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Carat- Aegis Media Blog - Christopher Cashen

Carat- Aegis Media Blog - Christopher Cashen

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Published by Christopher Cashen
Blog submitted for Marketing Foresight Seminar (19/10/2009) with Mr. Ciaran Cunningham of Carat/ Aegis Media.
Blog submitted for Marketing Foresight Seminar (19/10/2009) with Mr. Ciaran Cunningham of Carat/ Aegis Media.

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Published by: Christopher Cashen on Jul 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“You guys know more about this than I do,” Ciaran Cunningham
Christopher Cashen & Anton Mc MenaminOutside the realm of attendance points and personal reflections, there is a worldand once more there is a professional world. We all have to get a job and justify goingback to do a Masters, not just in the financial sense by securing a better position, but inorder to prove that we have given ourselves an edge that top companies want. Forthose who attended the Marketing Foresight Seminar on Monday last, Carat/ AegisMedia are the people we should all be looking to get a position with.The core of the presentation was change, its inevitability, your response to it andwhat the future may entail for our growingly familiar digital era. Mr. Cunningham admitshimself, as the biggest player in media planning in Ireland, that traditional mediums of advertising are losing relevancy at best and redundant at worst. The change is theinteraction, we are no longer in a position to talk to customers and tell them thebenefits of using our products. Instead, we now have to adjust and talk with customersin a more dynamic and relevant manner.Mr. Cunningham, a DCU graduate, highlighted how much our society has evolvedover the past two decades due to technology. He stressed this by informing us thatwhen he was at college (We
’ll be nice and not mention it was 1989)
mail didn’t even
exist. This highlights how far we have come as a society and the way we must be openand adapt to the changes that are occurring all around us.Technology is now an integral part of the majority of 18-34 year olds daily lives,not that the rest are left in caves eyes wide in bewilderment of the telephone. Socialnetworking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and Linkedin have changed howwe act, interact and receive information. Due to this, the way that companies advertiseand connect with us must change accordingly.To accentuate these changes he used famous quotes from Charles Darwin andBarack Obama, a man who is a modern day symbol of change. He also incorporated aquote from Don Daper into his speech, stating
“Change isn’t good or bad, it just is.” 
 This quote resembles exactly what Mr. Cunningham was discussing throughouthis seminar. Change is something that is continuous, that every firm must incorporate if they are to be successful. With this in mind Mr. Cunningham emphasised howcompanies and brands must change in accordance to these technological changes. Heemphasised five key concepts that companies must use in incorporate to remainsuccessful. These changes included:
Do not say 
Mr. Cunningham believes that the way we advertise our products has changeddramatically over the past decade. Companies now need to create peer-to-peerrelationships, investigating exactly what the customer wants and trying to provide it,
instead of the traditional ‘telling them what they want’ approach.
Think differently…
Mr. Cunningham highlighted the need for companies and brands to differentiatethemselves due to the overwhelming variety of options there are for any one goodtoday. In order to sustain a competitive market share companies must emphasisetheir USP to
“stand out from the crowd”.
 Ask yourself…why wouldn’t anyone want to pass that on? 
Word of mouth can potentially create unbeatable ‘buzz’.
In order to maximise thepotential of this medium companies must ask themselves this question. If they cananswer it adequately
, and correct the reason why people wouldn’t pass on the
message, then they are one step closer to their preferred destination of a majormarket share.
Identify influencers
Influencers in social groups can have a large say on the actions of a group.To emphasise this point Mr. Cunningham described the revolution of Cadbury Wispa,where due to the persistence of peers and the use of internet social networks tovoice opinions, Cadbury re-released the product this year.This point was confirmed by a Cadbury spokesperson who stated
“This is the first time the power of the internet played such an intrinsic role in the
return of a
Cadbury brand” 
Invite Participation
In order for companies to differentiate themselves from the crowd in our modernsociety, it is essential to involve the customers in your advertising campaigns and toignite their imagination. Companies are now appealing to people with newadvertising techniques, such the Cadb
ury ‘glass and a half production’ ads.
These adshave installed curiosity in the
minds and as a result has
created ‘buzz’
around the brand and helped to appeal to a mass audience in the process.This is something that Mr. Cunningham feels is essential in the modern era, as statedin his first point, we now talk with, not to our customers.Mr. Cunningham himself is a walking advertisement of how we can embracechange. As previously stated he
didn’t work with email in college, and yet he was
here informing a younger, technology driven demographic, iPhones in pocket andlinked to every social media you can imagine, how we are going to be reaching thenext batch of better informed, more computer literate people.He has identified the troubles that lie ahead for traditional media, particularlythe turbulent business model that newspapers lie in. The old vision of a familydressed in their Sundays best, sitting upright while watching the television is nowmarred with the traditional family now having the kids watching the exact contentthey want online while the parents have the dilemma of choosing one of theinnumerable channels available to them.
It’s probably this kind of insight and market
knowledge that escalated Carat Ireland to become the largest media andcommunications agency of the modern era. They were the first Advertising Company

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