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Clear his name in Serasa

Clear his name in Serasa

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Published by 4gen_8

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Published by: 4gen_8 on Jul 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tips and tricks for cleaning your own name or other persons with the bodies of r estrictions. This material was made by my great friend Rossini (Richardson) and enhanced by me. Please keep the material without further cuts or changes because it can compromise the content of the material. There are now several organs of restrictions on credit in Brazil. Some of them are better known, for example, SP C, and CDL Serasa, here in Brasilia is the largest reference on this subject. I want you to understand why there are companies that specialize in "clear her nam e and even how you can clear his name. It's embarrassing having your name in org ans of restriction, but this is just a detail for anyone who has possession of t his material. There are legal and illegal methods in this type of service. You w ill learn how far is legal and illegal, I will explain step by step for you to d ecide how far to go. And it is worth noting that it is illegal for their respons ibility. This material, which is unique in Brazil, is being divided into two par ts. The material is exposed here is specific to "clear his name." If you want to buy the next piece that tells how to clear his name with the Central Bank (bad checks), ask him via email at the address serasa@empresa.com.br. Let's cut to th e chase! This material is intended to mean step by step how you should proceed t o achieve your goal. Here, your goal is to initiate a documentation called OBLIG ATION TO DO. The Obligation to Do, as the name implies, is a kind of application in which you assume the debt, but does not agree with the methods established f or the negativity of his name among the organs of credit restrictions and not wi th the exorbitant interest charged by your creditors. All this is according to l aw and the law wants you to be supported. It is a document of a formal nature, a nd is a right that every Brazilian has to claim it through the courts. The judic iary believes that this kind of obligation to do more specifically the judge of the Stick that you will file the application. Usually there are specialist compa nies to carry out this type of service (which is a right for everyone) through p roxy simple. That's right. The misinformation that establishes the existence of these companies that say "reclaim your credit." You do not need a lawyer to repr esent him at any time. He just needs to sign the document that has the power of injunctions filed after the ECJ in their region.

Remember that these tips are being passed because I assume that you know nothing about this. It's one more reason to tell you step by step. It's how you say wha t are the secrets of Freemasonry. Nobody will tell in a way that seems simple. H ave patience. The way you will clear his name, requires some prerequisites. Firs t you go to Serasa your area and ask for information that you should and the exa ct value. Second you have to do a quick search on some agencies in your area. Mo re specifically, the TJ in your area. Here in Brasilia, is the TJDF. In your are a may be the TJMG, TJSP ... etc.. You have to know which are the poles of Specia l Civil Court Hearings performing reconciliations and which ones usually give th e reasons for the claimants, in which case you are. You going to TJ in your area and do not give one a fool. Go more or less on time which is opening the record , so as to see the movement of people who do this kind of service you will find that they usually have the option of a single Civil Court (this is the best sinc e it gives LIMINATE). Here in Brasilia to Civil Court to grant injunction is the Third Civil Court of Special Court. Go well dressed (a) a light transparent fol der, show that is not new and does not show that is just trying to gather inform ation. This type of service, nobody has the slightest interest to teach you. Tak e a look at the rooms of conciliation that has most often printed on their doors , dates and schedules of reconciliations and who are the claimants and defendant s. See which is the case that most resembles yours. For example: In the Third Ci rcuit, Room 315 b, there will be a conciliation hearing at 9:00 pm between the p arties Fábio Lima and Director of Credit Cards Credicard / SA. If you have rest rictions with credit cards, this is a good Civil Court for you to reach the obli gation to do. Here in Brasilia, there is a good flow of Advocacy interns who are giving silly in these corridors. Do not fall into them when they tell you that you have to be represented. There trainee smart! Do not take any action before r eading the entire text.€Usually people who have conciliation hearings are await ing their turn next to picks that will clear his name or to negotiate their debt

. Do not ask questions to these people, you surely must know what they say to yo
u. If you are really willing to understand how it works, so stay tuned.

The first time you go to this organ, the TJ in your area, you have to get some d ata, which are: 1. The Civil Court that will best serve their needs, ie the gran ting injunction. In case you did not know the lawyer who will give the visa in y our documentation will know in which rod you need to give input. 2. If you have various restrictions, such as banks, cards, financial and telephony service prov iders, give preference to a single Civil Court. Enter documentation in one by on e. 3. Know where the local people to give input in this type of application, ent er and pretend to be in line, pay attention to what people say, because each reg ion is one way. Here in TJDF, I just come and talk that I need to enter the Thir d Circuit, an obligation to the detriment of Credicard / s, for example. 4. If y ou arrive at a time when they have a lot of movement, see how it is simpler to g o unnoticed and collect the necessary data so that the next time you return, do not waste time. The second time you go to TJ for your region, you really will en ter in its obligation to do. The Obligation of Making is formal and is directed to only two parties, ie you and share what you owe. If you owe more than one com pany, do different documents. If a company will print four copies, if the three companies, will print 12 copies and so on. Understand, right? Be discreet and be firm in time to give input in the documentation. For it is the only thing that matters to clear his name. If the name of another person that you are cleaning, remember that you can only do this through Power of Attorney Simple, but even th is simple proxy is not required. I will post it. Do as I told you before in the text. Go on a schedule where there is the same queue, which is busy, because the n you will see how the person in front of her act and be more simpler. In anothe r text file I sent you, is an obligation to make, and through it you will contin ue its actions. Just replace the words such as name, address, telephone companie s ... to whom you owe, the value of the debt zipcode. In the case of an obligati on to do I sent you, given a debt of Fininvest. If they were two debts of the sa me company, or 258.49 for the month of August to 150.00 in September, you put th e two values. Place

values appearing in Serasa, no need to upgrade them. Read carefully so you know what really needs to change, I will not put emphasis on, because I'm sure you ca n get confused when printing the document. Even though they have some spelling e rrors, or treatment of pronouns, do not correct because the important obligation to make is the number of the law, the date of this law which defends the right to request the injunction and this part contains no errors. And remember that it is important to treat a judge. Under the rules of Portuguese, you just tell the judge, your lordship. But here is most excellent doctor judge. Do not change th e pronouns of treatment. To give you entry into the obligation to do, you will h ave to make four copies. No time to give input on the documentation, you must pa y an amount which should be $ 1.00. In some courts are free. TJ in your region, you will take the four copies and give to the person who is answering and scorin g the conciliation hearings which is usually scheduled one month later. Example: On 10/10/2005 you will enter the obligation to the detriment of BrasilTelecom. Probably your hearing will be scheduled for 10/11/2005. If the hearing is schedu led for a date very close, less than 15 days, say that today you can not, will b e traveling. Please mark it for at least 20 days after entry of the application. This person who marks the reconciliation is receiving its obligation to make, i s that the first time you went to TJ, is a particular room receiving this reques t (remember the first time I went to TJ, right?). Here in Brasilia this room is called the Distribution Room. Stay smart. You will deliver four copies to him an d he will return two copies. Of these four copies, two will be with you and the other two will be at TJ, as it is for the TJ, notify the defendant (whom you sho uld) you are moving an obligation to do against it. Just submit a simple attorne y in case she is required.€Here in Brasilia, was not required until 08/01/2004. But, I have heard that in other places they charge a simple proxy to be receive d by the obligation to do. In summary: You deliver the four copies and he put th

em the dates of hearing. And two of them he will return. Are four identical copi es and distributed as follows: One is for the judge who will judge the duty to d o. (Is c / o TJ) One for the defendant. (The company which you should). (Is c / o TJ) One for the Serasa. (Stay with you)

One for you. (Stay with you) the two copies that were with you will be taken to the Serasa your region by your own hands. Take both copies of the document that you bring it to the Serasa to a lawyer before handing the Serasa for it and just sign your document has power LIMINATE. If you're gonna give input to others, do not forget to make a single attorney for that person who can be brought into th e Serasa. In Serasa is simpler. Just come with two copies of the obligation to b e signed by any attorney and say they want to file a "Request". Serasa authentic ate the two copies and one of them will stay with you. Write down this path that got you the date, time and place of hearing at the ECJ in their region and the name of the person you're listening. Now that you gave to enter the TJ in Serasa just wait for 10 business days will leave your name Serasa, SPC and other possi ble agencies in your area that are specified as an obligation to do. Obligation to do this I sent you (the other Word file), includes the names of Serasa and Sp c. If your city exists CDL instead of SPC or there are two, add them. If you do not automatically exit your name Spc, Serasa and other organs in 10 days, you'll have to call the Serasa, those 0800 ... In possession of the document, you will say what the person's CPF and other data that will be on the Application and as k what is the reason for which his name has not yet left the system Serasa. But during the five years that work in this area, never had to call the Serasa. Reme mber that there are 10 working days. Now you may be wondering, what about the au dience? If the court judge in my favor, or to whom I owe? This is the most inter esting part of who does this type of service. Because you have two distinct opti ons. At first, you go to TJ, attends the hearing and runs the risk that the judg e did not go with your guy, the person you should be represented by a good lawye r, you stammer and the judge think that you're lying. These silly little thing. Want some advice, some tips? Here are the tips to succeed at a hearing: 1. Only speak when the judge asks you something. 2. The judge or a representative of the judge who will accompany the reconciliation, does not want clutter in your livi ng room. Speak one at a time. If the debt

3. 4. 5.
7. 8.

is high, will be required a more formal. Talk to the judge and avoid talking wit h the other party. The judge is mediating. Never exalt themselves. Recognize ear ly on that you have debt and want to pay it. But this can not be their intention , it's just that you will speak to the judge. Say you do not want to pay cash or with exorbitant interest rates charged by the other party. Be firm and explore the weakness of the other party if that is not represented by a lawyer (which is what happens most often because there is only its audience and certainly there is more debt than their worry for the company and trigger a lawyer). Take the pa tience of the other party. For example: You must $ 1,000.00 to a telephone compa ny. Most of them, does not divide its debt by more than 3 times. Tell the judge you want to pay 10 times in 100.00 fixed and entry will give you only 30 days. A ccept only if interest is small and what you really should. Ask questions to the judge: What happens if the other party does not accept my payment method? I wan t to pay and she does not want to receive! I'm already pushing my budget enough! Not easier. The reconciliations are usually 30 minutes. Case, use these 30 minu tes and not enter into an agreement, the judge will want to schedule another dat e for conciliation. Make it clear you did everything possible to negotiate and t

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