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An Eternal Kiss

An Eternal Kiss



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Published by nayeli
Another story Idea I had flowing around ^_^...hope u guys like it...love it maybe? o.0...XD.
Another story Idea I had flowing around ^_^...hope u guys like it...love it maybe? o.0...XD.

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Published by: nayeli on Jul 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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An eternal kiss
By nayeli aka nail_twilight14
Aah this can’t be happening to me. I’m running late…again. He’s going to be mad at me .I had just finisheddoing my hair in wavy curls and was walking aroundmy room in only my braw and panties ready to puton my dress when I heard a knock on my door.”who is it?” I asked remembering what I was onlywearing. I would usually just say “come in” but I wasusually wearing more. No one answered so I guess itwasn’t that important. I turned to look at the dress allspread out on the bed. It was beautiful. I just lovedthe navy blue color, and detail. I walked up to it andslipped in it. I was almost done, but was havingtrouble with zipping up the zipper when there wasanother knock on the door.”come in” I yelled. I turned to look at the oppositeside of the door, and asked who ever it was if theycould help me with the zipper. I didn’t know who itwas, but I just wanted to get this freaking zipper up.”and why would I do that?” he asked me with aseductive voice wrapping his arms tightly around mywaist. I recognized the voice instantly. It wasStephen. He sinked his face in my hair, then startedgiving me kissing in all of my exposed skin. I turnedaround to look at him and it wasn’t long before heattacked my lips with his.”Stephen” I said breaking away from his passionatekisses in need of air.”what?” he asked kissing my jaw down to my neck.”I’m supposed to be getting ready”.
I felted his arms wrap around me but then felt themzipping up the zipper on the dress.”Done” he said looking at me with adoring eyes.God! He’s so good, kind, and his everything someonecould ask for, but somehow I didn’t feel that strongabout him .Every time that he would tell me that heloves me I would say I love him too, but with not thesame meaning. Since the beginning I felted this waybut I thought that it was nothing and that it wasgoing to go away with time, but it looks like that’snot going to happen so I guess I’ll just have to endthis soon. He’s already going to get hurt. If I let thisgo any longer then I’ll just give him more wingsand….aaahh. It’s just going to hurt a lot more when Iripped them off.”what are you doing here? Aren’t all of the guardssupposed to be down at the ball making sure nothinggoes wrong?” I asked trying to forget the discussion I just had with myself, and dreading what I had to do. Idecided that I was going do talk to him at night whenhe came to ‘check’ on me. That was my dad’sstreaked orders to Stephen when he became myguard, or as I like to call him ‘my guarding angel’even though my dad doesn’t exactly know what ‘acheck’ means for Stephen and I. I also asked becauseI was a little curious even though knowing Stephen Iknow that he would use any excuse to come and seeme without anyone finding it suspicious. Eventhought he already has to be with me all the timebeing my personal guard and all… I’m so not worthyof him .I bet you’re asking yourself about thesuspicious part right? Well the thing is that no oneknows about our ‘relationship’. We both agreed atthe beginning that it would be better off if no one
found out. It was the best way for neither of us to gethurt or separated. I know that I sound like I love himand I know I don’t exactly do, but the thing is that Ido love him, it’s just well I feel comfortable aroundhim, and feel like I can talk about anything with himwhich I do but when I’m kissing and our body’s aretouching and close… I feel kind of awkward like Idon’t belong with him. I feel satisfaction andattraction to him but no ‘feeling’. I just think thatmaybe we were not meant to be together, at leastnot romantically. I think that he thinks that I’m onlyshy when we touch, but the truth is that I feelsomehow…out of place. The other reason why wekeep this a secret is that my father would neveragree to something like this…Stephen being a‘simple’ guard, and me being a ‘great’ princess asmy father says, but wait how rude of me. Let meintroduce myself my name is Isabella violet longshadow, and I’m a princess. I really think I shouldexplain starting with the history…I guess. There arein total eight royal families. One for each moon. I’min one of those families with my dad the king Lestat,my mom the queen Martha, my big brother princeCaleb, my big sister princess Rosalie, and littlebrother prince Dominic. Even though all of thefamilies are all royal there still not all equal. Thereare some more powerful than others. They each havethere own home, castle or mansion how ever youwant to call it, as they each also have there ownland, people, and…world. We go from one world toanother by portals…there everywhere really. Just gotto know where to look or what to use to look forthem. As I said before there are some family’s morepowerful than others, and can you guess who’s the

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