interzone: http://www.unex.es/interzona/

"The word is a clue: http://www.icarito.cl/icarito/1999/icaritin/66/actividades.
html-Use Article: http://www.icarito.cl/icarito/1999/icaritin/ 49/index.html-Edu
calia: http://www.educalia.org-RENA (national school network): http://www.rena.e
12.ve/index.html-Creative Writing for Children: http:// home.coqui.net / path /-
Centro Virtual Cervantes: http://cvc.cervantes.es/aula/matdid/-page of the Casti
lian language:
http://acebo.pntic.mec.es/ aromer3/Lengua/Lengua% 20of% ~ l 20ESO/como_esc/index

"The little prince http://utenti.lycos.it/cucho/principito/" The universe of chi ldren: child http://www.t-nauta.com/ "Poetry: http://www.poesia- infantil.com / index.shtml-spelling tests:

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