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Chapter 3: Comic Illustrations of Word Lotto

Chapter 3: Comic Illustrations of Word Lotto

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Published by Tom Brennan
About my Temper - Fun new comic book with illustrations.
About my Temper - Fun new comic book with illustrations.

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Published by: Tom Brennan on Jul 09, 2010
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Wordlotto ©2007
Wordlotto ©2007
3 About my temper.
After my hasty exit from the third floor restroom, Ireturned to my office to find a written message taped to mycomputer screen. “You’re late for your 11:00 appointment.Conference Room C.”Damn, I completely forgot. I grabbed a blank clientprofile form and a pen and raced to the conference room onthe other side of the building. Now for a little insightinto how my mind works, the meeting was about a new caseand I had not taken the time to prepare. But instead ofworrying about not doing my job responsibly, all I amthinking about is that I did not wash my hands in thebathroom, and that the taped message will probably leave astreak of sticky gunk on my new computer screen. So thereyou have it. The only thing I remembered about the case wasthat it had something to do with a faulty WordMeter. Thisis not unusual because everyone thinks they have adefective meter. This fact, however, can never be provenbecause there is no precedent to support the data.According to the scientists and the judges of the Word
Wordlotto ©2007
Commission, the technology is one hundred percent foolproofand formidably infallible.I swung open the door to the windowless conferenceroom and there, parading on the long table was Lance, thepermanent temp. He was covered from head-to-toe withyellow Post-It notes. Lying at his feet, flat on thetable, was Sergio the assistant to the Director of HumanResources. Lance was gyrating in Sergio’s direction,chanting the ABBAian anthem “I am the dancing queen - youngand sweet,” as he peeled off a Post-It with each thrust ofhis hips. Sergio was mesmerized, clapping on the table insync with Lance’s swinging rhythm and sending out littleencouragements “Oh yeah! Sweet! You go Queen!”Usually people would be amazed or outraged by suchworkplace behavior. Now that you know me a little better,you won’t be surprised that the first thought that crossedmy mind is that Lance’s boots were scratching the finish onthe conference room table. In my defense I will say thatthis type of incident is not entirely unusual in my office.Take Lance for example. Nobody knows what he does. He is atemp, but has been working here for years. He seems to beemployed for the sole purpose of entertaining lifelessemployees and annoying self-righteous pricks. Everyoneloves to hear his latest weekend exploits that are legend

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