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Mona S

Mona S

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Published by UloveUthink

Mona Sahlin's speech in Almedalen

In a crowded Almedalen Mona Sahlin spoke during Thursday evening. First up on stage was Moneybrother who played and declared that he would like to see a new government in the autumn.

"Why should we care about each other?
What is the white with kindness and solidarity?

Mona Sahlin's speech in Almedalen

In a crowded Almedalen Mona Sahlin spoke during Thursday evening. First up on stage was Moneybrother who played and declared that he would like to see a new government in the autumn.

"Why should we care about each other?
What is the white with kindness and solidarity?

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: UloveUthink on Jul 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mona Sahlin's speech, Almedalen 2010The spoken word counts!Thank you, Anders Wendin, Moneybrother.Anders said in a recent interview, one thing is entirely consistent with my feeling and that Ialso intended to talk a bit about today:"If I want the grandmother to have it a bit nicer on the old folks' home, I would not be referred to aold man driving home privately and ask for more money from those who can affordit. "Thanks for a nice introduction to my speech.* * *Meeting ParticipantsWhy should we care about each other?What is the white with kindness and solidarity?We are responding to these are important values, perhaps the most important - wemust also considerhow can we create for ourselves a society in which they fit.About this, I speak today.For the policy is for real.Politics alter reality, politics intervenes in people's daily lives and lives.I'll talk about my dream and my goal, my vision of Sweden as a land of opportunity.It is a Sweden where everyone - regardless of their background - can strive to realize theirdreams - their life's adventures.It is one of Sweden in full employment.It is a Sweden where it is more important what you want for the future, than where you come from.Where social mobility is high and can do more school trips, because everyone gains from it.Together we can achieve so much longer than when each is responsible for her.The election is not about a single rate, a premium or a discount.The choice is not even about me - lo and behold!The choice about which policy option that takes Sweden in the direction you wantto see.We should all choose a party.But what we basically choose is something much larger:We choose the dream that will be our single, which will build the country for the future.The main question is: what is your dream Sweden like? Where are we going now? And in anykind of country do you live and let your children grow up?Page 22The answer to these questions, it will be Sweden, which we are building together.And it built, I will start on 20 September.But Sweden must first get a new red-green government.* * *Meeting participants,My grandmother was in the first generation of women who received a vote when voting rights were universal andequally to all citizens - also for women.My mom had the chance to take plot.If I wanted, so I had been able to make himself as Thomas Bodstrom, Anders Borgand manysecond, to read in adult education and go on to university.But how does it look like for our children and young people today?Sweden is a good country - thanks to generations of joint operations.
Thanks Ingvar Carlsson, who is sitting here in the front row, thanks to LisbethPalme and thanksvery many of those who were and are my role models. Thank you for your existence.But in many respects, we are now going backwards in Sweden.Therefore, we need to start a new joint community projects, a completely different building than the societygoing on today.With the goal of everyone should be allowed to grow and realize their dreams, their adventure of a lifetime - without life-electionslimited by background or gender.Where have all the ability and freedom to be who he or she is, or wants to be.Making a longer trip than the backpack was packed for home.Set their own goals and achieve them we want - not only as far as their parentsorambient conditions ranged.Maybe longer than you have thought about.I want to reduce inequality and increase social mobility in society.I want to open up more possibilities instead of closing the doors.I want us to stick together Sweden.Because I hate the over-and subordination that creates widening gaps.It is fundamentally about freedom, equality and solidarity.If the respect, warmth and kindness - and just that we care about our men and each other.And it is not to be nice as I want it.It is because it is modern, because it is cohesive and that it is smart!It is because we all benefit from it!Educational systems, security insurance, welfare services - all of this, we canuse to demolishbarriers to individuals' development and to diversify risk on more.It is much cheaper, more efficient and much smarter to solve these together.The majority of the population receive more of welfare than they paid in taxes.I think this is awesome.Page 33Is your child in school? It costs about 83 000 crowns in one year.Do you have a child going into high school so it costs 92 000 SEK per year.Do you own a university course - yes, it cost an average of 76 000 SEK per year,if you do notplugged to the doctor, because it cost 230 000 SEK.You gave birth by Caesarean section? 50 000 SEK.A hip replacement surgery? 100 000 SEK.A place in special housing in the elderly? 509 000 per year.Do you want these costs to be spread throughout the world, spread across generations and betweenhuman solidarity?Select when the Swedish welfare model.That is what makes this possible.Equal communities are better communities.Not only for the most disadvantaged, but also for those who have the best.Equal societies are better to live in for all.It is supported by research.It has support in international comparisons.It is supported by the Swedish experience.It has the support of the Swedish people.And that support, my friends, we shall gather September 19!* * *However, meeting participants and Almedal Friends,Is this social construction of reality right now?Or is it ruled against another dream?
Look at health care!Yesterday we presented red and green on a comprehensive program for higher-quality care according to need andmore doctors and nurses. This is in sharp contrast to a hospital where the VIP room andlane is now emerging.A new law allows patients with private insurance to go beyond all others, include the publicfunded hospitals.A new rule makes it free to sell our university hospital, where the most advanced careand research available.Newly passed laws giving companies the freedom to engage in medical, where theycan earn the most money - are not therepatients' care needs are greatest.With a stroke of the pen, the king thought of Swedish healthcare wiped out: to each according to ability - toeach according to his needs! Where would a government that legislates so?Look at the situation seriously ill.Gallows in health insurance has been deliberately introduced to raise the moneyto cut taxes,most of those who have the best. In Sweden in 2010 refers to the social cancer.Tell aPage 44man or woman who just received his diagnosis, it is better that everyone takes care of her, that the risksno longer be shared by all! Where would the governing of this policy?View on pensioners.As blown away is the respect for older generations' welfare building. Now the government in criminal taxpensioners. A pensioner with a normal income to pay 700 crowns more in tax thanan employeeeach month. Our purpose of such a policy - in which generation is the generation?Look at the unemployment insurance.Our Swedish model has been built on the right and duty to work and good opportunities to shift witheducation - precisely because we are to compete with high knowledge content. Nowboth are usedrates and charges in the unemployment insurance fund to bring down people's salaries. What's in it forsocial construction?And finally, the policy has been for four years favored men and disadvantage women.The wage gap is growing. Men are 30 percent more from tax cuts. 25 000 jobs havedisappearedin welfare. The welfare both creates jobs, makes it possible for more - not least women - to work,and will determine our children's life chances.Whither leads this conservative policy?This I tell you the result back.But we are going forward!Sweden does not need widening gaps.Enough!* * *Meeting participants,Whither leads four years with this policy?Where do we on this journey may continue?Pull out the policies of the tangent: This bourgeois journey does not lead to

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