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Jun Winaq Nawales

Jun Winaq Nawales

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Published by 4gen_9

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Published by: 4gen_9 on Jul 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Nawal Winaq JUN
The 20-day Calendar
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The grandmothers and grandfathers have left an extraordinary legacy to humanity.
In this summarizes all the wisdom of the ancient world: it is the most useful a
nd important, both for the individual self to all nations, it gives us the infor
mation for a complete and harmonious development. This tool allows each person l
ocated in the world, knowing its propensities, capabilities and weaknesses, and
pursue in life in harmony with your life purpose so as to develop their full pot

The Nawal
One of the potential crests of the Maya, their practice, creates a sense of belo
nging so direct, which can not be divorced spirit and nature. Satura love all ki
nds of relationships with individuals, families and communities and the environm
ent. From birth, each person has a Nawal, whose latent function is to maintain t
he content of the whole, the contents of the drive humanidadnaturaleza the rakan
June. It is part of the essence of Maya ecological worldview, is part of the fu
ndamental contributions and founders of the new ecology. No person lives alone i
n the world but live in intimate relationship with a being of nature. The mandat
e is to seek harmony with nature. From this experience and existential conscious
ness is clear that an ecological approach. The Nawal is one of the greatest myst
eries, but ... It is one of the most important virtues.

Being Maya
Being Maya is not just a feature, is a way of living, thinking and feeling, have
a broad and humanistic sense of belonging to both the overworld and the underwo
rld and improve our attitude to work every day modestly in the divine plan.

Batz ': Literally wire or mono. Symbol of evolution and development. A thread th
at leads over time, linking human history to the present. Day to reflect on what
happened, look for the roots and accept our past, to reflect on where we lead t
he thread of life and how to preserve continuity. Nawal is the mother of all art
s. Auspicious day to ask a couple, tying or untying any question. Engendered in
Ak'abal and your destination is Kawoq. Great planners, comprehensive vision and
futurista.Médicos. Tenacious, personality, harmony seekers. Governing body part
s veins, arteries and capillaries. Nawal el Mono. Energy places: Forests, lakes,
clear night sky.


E ': Literally Way, tooth. Symbol analysis as practicable, to weigh their own ab ilities, desires and needs. Day to discover the capabilities and talents, for gu idance and seek answers to questions about the meaning of life. It symbolizes th e path of destiny, the guide that leads us to a point objective and precise. It is the energy of action, the energy gained experience by opening roads. It is th e nagual of all roads and leaders. You guide and protector of merchants. Engende red in the day and your destination is C'at ajpu. They are leaders, Aqjq'ij. Goo d day to start business. Governing body part: Plant your feet. Your Nawal is the bobcat. Locations for energy: Mountains, cold land forests, rivers.

Aj: Literally: Planting and regeneration. Symbol of family and social relationsh
ips. In a political sense, refers to power and their responsible use. Day to cul
tivate and promote human relations, promote the performance and fulfill the resp
onsibilities. Means cane or reeds. Nawal is the house and children. Auspicious d
ay for the home and the health of children. It is the essence, abundance, unity.

It is the spine, the inner fire. Engendered in Khan and his destiny is the Imox . Teachers' knowledge. Day of protection of the home, animals and plants. Govern ing body part: Spine. Your Nawal el Armadillo. Energy Places: Beach and warm lan d forests. Representation of authority and of complementarity.

Ix: Vital Energy Literally. Symbol of vitality, energy and nature. In philosophi
cal sense, it denotes space, time and motion unite man with nature. Day to plant
a tree, start new businesses, starting a company, also to undertake projects th
at benefit humanity and the environment. It is the day of nature and science nat
urales.Es the jaguar and the tiger, the female energy and power cats. It represe
nts the Mayan altar. They are generated in the Keme and your destination is Iq '
. This day brings a special force to change any negative aspect. Governing body
parts: Muscles and nerves. The Nawal is the Jaguar. Energy Sites: The jungle and
ceremonial centers,€especially the pyramids.

Tz'ikin: Literally: Economy. Symbol welfare and economic development. Day to mee
t business commitments, business or financial, to improve both human and materia
l sense. Bird means guardian of all the lands of the Maya area, the freedom, the
messenger, the treasure, luck and money. Auspicious day to broker anything. It
is the intermediary between the Ajaw and humans. They are fertilized in the Kej
and your destination is Ak'abal. They are merchants and artisans. This is the be
st day for love, to ask for abundance, protection for businesses, partners and f
riends. Many intuition, vision, precognition and revelations in dreams. Governin
g body part: Eyes. Nawal: The Eagle, Condor, quetzal butterfly. Energy Places: M
ountains, lakes, mist, snow, upland forests.

Ajmac Literally, analysis and reflection. Symbol of personal and self-assessment
. Day to critically assess family situations, their own financial professionals
and also to recognize mistakes and learn from them. Is forgiveness and sin, repr
esents the darkest of night and the first ray of light, perceptible duality in t
his sign. It is a land, the spirit of the ancestors. The Maq is like a smoke scr
een that hides from us before the presence of Ajaw. It is a day of introspection
, forgiveness. Day to communicate lessons. It is the consciousness and outer spa
ce. It represents the grandparents and the ancient wisdom. It's just occasion to
apologize for the misconduct, to talk with the ancestors, telling their story,
explaining its origins and roots of the people. Fertilized in the Q'anil and you
r destination is the C'at. Governing body parts: genital organs and aura. Nawal:
Owl, bees, insects. Energy places: caves, streams, mar.

No'j: Literally Idea, knowledge, wisdom. Symbol of creativity, innovation and co
mpetition, combined with the vision of the future. Day to develop enlightened id
eas, unconventional and creative pair everyday problems and to plan innovative p
rojects in the future. It symbolizes the movement of heaven and earth. It is the
connection of the universal cosmic mind with the mind of man. The person has go
od ideas, it is necessary to meet in council to gather ideas into a science and
the wisdom to ask Ajaw. Power of communication in daily life as manifested in th
e sublime in art. It is the mystery of Nakht. Engendered in the sign and your de
stination is Toj Kan. The energy of very good day to feed the mind, enhance memo
ry, body signals request and harmonize relations. Ask for clarity. Governing bod
y parts: brain, pineal gland. Nawal: Coyote, woodpecker. Energy locations: tropi
cal forest and cold forest, lakes, mountains, clouds

Tijax: Literally cut. Symbol of courage to end and stop investments. Day to end
failed plans to limit investment and failed to get rid of physical and mental pr
essures. Represents the house of Xib'alb'a Chay. " Obsidian knife, the double-ed

ged, strength and power of the Warrior strike, the drastic, the power of thunder and lightning. It is the positive and negative, duality. They are fertilized in the Tz'i'y their destination is the Keme, cure diseases, extraordinadiros surge ons. Energy of the day: day to pray for health, cure difficult diseases. Governi ng body part: Teeth, nails, tongue. Nawals: swordfish, owls and toucans. Obsidia n. Energy Places: Cliffs, waterfalls, caves, caverns, mints tor rays

Kawoq: Literally Management and administration. A symbol of leadership and decis
ion. Day managements decision making deep, with a view to their impact are struc
tural. Community Day. The strength of the union, the expansive consciousness. It
is the nagual of midwives, the date of the Grandmothers. Day 'conducive to the
sacred ceremony of healing. They are being generated on Batz 'and your destinati
on is Kej. Energy of the day: it is to pray for the common good, by the family t
o settle problems, to abundance in business, ask for good weather for crops. Gov
erning body parts: heart and nerves. Nawal: the turtle. Energy places: forests,
especially pine and cypress.

Ajpu ': Literally Lord Sun Symbol of personality, charisma and example. Day to c
onvince the strength and credibility, personality itself and defend projects, in
dividuals or organizations unsafe. It is the day of the Grand Ajaw and solar rep
resentation. Generated with the E 'and is the Q'anil detino. Cerbatanero mean, t
he day the great lord.€Energy of the Day: qualifies for certainty, security, pl
anning and achievement of our goals. Day of renewal, to ask for fertility of wom
en, to have emotional security and enhance the intellect, is the day which gives
strength, courage and energy to overcome obstacles. Governing body parts: the c
hest, breasts, eyes, lungs. The nawal: human energy Places: beach, forest, sunli
ght, sunrise, sunset.

Imox: Literally Cooperation. Symbol of cooperation and community. Day to take jo
int efforts to achieve unity with others, initiate or deepen cooperation with ot
hers. It is the essence in every sense of the word. It is the subtle part of man
, sensitivity, the unusual, the eccentric, the alligator or crocodile of the par
atte rÍos.manifiesta internal hidden or human, to sleep. It is the essence of w
ater. It is the spirit of the rain. Living with the beings that live in water an
d fosters communication with them, dolphins, whales, crocodiles. Are generated b
efore the sign Aj and his destiny is the Toj. Energy of the day: to increase the
inner power and strength of spirit. It is a day to pray for rain and purificati
on of rivers, lakes and seas. Governing body parts: the blood that flows in our
veins, glands and genitals. Nawal: lizard, dolphin, alligator, shark and turtle.
Energy Places: Mar rivers, lakes, streams.

Ik '
Iq ': literally a hurricane wind. Symbol patient observation and analysis. Day t
o analyze the reality around us, recognize when it dominates the order or not, t
o find the patience to allow us to act not unexpectedly, but knowing the right t
ime to wait. Is the air and wind, is the Heart of Heaven. It is the vital spirit
, lightning, tempest, currents of air, the cleanliness and purity of the crystal
. Nawal is the air and the moon. Generated to Ix and his fate is Tz'i '. They ar
e very spiritual, have cosmic energy. They are spiritual doctors. The energy of
the moon has a lot to do in their states of Ani mo. It is suitable for renovatio
n and ask that the good winds nourish our minds and purify us. Curing people wit
h prsicológicos. Parties governing body: the respiratory system, throat. Nawal:
Hawk and Hummingbird. Energy Places: Snowy Mountains, canyons, valleys. Day naw
ales offerings to give them sustenance, thanks.

Ak'abal: Literally Aurora or dawn. Symbol of the beginning and hope. Do not lose

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