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Para Israel 10072010

Para Israel 10072010

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Published by vladowsky
Periodical newspaper -fight terrorism -Support Israel
Periodical newspaper -fight terrorism -Support Israel

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Published by: vladowsky on Jul 10, 2010
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Vijay Kumar: The Muslim mosque:A state within a state“Vijay Kumar isa Republican candidate for U.S.Congress from Tennessee’s 5thDistrict. A native of Hyderabad,India, Mr. Kumar lived in Iran duringthe 1979 Islamic Revolution, when hecame to the United States. Anaturalized American citizen, Mr.Kumar has lived in Nashville,Tennessee for 24 years. He has beenmarried to his wife, Robin, a native of Bowling Green, Kentucky, for 27years, and they have three children,two of whom are adopted.” In “TheMuslim mosque: A state within astate” at Atlas Shrugs, July 9, heexplains the political significance of the Islamic mosque:THE KAABA IN MECCA WASNOT BUILT AS AN ISLAMICMOSQUE. It was an ancient templethat had been shared by polytheists,Christians, Jews, and Hindus,honoring 360 different deities. In 630A.D. the Kaaba was captured byIslam in its military invasion andconquest of Mecca.On the day of its capture,Muhammad delivered an address atthe Kaaba in military dress andhelmet, according to Ayatullah Ja’farSubhani in his book, “The Message”:“Bear in mind that every claim of privilege, whether that of blood orproperty is abolished . . . I reject allclaims relating to life and propertyand all imaginary honors of the past,and declare them to be baseless . . . AMuslim is the brother of anotherMuslim and all the Muslims arebrothers of one another and constituteone hand as against the non-Muslims.The blood of every one of them isequal to that of others and even thesmallest among them can make apromise on behalf of others.”–MuhammadMuhammad’s address at the Kaabaoverthrew the Meccan governmentand declared all of Islam, anywherein the world, to be a political andmilitary state against all non-Muslims, regardless of the non-Muslims’ political, geographical, ornational origins.“If anyone desires a religion otherthan Islam (submission to Allah),never will it be accepted of him.”–Quran 3:85Although the rightful owners of theKaaba are the many religions thatshared it before the Islamic militaryconquest of Mecca, according toSubhani the Kaaba today is under thecontrol of a hereditary regime goingback to Muhammad: “currently the12th Imam from the direct descent of the Prophet of Islam is the realprotector, its custodian and guardian.”All Islamic mosques everywhere inthe world are required to have a clearvisible indication pointing in thedirection of Mecca and the Kaaba,where the international political andmilitary state of Islam was founded.In most mosques there is a niche inthe wall–the mihrab–that pointstoward the seat of Islamic power.Each mosque, like the Kaaba, isgoverned by an Imam in compliancewith the political documents of Islam.Mosques and the PoliticalDocuments of IslamThe Quran is the supreme politicaldocument of Islam–its politicalmanifesto and political constitution. Itis the only constitution of the nation-state Saudi Arabia, which is the homeof Mecca and the Kaaba, where allmosques point, and is the birthplaceof Islam.The Quran is a totalitarianconstitution. It demands submissionby anyone within its jurisdiction. TheQuran governs all mosqueseverywhere in the world.As a political document, the Quranasserts that everyone in the world iswithin its jurisdiction. So far, Islamhas not been able to enforce thattotalitarian claim on the entire world,but has managed to do so throughthreat, infiltration, violence,terrorism, and coercion on roughly20% of the world. It is engaged in a1400-year-long Universal Jihad todominate the rest of the world. Allmosques are its outpost headquarters.Central to the Quran’s politicalmandates is prohibition of religiousfreedom and religious tolerance,along with denouncements of religions such as Christianity andJudaism.“O ye who believe! take not the Jewsand the Christians for your friendsand protectors: They are but friendsand protectors to each other. And heamongst you that turns to them (forfriendship) is of them.” –Quran 5:51“Fight and slay the Pagans whereverye find them, and seize them,beleaguer them, and lie in wait forthem in every stratagem (of war)”–Quran 9:5All mosque leaders must be loyal toand supportive of these political andmilitaristic mandates.The Quran as a political documentalso forbids separation of church andstate. That is why every Islamicnation, where Islamic leaders havemanaged to gain power, is atheocracy, ruled by the Quran andIslamic Sharia law.The Hadith (reported sayings andacts of Muhammad) and the Sira (theofficial biographies of Muhammad)are the other political documents that,along with the Quran, constitute thebasis for Islam’s Sharia law.“There is only one law which oughtto be followed, and that is theSharia.” –Syed QutbSharia law is administered by IslamicImams who interpret the law andhand down rulings in their solediscretion. Sharia law does not allowtrial by jury. Sharia law alsomandates a double standard of lawsfor Muslims (believers) and infidels(non-believers). Sharia law mandatesa discriminatory tax, called jizya, onnon-Islamic religions and nations:“Fight those who believe not inAllah…until they pay the jizya withwilling submission, and feelthemselves subdued.” –Quran 9:29Sharia law also mandatesdiscrimination toward women, andforbids any criticism of Islam or itsfounder, stifling freedom of speech.Sharia law also mandates that allmen are slaves with no right tofreedom of religion:“Allah’s right on His slaves is thatthey should worship Him (Alone) andshould not worship any besides Him.”–Muhammad Sahih Bukhari4:52:108, Narrated Mu’adhSharia law does not allow forseparation of church and state. Shariaregards church and state as oneinseparable entity governing everyaspect of individual and social life,both spiritual and secular. That iswhy all Islamic nations aretheocracies.In short, Sharia law stands in directopposition to the AmericanConstitution and Bill of Rights. Theimplementation of Sharia lawdemands the overthrow of theAmerican Constitution and our formof government and system of laws.Mosque leaders, in every nation inthe world, are loyal to the Quran, theHadith, the Sira, and consider themdivine law, and therefore supremeover all manmade laws….There is much more. Be sure to readit all.Posted by Robert on July 9, 201012:41 PM| No CommentsPrint this entry| Email this entry| Digg this| del.icio.us| Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsraelIf you can identify anyone in thesephotos…(Undated photo of twounidentified men of the JewishMuseum of Maryland collections)Incooperation with the Jewish Museumof Maryland (JMM), the BaltimoreJewish Times is helping to identifyunidentif...Dreidel Man DancesDreidel Manat the National Menorah Lighting....The Sunni bomb?The Sunnibomb? Fresh from a tripto the Persian Gulf, Max Boot reportsthat the countries who are closest toIran have no confidence inAmerican... Original post source
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Say you’re 82 years old. Say that yousee two people a third of your agewith criminal records stealing yourtrailer. Say that you run out to stopthem and they almost run you over.You fire two shots. The thieves are letgo, and you find yourself facing lifein prison.It’snot a hypothetical scenario.Admitted thieves are going free,while an elderly Wheat Ridge man isfacing the possibility of spending therest of his life behind bars, all, hesays, for trying to defend his propertyand his life.82-year-old Robert Wallace said inFebruary that he looked out hiswindow and saw two men hookinghis flatbed trailer up to their pickup.He yelled at them to stop, but theysped away, stealing his trailer. Hetold police he fired two shots at thepickup.Minutes later, police say 32-year-oldDamacio Torres dropped 28-year-oldAlvaro Cardona off at a hospitalemergency room with a gunshotwound to the face.Torres did not stay to talk withpolice, but they caught up with himlater. According to court documents,he admitted he and Cardona stole thetrailer.Wallace did not want to talk oncamera, but when we asked him if thetwo men threatened him he said,“They almost ran me over.”The Jefferson County DA’s officesaid that neither Torres nor Cardonahave been charged with anything atthis point, even though Torresconfessed to the crime. However, thehomeowner, Wallace is facing twelvefelony counts, including four countsof attempted first degree murder. If convicted, he could spend the rest of his life behind bars.Sources say Torres and Cardona arebelieved to be in the country illegallyand both have an arrest record.Cardona’s record includes publicfighting and numerous trafficoffenses like driving without a licenseor insurance. Torres’s record includesagricultural trespassing as well as a2005 arrest for aggravated motorvehicle theft for which he was given aplea bargain to a lesser crime.Sources say Torres is also underinvestigation for being part of a majorauto theft ring. and updated…Wallace now faces twelve felonycounts, including four counts of attempted first degree murder, forwhat he described as an act of defending his property and his life. If convicted, he could spend the rest of his life in prison.But then why prosecute car thievesand criminals… when you canprosecute a senior citizen fordefending himself against twopotential Obama voters… once“Immigration Reform” passes.Mind you this is not exactly the firsttime Jefferson County DA ScottStorey has been caughtwrongfullyimprisoning the elderly. According toStorey’s sitethough he listens to thecommunity and fights against crimescommitted against the elderlyCommunity involvement is a priorityof Scott’s administration. He knowsthat a good district attorney mustlisten to the community in order tobest represent its citizens. He hasdeveloped crime prevention andintervention initiatives usingcommunity partnerships focusing oncrimes against the elderly A final codaTorres’s record includes agriculturaltrespassing…Besides the fundamental injustice toMr. Wallace, the passage I quoted isinteresting in a disturbing way.In the Denver area it is a commonpractice to allow legal and illegalaliens to plead to the lesser charge of ‘agricultural trespassing’ to avoidbeing deported. Gov. Ritter, whileDenver district attorney, allowed 152cases to be plead in this manner.What is this all leading up to? Theold idea that a man’s home is hiscastle has to be disposed of to makeway for unlimited state power. If acrime is being committed against you,defending yourself makes you aworse criminal than the actualcriminals. That’s because the statefears its citizens, more than it fears“agricultural trespassers”. A illegalcrime wave from Mexico is theproblem of the citizens. Citizensstanding up to them however is athreat to the authority of the politicalleadership. And must be crushed.The new paradigm is that a man’shome is his prison. A tightlyregulated prison, covering everythingfrom how he can construct and repairthe house, to what he can have in hisrefrigerator and how he can educatehis children.In a free society prisons are forcriminals, because the ultimatepunishment for abusing freedom is tobe deprived of it. In a totalitarian stateeveryone is already in prison byvirtue of being under state authority.Jail is a means of maintainingstability, by moving people from aprison with less supervision, to aprison with more supervision.The freedom to defend yourself isone of the basic rights of a free manor woman. It means recognizing thatthey have the right to their propertyand person. A system that denies theright to self-defense is implicitlystating that they have the right toneither.The bitter irony is that we’re talkingabout this on the same week as 234thanniversary of independence.Over in Georgia, there is bitterdisappointment becausea mosquewas torched in Georgia, and http:// holgerawakens.blogspot.com/2010/07 /cair-demands-fbi-probe-mosque-arsonone.html was not only an illegalalien,but a Muslim. illegal alienThe Atlanta Journal Constitutionhadalready begun running CAIR heavystories about the plague of Islamophobia, burying the lead thatthere was actually extensivecongregational infightingA land disagreement almost threeyears ago divided members into twofactions in two facilities: one at 968Powder Springs St. —the site of Monday’s fire — and the other downa hill at 1018. The two groups use thesame name and some members stillpray together, said Sequin Diaware,president of the group that meets at1018 Powder Springs St.The mosque was illegally in useTwo years ago, city planning andzoning officials cited the mosque forconstructing additions to the buildingwithout city approval. The mosqueoperates in a residential area. In thelong-running dispute, a judge orderedthat the two brick columns flankingthe driveway, a porch addition and arear addition be removed in threestages.Also members of the mosque hadcommitted arson before… againsttheir neighbors.Three years ago, Tucker said, anarsonist targeted an adjacent buildingbelonging to the mosque. In that case,a student at the mosque was found tohave started that fire.So to sum up. Semi-illegal mosquewhose members can’t get along. Alsoa mosque member had alreadycommitted arson. But forget all thatbecause… HATE CRIME!None of this prevented MariettaMayor Steve Tumlinfrom going tothe site and issuing a preventativecondemnation.City officials and about 30 membersof the Islamic Center of Marietta,Masjid Al-Hedaya gatheredWednesday afternoon at the mosqueon Powder Springs Street to condemnwhoever is responsible for starting afire inside the house of worshipMonday night. The Marietta FireDept. confirmed Tuesday that theblaze was a result of arson.“We see this both as a tragedy and anoutrage,” Marietta Mayor SteveTumlin said. “Marietta will nottolerate this, we will investigate it.”He said officials will do all they canto “solve this tragedy” and “help theresurgence” of the mosque.I sure hope Mayor Steve offered thatsame support to the owner of theproperty torched by that mosquemember as well. But what am Italking, I’m sure he did. Isn’t thatFRIDAY page 3
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how it works?In other good news, the ICNAdiscovered that the real perpetrator isthe Fourth of July.“Islamic Circle of North Americafeels very strongly that theseincidents of Islamophobia are on therise in our country,” Baig said. “It isvery sad to see that just a day after wecelebrated Independence Day on theFourth of July, the very next day, onthe fifth of July, somebody came anddecided to destroy this property, ahouse of worship. This is not whatAmerica is.”No, as well all know America isMuslims murdering 3000 Americansand building a mosque next door.That is what America is.The Masjid Al-Hedaya which wastorched by a fellow Muslimwas anICNA mosque. The ICNA purchasedthe property. Who is the ICNA?Discover for yourself.ICNA has established a reputationfor bringing anti-American radicals tospeak at its annual conferences.Moreover, experts have longdocumented the organization’s ties toIslamic terrorist groups. YehuditBarsky, a terrorism expert at theAmerican Jewish Committee, hassaid that ICNA “is composed of members of Jamaat e-Islami, aPakistani Islamic radical organizationsimilar to the Muslim Brotherhoodthat helped to establish the Taliban.”(Pakistani newspapers have reportedthat Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, aleading architect of the 9/11 terroristattacks, was offered refuge in thehome of Jamaat e-Islami’s leader,Ahmed Quddoos.In 2000, CNSNews.com made publica press release, originally posted on aMiddle Eastern website, from a July2000 ICNA meeting, which read:“Jamaat e-Islami’s supporters have anorganization in America known asICNA …” The press release alsorecounted some of the viewsexpressed at the aforementionedICNA meeting. These included anexhortation that “Islam must betranslated into political dominance”;pleas for support for “jihad” in“Chechnya, Kashmir, Palestine, Iraq[against U.S. forces], southern Sudan,and … in Bosnia/Kosova [sic]“; anappeal for unity among PakistaniMuslims against “Hindu Brahminsand Zionist Jews”; and anendorsement of Muslim women’sinclusion in carrying out jihad. OneIslamic leader present at the ICNAevent complained about “humanrights violations” being carried out bythe U.S. government against theterrorist mastermind Omar AbdelRahman, spiritual leader of Egypt’sIslamic Group.Rahman was the “spiritual leader”behind the original attack on theWorld Trade Center. This is whatMayor Steve showed up for. To showsupport for a mosque associated witha group that appears to have ties toterrorists who have murderedAmericans. That is not what Americais.By all means, let’s put a mosque atGround Zero. The day we can put aMcDonalds serving Big n Tastybacon sandwiches in Mecca.Further on the Religion of Peacefront, former DhimmiCongressmanMark Siljander was allowed to pleadguiltyto lesser charges of obstructing justice and serving as an unregisteredforeign agent.Mark Siljander, a formercongressman from SouthwestMichigan, faces up to 15 years inprison after pleading guiltyWednesday to two charges inconnection with his ties to an Islamiccharity alleged to have fundedterrorist organizations.Siljander, 59, who served inCongress from 1981 to 1987 and alsoserved one year as a United Nationsdelegate, pleaded guilty in federalcourt in Kansas City to obstruction of  justice and acting as an unregisteredforeign agent.The original three charges againstSiljander for money laundering,conspiracy and obstruction of justicewere part of a 42-count indictmentagainst the IARA and its officers.The indictment alleged that theIARA stole money from the U.S.Agency for InternationalDevelopment. The IARA had been afederal contractor doing aid work inAfrica. The government droppedIARA from its roster of contractorsafter suspicions arose that it wassupporting the Afghan Taliban andfunding international terrorists.IARA, which served as the U.S.office of an international organizationheadquartered in Khartoum, Sudan,was closed in October 2004 afterbeing identified by the U.S. TreasuryDepartment as a specially designatedglobal terrorist organization thatprovided support to Osama binLaden, al-Qaida and the Taliban.The executive director and otherIARA staff members have alsopleaded guilty in the case.I’vewritten about Siljanderextensivelyin the past, particularly inCongressman Mark Siljander FromBeliever to Traitor: A Congresman’sCrooked Journey. It’s possible todebate whether Siljander wascorrupted by money in promoting abusiness that would have providedtempting levels of access to terrorists,or whether he genuinely accepted theIslamic propaganda that he parroted.As Debbie Schlussel points out,Siljander’s defenders included JamesBaker, a notorious Saudi pawn. Bakeralong with UN Secretary General BanKi Moon endorsed Siljander’s book.Along with Ed Meese, who chaired areception for Siljander’s legal defensefund. Also former Congressman BobMcEwen, who also served as theDirector of Government Relations inSiljander’s company, and Lt. GeneralTeddy Allen, who runs another“international consulting firm” whosestated “reach” includes much of theMuslim world, including of courseSaudi Arabia.If you want to understand why theWar on Terror is being lost, this is acapsule reminder.And just to bring it full circle,Siljander attended an ICNA panel justlast year.What didthat convention look like?The entire thing is worth reading atCreeping Sharia, but here are some of other attendees.Jamal Badawi: Badawi played a partin a November 2004 fatwa by theInternational Union of MuslimScholars decreeing that it was areligious “duty” for all able-bodiedMuslims inside and outside Iraq towage jihad against the Americanmilitary.Hatem Bazian: …called for “anintifada in this country” (i.e., theU.S.) and asserted that the sacredtexts of Islam require its adherents to“fight the Jews.”Nihad Awad: CAIR exec andfounder. Identified participating at a1993 Hamas meeting in the UnitedStates. “I am in support of the Hamasmovement.”When they say peace and love, this ishow it’s really spelled. Never forgetthat.Siljander represents a new frontierfor Islam, targeting conservativeChristians and teaching them thatIslam is really great. It sounds absurd,but the list of his endorsements showhow much headway he’s made.Finally on to Russell Simmons’s funlittle essay. Simmons often getstrotted out in bridge buildingexercises, particularly by liberal Jews.What’sthe title of Russell Simmons’essay?Minister Louis Farrakhan: MySecond FatherHere’s a few choice quotes.Our parents would tell us that whenwe grow up we should make a choiceto either join the army or “be aMuslim or something.The Nation of Islam has never beenassociated with any form of violenceCertainly some of their preacherswere fiery, especially in their pointingout the evils of white supremacy.They said some things in a way thatwas hard for most whites and someblacks to digest. For example, “THEWHITE MAN IS THE DEVIL.” Wehave to remember the climate of thecountry during this time. It was an allout war and the Nation was not aboutto back-down.This was a week where I didn’t missmy 6am prayer because I could hearthem already awake and ready to startthe day off right. This was a weewhere the word “Allah” was on thetip of everyone’s tongue.I just bet it was. Read more about thenon-violent Nation of Islam in thisweek’s articleWhy Do MuslimsMurder Americans, which Right SideNews honored withits Right OnAward of ExcellenceThen let’s go back to 1930, beforethere even was an Israel. Before USforces were carrying outpeacekeeping operations in theMiddle East. When the Nation of Islam was founded by W. F.Muhammad. That friendly religiousorder which claims that white peopleare subhuman and that America is thedevil. The Nation of Islam is howevermore than just a letter on a baseballcap or a crazy leader occasionallyappearing on talk shows to explainwhy he hates the very people who aregiving him a platform. Like just abouteverything with Islam in its Islam, ithas had a long and bloody historyfrom the very beginning.In 1932 Robert Karriem, one of Muhammad’s followers, gathered 12other followers together, along withhis wife and children, as he tied downa tenant of his, James J. Smith, andstabbed him in the chest and thensmashed in his skull. Karriemproclaimed “The unbeliever must bestabbed through the heart” and “everyson of Islam must gain a victory fromthe devil. Four victories and the sonwill attain his reward”. All quotesfrom Muhammad’s teachings aboutIslam. Kerriem was caught and putaway, but the violence only grew.The Nation of Islam murdered“infidels” who left the movement orcriticized Elijah Muhammad. Somewere stunningly brutal, the murder of an entire family in Philadelphia,including drowning two infantsMoving on with the roundup, Scott atthe Power Line Blog looks at themedia blackout on the NASA MuslimstoryYou know the story. The guy whomPresident Obama has put in charge of NASA reports that he has been taskedby President Obama with missionshaving nothing to do with spaceexploration. Perhaps the foremost of these missions is to make the Muslimworld feel good about itself.York originally reported thecomments made by NASAadministrator Charles Bolden to AlJazeera several days ago. YesterdayYork ran a Nexis search to seewhether the news had made it into themainstream media. York’s searchproduced this (utterly predictable)result:Total words about the NASAMuslim outreach program in the NewYork Times: 0.Total words about the NASAMuslim outreach program in theWashington Post: 0.Total words about the NASAMuslim outreach program on NBCNightly News: 0.Total words about the NASAMuslim outreach program on ABCWorld News: 0.Total words about the NASAMuslim outreach program on CBSEvening News: 0.Of course all the media is reallydoing here is destroying itself furtheras a source of news. Because DrudgeFRIDAY page 5

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