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R. a. Salvatore - The Dwarf-Drow War

R. a. Salvatore - The Dwarf-Drow War

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Published by Sree Ram

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Published by: Sree Ram on Jul 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Dwarf-Drow War -------------------------------------A new problem... By: JhaelrynaThe Yochol, a handmaiden of Lloth, stood over theValsharess and continued to speak. "The plan is failing. Theaccursed dwarves are stubborn, and resistant to our magics. Inthe fullness of time, perhaps this method of attack will work.But you do not have that luxury of time. As it stands now,Axepeak will still be a threat to your plans." ValsharessJhaelryna stood quietly and brooded on this latest development.Curse those stunted dwarves. Their digging and tunneling under the Mountain was not a direct threat. But it was a threat nonethe less. She had worked for some time on a way to underminethe dwarves, to slowly corrupt them. But the recent orders of the Spider Queen had moved up her timetable somewhat. Shequickly came to a decision. "I shall continue as planned. Our original plans shall proceed. I cannot, however, guarantee thedestruction of the dwarves by the time we need...but they cancertainly be...distracted." Understanding the Valsharess'intent, the Yochol nodded and disappeared. Jhaelryna cackledevilly as she wrote her orders. The dwarves would bedistracted, most certainly. And it would prove interestingindeed.Durhelm Stonehew wiped the sweat from his brow and set downhis pick. A rich vein! He made a quick note on a crumpled parchment, then stuffed the parchment back into his miner'scoveralls. If this vein of silver was as rich as he thought,then the dwarves would profit much this season. He heardseveral buzzing and whizzing sounds, and felt a few sharp stingson his neck and back. "Blasted moss-keetos!!" he thought. Hisvision swam, and as he fell into unconsciousness he wondered just what mosquitoes were doing a thousand feet underground.The dwarven patrol found him early the next day. He wasstripped naked and chained to an outcropping of rock. His skinhad been flayed off, layer by p1ainful layer. Blood lay in a pool at his feet. "By Moradin!!" cried the patrol leader as heran to the tortured dwarf's side. Durhelm lifted his head,tears in his eyes, and tried to speak. Shaking off his revusionat the bloodied and beaten face, the patrol leader whispered"Who wer th' devils wot dun this to ye, lad?" Durhelm moaned afew unintelligable sounds and then slumped into unconsciousness.The leader turned from the poor dwarf, and barked "Don' ye jesstand ther, lads! Free him, and we best be gettin' 'im to th'
clan 'ealers. One o' ye gives him an 'ealing draught ta steady'im." The soldiers scrambled to aid their wounded comrade. "Whydid he nae speak?" asked a soldier as he gently lowered hisfriend to the ground. The patrol leader spun around angrily."Becaus' they cut out 'is tongue!" he yelled, "I swear byMoradin tha' I repay those wot dun this seventyfold!!". Hiswords echoed down the dark passageways of the mines. A shortdistance away, a dark form noted the goings on, and silentlyslipped back to report that the mission was proceeding as planned.-----------------------------------Dark times upon us.... By: Nystramo Nystramo looked down at the unconscious Tigguhr, a feeling of dread filling him. "Beldarak," he had said before passing out.Treachery.He motioned for the gaurds to take him someplace safe. "I wantstwo kuldar on 'im a' all times," he ordered. Events were takinga turn, and not for the better. He could smell it in the rock."Nys." A voice behind him interrupted his thoughts. He turnedand saw Dwyvyrn, a bleak look on his face. More bad news, hethought. "Comes wi' me, Nys. It be Durhelm."*****The chief of Clan Axepeak watched in silence as the healersworked feverishly on the miner. Durhelm's agony was evident, buttrue to his heritage he didn't cry out. A cleric of Moradin prayed over him, both to aid in the healing and to alert the godto the possibility of a new arrival. Some of his skin had grown back, and the beginning of a new tongue was forming. Nystramoforced himself to watch it all.One of the healers approached him. "We done our bes', Olor Kuld.We kinna be savin' 'im." Nystramo nodded and approached thedying dwarf.Durnhelm looked up at his chief, knowing full well his fate.With difficulty, he spoke. "I be on my way, chief." Nystramonodded. It was not the way of dwarves to insult honored comradeswith comforting lies. "It be too slow," the dwarf continued."Nae... nae tha way I wants it." Nystramo looked over to one of the healers, who nodded. Death was assured, but it would be longand painful. "Do me tha... tha honor.... Olor Kuld." Nystramo
nodded once more and drew Rorn Norogh, his fearsome axe. "Imakes it quick, samman. Serves Moradin a' well a' ya ha' servedtha clan." Durnhelm nodded, managed a gruesome smile, and theaxe fell.*****"I gots a job fer ya," Nystramo told Dwyvyrn in his office. "Ineeds ta ken wha' 'appened down there." Dwyvyrn nodded,expecting the assignment. "Picks yer team and finds who donethis.""Who ya thinks, Nys?" Dwyvyrn asked, though he had his own ideas."Drow er duergar, I be thinkin'. Both be cruel enou' fer this.""Wha' 'bouts tha ITB?" Dwyvyrn didn't really believe this possibility, but thought it should be mentioned."Nae." Nys shook his head. "Nae down this deep, an' I'm thinkin'they'd be leavin' a sign ta tells us it wa' them. This' bereekin' o' tha Underdark. Find outs, kin, an' whoever it be, Iwants one alive."Dwy nodded and left to choose his hunting party, knowing fullwell that they might never see the halls of Lonely Mountainagain.*****"Bonie!" Nys barked after Dwyvyrn left. The lass, still shakenfrom seeing Durnhelm as he was carried up from the mines,entered the room."Aye, Olor Kuld?""Summons tha Council o' Elders. Tells 'em we be meetin' in thawar room a' noon. We gots plans to make."She nodded and ran off to fulfill her duties, wondering if shewould be allowed the luxury of finding happiness with Delfthandafter all.-----------------------------------Deception By: JhaelrynaThe drow soldiers put aside their normal weapons, andinstead armed themselves with warhammers and battleaxes. They

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