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Windows Power Shell Commands

Windows Power Shell Commands

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Published by kktamang09
Windows Power Shell commands-Batch file
Windows Power Shell commands-Batch file

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Published by: kktamang09 on Jul 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 An A-Z Index of Windows
aGet-AclGet permission settings for a file or registry keySet-AclSet permissionsGet-Aliasgal Return alias names for CmdletsImport-Aliasipal Import an alias list from a fileNew-Aliasnal Create a new alias.Set-Aliassal Create or change an aliasGet-AuthenticodeSignatureGet the signature object associated with a fileSet-AuthenticodeSignaturePlace a signature in a .ps1 script or other filecSet-Locationcd/chdir/sl Set the current working locationGet-ChildItemdir/ls/gci Get child items (contents of a folder or registry key)Get-Commandgcm Retrieve basic information about a commandMeasure-CommandMeasure running timeTrace-CommandTrace an expression or command Add-Contentac Add to the content of the itemGet-Contentcat/type/gc Get content from item (specific location)Set-Contentsc Set content in the item (specific location)Clear-Contentclc Remove content from a file/itemConvertTo-HtmlConvert the input into an HTML tableConvertFrom-SecureStringConvert a secure string into an encrypted standard stringConvertTo-SecureStringConvert an encrypted standard string into a secure stringClear-Host clear/cls Clear the screenClear-Itemcli Remove content from a variable or an aliasCopy-Itemcopy/cp/cpi Copy an item from a namespace locationGet-CredentialGet a security credential (username/password)Get-CultureGet region information (language and keyboard layout)dGet-ChildItemdir/ls/gci Get child items (contents of a folder or registry key)Get-DateGet current date and timeSet-DateSet system time on the host systemRemove-Itemdel/erase/rd/rm/rmdir Remove an itemDoLoop while a condition is TrueGet-PSDrivegdr Get drive information (DriveInfo)New-PSDrivemount/ndr Install a new drive on the machineRemove-PSDriverdr Remove a provider/drive from its locationeGet-EventlogGet eventlog dataGet-ExecutionPolicyGet the execution policy for the shellSet-ExecutionPolicyChange the execution policy (user preference)Export-Aliasepal Export an alias list to a fileExport-ClixmlProduce a clixml representation of powershell objectsExport-ConsoleExport console configuration to a fileExport-Csvepcsv Export to Comma Separated Values (spreadsheet)Invoke-ExpressionRun a PowerShell expressionExit Exit Powershell (or exit a script)ForEach-Objectforeach Loop for each object in the pipeline
 ForEachLoop through values in the pipelineFor Loop through items that match a conditionFormat-Customfc Format output using a customized viewFormat-Listfl Format output as a list of properties, each on a new lineFormat-Tableft Format output as a tableFormat-Widefw Format output as a table listing one property onlygGet-Itemgi Get a file/registry object (or any other namespace object)Get-ChildItemdir/ls/gci Get child items (contents of a folder or registry key)hGet-Helphelp Open the help file Add-HistoryAdd entries to the session historyGet-Historyhistory/h/ghy Get a listing of the session historyInvoke-Historyr/ihy Invoke a previously executed CmdletGet-HostGet host informationClear-Host clear/cls Clear the screenRead-HostRead a line of input from the host consoleWrite-HostDisplay objects through the host user interfaceiif Conditionally perform a commandImport-ClixmlImport a clixml file and rebuild the PS objectImport-Csvipcsv Take values from a CSV list and send objects down the pipeline.Get-Itemgi Get a file object or get a registry (or other namespace) objectInvoke-Itemii Invoke an executable or open a file (START)New-Itemni Create a new item in a namespaceRemove-Itemrm/del/erase/rd/ri/rmdir Remove an itemSet-Itemsi Change the value of an itemClear-ItemPropertyDelete the value of a propertyCopy-ItemPropertyCopy a property along with its valueGet-ItemPropertyRetrieve the properties of an objectMove-ItemPropertyMove a property from one location to another New-ItemPropertySet a new property of an item at a locationRemove-ItemPropertyDelete the property and its value from an itemRename-ItemPropertyRename a property of an itemSet-ItemPropertySet the value of a propertykStop-Processkill/spps Stop a running processlGet-Locationpwd / gl Get and display the current locationPop-Locationpopd Set the current working location from the stackPush-Locationpushd Push a location to the stackSet-Locationcd/chdir/sl Set the current working locationm Add-Member Add a member to an instance of a PowerShell objectGet-Member gm Enumerate the properties of an objectMove-Itemmove/mv/mi Move an item from one location to another oCompare-ObjectCompare the properties of objectsGroup-Objectgroup Group the objects that contain the same value for a commonpropertyMeasure-ObjectMeasure the properties of an object
 New-ObjectCreate a new .Net objectSelect-Objectselect Select properties of objectsSort-Objectsort Sort objects by property valueWhere-ObjectFilter the objects passed along the command pipeline.Out-DefaultSend output to defaultOut-FileSend command output to a fileOut-Hostoh Send the pipelined output to the hostOut-NullSend output to nullOut-Printer lp Send the output to a printer Out-StringSend objects to the host as stringspPowershellLaunch a powershell sessionConvert-Pathcvpa Convert a ps path to a provider pathJoin-PathCombine a path and child-pathResolve-Pathrvpa Resolves the wildcards in a pathSplit-PathReturn part of a pathTest-PathReturn true if the path exists, otherwise return falseGet-PfxcertificateGet pfx certificate informationPop-Locationpopd Set the current working location from the stackPush-Locationpushd Push a location to the stackGet-Processps/gps Get a list of processes on a machineStop-Processkill/spps Stop a running processClear-ItemPropertyclp Remove the property value from a propertyCopy-ItemPropertycpp Copy a property along with it's valueGet-ItemPropertygp Retrieve the properties of an objectMove-ItemPropertymp Move a property from one location to another New-ItemPropertySet a new propertyRemove-ItemPropertyrp Remove a property and its valueRename-ItemPropertyrnp Renames a property at its locationSet-ItemPropertysp Set a property at the specified location to a specified valueGet-PsProvider Get information for the specified provider Set-PSdebugTurn script debugging on or off  Add-PsSnapInAdd snap-ins to the consoleGet-PsSnapinList PowerShell snap-ins on this computer Remove-PSSnapinRemove PowerShell snap-ins from the consoleqQuest AD cmdletsRead and write to Active DirectoryRead-HostRead a line of input from the host consoleRemove-Itemrm/del/erase/rd/ri/rmdir Remove an itemRename-Itemren/rni Change the name of an existing itemRename-ItemPropertyRename a property of an itemRun/Call & Run a command (call operator)sSelect-Objectselect Select properties of objectsGet-Servicegsv Get a list of servicesNew-ServiceCreate a new serviceRestart-ServiceStop and then restart a serviceResume-ServiceResume a suspended serviceSet-ServiceChange the start mode/properties of a serviceSort-Objectsort Sort objects by property value

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