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Para Israel 11072010

Para Israel 11072010

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Published by vladowsky
Periodical newspaper -fight terrorism - support Israel
Periodical newspaper -fight terrorism - support Israel

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Published by: vladowsky on Jul 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Submitted at 7/10/2010 11:25:19 PM
by joshbouselBlast From the PastBlast From the PastArthur L. FinklePre-historic humankind utilizedwhatever was useful in theirenvironment. Wherever the primitivelived, they utilized the availablematerials to signal. Hindus alsoutilize the Conch Trumpet.Where is the Shofar in the Bible?Commentators have tracked the word“Shofar” in 7 parts of the HebrewScripture: Exodus, Leviticus,Numbers, Joshua Chronicles and 5-psalmsIn the first five books of Moses,Shofar is cited:Exodus 19:12-14There are references to the Shofar inthe Hebrew Scriptures and the NewTestament, that Gabriel willannounce the Messiah with the soundthe Shofar.Temple SacrificesThe burnt, grain, peace, sin, and guiltoffering composed the basicsacrificial system of Israel. Thesacrificial system taught the necessityof dealing with sin and, at the sametime, demonstrated that God hadprovided a way for dealing with sin.1. Burnt offering (olah). 2. Grainoffering (minchah; “meat offering” inKJV). (Leviticus 2:13),3. Peace offering . As with the burntoffering, the individual laid a hand onthe animal and killed it. 4. Sinoffering was designed to deal with sinthat was committed unintentionally.The sacrifice varied according to whocommitted the sin.5. Guilt offering. This is hard todistinguish from the sin offering(Leviticus 4-5). In Leviticus 5:6-7,the guilt offering is called the sinoffering.Interestingly the sacrifice system isfound in the New Testament.Hebrewsportrays Jesus as the sinless highpriest who offered himself up as asacrifice for sinners (Leviticus 7:27).The book ends with anencouragement to offer sacrifices of praise to God through Jesus.After the Romans destroyed the HolyTemple, the sacrificial cultterminated.The SoundsThereafter, two Priests stood atop of a marble stand near the altar signalingtrumpet blasts: tekiah, tekiah andteruah. A long note followed a seriesof short notes; then another long note.In the Mishnah (gathering the lawsof the Bible, written in 200 CE bygreat-grandchildren of those whoworshipped at The Temple inJerusalem) there is a difference of opinion when reciting the manner of Shofar sounding in the Temple inJerusalem. The Sages indicate that onRosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year)Two Shofars and one trumpet aresounded at the sacrifices. There isalso a dispute as to what the Shofarsounds should be. The Sages agreedon the “Teki’ah” blast) but differed in“Teruah” note. The Rabbiscompromised by adding all bothsounds in the service.Reasons for Sounding the ShofarDesignated as an AdvancedPractitioner by the Association forConflict Resolution, and practicing30 years in human resourcesadministration, ARTHUR L.FINKLE specializes in laborrelations’ mediation. Listed in Who’sWho in Government and Who’s Whoin American Education and Who’ sWho in American Law, he hasauthored 5-books; 4-book chaptersand 150+ articles on human resourcesissues. Director of Mediation for theNew Jersey Department of Personnel,he also teaches at Kean Universityand Mercer County CommunityCollege. He appears on the N.J. CourtRoster as a Mediator and as aMediator Mentor. Graduating fromThe Wharton School, he has taughtnumerous business and social scienceundergraduate and graduate coursesat Rutgers University, RiderUniversity, Kean University andMercer County Community College.One of his books is a humanresources text published by Harcourt,Brace, Javanovich.Rosh Hashanah 5770 -10Image byedselohMoreRosh Hashanah Articles Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsraelPackage of 6 KOSHER NYC PlainBagels; Hand made in NYC unlikeany other bagel you have ever tasted.Once you try this bagel you will beordering from us daily!Package of 6KOSHER NYC Plain Bagels; Handmade in NYC unlike any other bagelyou have ever tasted. Once you trythis bagel you will be ordering fromus daily! This is the only HANDMADE bagel in N...Red and Purple Chai Necklacefrom the Artazia Collection #760RDJN ReviewsRed and Purple ChaiNecklace from the Artazia Collection#760RD JN Each piece is truly like aminiature artworkSee our TotalSatisfaction Pledge and easy returnand refund policy Each piece is tru...Incunabula, Hebraica & Judaica:Five centuries of Hebraica andJudaica, rare Bibles, and Hebrewincunables from the Jacob M. LowyCollection : exhibition … Jacob M.Lowy : exposition catalogueIncunabula, Hebraica & Judaica: Fivecenturies of Hebraica and Judaica,rare Bibles, and Hebrew incunablesfrom the Jacob M. Lowy Collection :exhibition ... Jacob M. Lowy :exposition catalogue ...
Submitted at 7/10/2010 7:16:00 PM
FromMa’an:Palestinian Authority forces imposeda curfew in the northern West Bank village of Salem in the Nablus districtafter a man was killed overnight,police said.Locals said Issa Ahid, 30, sustainedcritical wounds after being stabbedseveral times with a sharp object. Thevictim was taken to the RafediaHospital, where he died of hisinjuries.PA security forces deployed in thevillage shortly after the incidentoccurred, placing movementrestrictions on residents whileinvestigations were underway, localssaid.After only a single incident, andentire village is forced to suffer frominhumane collective punishment.People cannot freely move in and outof their community because of theharsh, repressive measures taken inthe name of “security.”We can be sure that activists will beall over this case of human rightsabuses done by the PalestinianAuthority security forces. After all,we know how inhuman suchpunishments are, especially whenapplied so capriciously. How darethey make so many people suffer!Obviously the murder was an excuseto repress these people, yearning tobe free.Right? Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsraelDurban II: A UN GlobalMegaphone for AntisemitismApril20 & 24, 2009: MahmoudAhmadinejad, President of theIslamic Republic of Iran; Navi Pillay,UN High Commissioner for HumanRights and Secretary-General of Dur...Daily Quote: Adar 7, 5770 –February 21, 2010Any love that isdependent on something -- when thething ceases, the love also ceases. Buta love that is not dependent on anything never ceases. What is [anecxample of] a love that is dependent...Palestinian Snipers Shoot at IsraeliFarmersIsraeli farmers from KibbutzEin Hashlosha are wearing bulletproof vests for work to collectirrigation pipes under sniper fire fromGaza Strip On Friday March 04 2008.All photos by R... Original post source
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Submitted at 7/10/2010 7:41:00 PM
The most important lessons for theRepublican party aren’t coming fromany of the retired politicians doingtheir speaking tours right now. Theycome from two sitting governors,Governor Christie of New Jersey andGovernor Brewer of Arizona. Andwhat they’re doing is very simply.They’re confronting the problem.When Christie won an election, likeso many other state governors he wasthrust into the middle of animpossible budget nightmare, whichwas full of impossible problems.State budgets had been bulked up byentitlements and their attached publicsector unions. Cutting them meant abattle with the unions. But not cuttingthem meant serious tax hikes. Mostgovernors chose to walk some kind of middle path, negotiating with theunions with the least political fallout,and raising taxes, to create acompromise that everyone hated.But Christie made the rationalcalculation that he had nothing to loseby taking on the unions, because theywould reliably come out against himduring reelection anyway. And if hedidn’t take them on, he would have toshoulder the blame for a budget crisisthat he had nothing to do with. Sowhile neighboring New York’s stategovernment was trying to tiptoearound a complete shutdown overbudget talks, New Jersey’s newgovernor took the initiative andpicked a fight with the unions,turning them into the villains in thebudget crisis.Unlike Schwarzenegger who hadtried the same thing in California afew years too early before bucklingunder the response in response to hisfailed referendums, Christie benefitedfrom better timing and from votersbeing able to directly connect theteacher’s union to property tax hikesover school budgets. It was a scenariothat gave people who were alreadycutting back a chance to directlystand up to tax hikes in localelections. And while teacher’s unionsare almost as good at wrappingthemselves in a self-righteous cloak,as the California nurses union was,their own stunts ended up backfiringon them.Christie’s campaign served to put amajor political foe on the defensiveand shifted the perception of blamefor the state’s economic troubles,boosting his own popularity,protecting his reelection campaignand giving him a measure of controland power over an out of controlsituation.What Christie did though isresonating beyond New Jersey, asRepublicans and even Democrats,quickly rushed to jump on the anti-public sector union bandwagon, evenwhen they had been taking moneyfrom those same unions not so longago. That’s because a winningstrategy in one state has implicationsfor other states. At a time whenincumbents are terrified of publicoutrage, and scrambling for a way toavoid being blamed for the economicdisaster all around them, a good tacticis a good tactic.Similarly in Arizona, GovernorBrewer zeroed in on the problem andtackled it. Like so many other states,Arizona was being bled bythe cost of illegal immigration. Brewer directlytackled the illegal alien issue, and bydoing so earned the ire of liberals andthe Obama White House, but boostedher own popularity inside the state.Which is what really matters.Like Christie, Brewer’s presence wasa bit of a fluke. Christie was anunlikely winner. And Brewer hadn’teven won an election. But whatlooked like a disadvantage, wasactually an advantage. Because itmeant both of them had less to lose,than governors with more stablebases. And it made them hungrier togo on the offensive and stabilize theirpolitical prospects. Christie hasalready said that he’s happy to rule asa one term governor, but his actionsso far are giving him the best shot atreelection, which would not be thecase if he had just overseen the usualcompromises between unions and taxhikes that most other governors aredoing. Similarly Brewer’s polling hasimproved, even as so much of the leftcoast has lost its mind over heractions.Brewer confronted a problem thathappened to be part of the liberalbase. She touched the “untouchable”,a potential electorate that Democratshad been hoping to harness for thefuture. Through that course of action,she protected her own politicalfortunes and those of her party aswell. And she enlisted populist forcesin an issue that frustrated manyArizonans and Americans in general,but that most mainstream politicianshad declared to be off limits. Andwhile Arizona is being blasted by thepolitical establishment, it has thesupport of locals and the country as awhole for doing a job that no one elseseems to want to do.The backlash against Brewer is allthe more intense, because Arizonamanaged to skip ahead and tangleObama’s own policy agenda, forcingthe White House into a confused tailspin, as it tries to push legalizationand border security at the same time.Liberals are rushing to try and bringtogether the planned coalition of corporations and minority groups totry and sell America on theirlegalization program. But they’vealready been left behind and playingcatch up on an issue that they’vealready lost among the people.But for all the lost conventionbusiness, Arizona gains more fromhaving to spend less money on jailsand social services, than it does froma few bureaucrats showing up to usetheir hotel rooms. That’s because itcosts tens of thousands to keep aprisoner in jail for a year, and theoccasional convention isn’t going tobring in that kind of money. And thatlesson too is not lost outside Arizona.Other border states are joining in onthe illegal immigration issue, andswing states like Ohioare polling insupport of Arizona, and for acrackdown on illegal immigration intheir own state. Tennessee has itsown version of the law now. Badnews for Democrats in a state roughlysplit between Democratic andRepublican congressmen.Going forward, this means a chancefor Republicans to increasingly takeback the legislative momentum at thestate level. And to do so bypersonalizing their campaigns,placing the blame on the Democraticbase, and pushing them to the wall.It’s the same thing that the Democratsdid to Republicans in 08. It’s whatthey’re still trying to do now, byblaming everything from BP to WallStreet on the GOP.Waiting for CongressionalRepublicans to do it is hopeless. Toomuch of the leadership is satisfiedwith waiting around for theDemocrats to fall on their own, sothey can benefit from it. The TeaParty movement is unfortunatelybecoming a victim of its own success,and being co-opted by professionalpoliticians. While that’s not a donedeal yet, the Tea Party movementneeds another flashpoint likeObamacare to become properlyenergized again. Without a specificissue as a litmus test, it becomes hardto hold politicians accountable, andharder to avoid being co-opted bythem. In key states, illegalimmigration can be that issue. Andthat too would help counter the publicprotests carried out by illegalimmigration advocates.The bottom line is that you can’t winwithout confronting the problem. Allyou can do is inherit someone else’sfailure. A real victory requires amandate for change, and that meanstackling issues, rather than trying tobe the more moderate version of theproblem. For too long Republicanshave been satisfied to be the moremoderate version of the Democrats.And not only have they not picked upa moderate image, but they’ve lostthe cultural war by being depicted asunreasonable extremists who want tooppress and destroy. That can onlychange by pushing forward, insteadof pulling back.You win by confronting the problem,and by defining your opponents as theproblem. Democrats did thatsuccessfully in 2008. NowRepublicans have their chance toreturn the favor. Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsraelHanukkah and Jewish HolidayIvory Damask Tablecloth 70 X 90Easy care cotton/polyesterStar of David motifGenerous 70 x 90 inches(rectangular)Perfect for Passover,Chanukah, Shabbat and JewishHolidays! ProductDescriptionBeautiful new damask tablecloth fea...Most of the platoonImage taken on2006-02-21 22:27:57 by Officer andSometimes Gentleman....Kabbalah – Zohar on the lastmomentsKabbalah - Zohar on thelast moments, by Rabbi RaphaelAfilalo... Original post source
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Submitted at 7/10/2010 8:50:00 PM
Where’s the change, Mr. President?Gil Troy explains what PresidentObama has to do before Israelis willtake any more ‘ risks for peace.’Despite the warm words andattempts at progress when PresidentBarack Obama hosted Prime MinisterBenjamin Netanyahu at the “make upsummit” Tuesday, Obama still doesnot get it. Stale ideas and boilerplaterhetoric are not enough. PresidentObama must learn from history tomake history. To rebuild Israel’sconfidence in him, and in peaceprocesses, Obama shouldacknowledge the unhappy history of the last ten years – and explain whatwill change if Israel takes risks forpeace, yet again.The tone deafness of those whoclaim to seek peace is astounding.Their inability to see what Israelis seeand to feel Israel’s pain blocksprogress. Most Israelis are stuck.They feel burned by a decade and ahalf of peace-making and negotiationwhich yielded ten years of violence,harsh criticism, and attacks onIsrael’s very legitimacy.Israelis – and their supporters —connect the dots, seeing how EhudBarak’s hasty, chaotic withdrawalfrom Southern Lebanon in May, 2000and Barak’s generous offer during theCamp David negotiations thatsummer telegraphed weakness,resulting in Palestinian terrorism thatmurdered over one thousand innocentIsraelis –many of whom lived withinIsrael’s Green Line, the post-1949border. They remember that the 2005Gaza Disengagement was supposedto bring peace but instead intensifiedthe rain of rockets on towns andkibbutzim also within Israel’s GreenLine. They resent that when Israelisfinally defended themselves inLebanon against Hezbollah attacks in2006 and in Gaza against Hamasattacks in late 2008 and early 2009,they were pilloried. Just last week,the New York Times columnistThomas Friedman, who supportsIsrael, made the harsh, ahistorical,inaccurate and immoral comparisonbetween Israel’s acts of self-defensein those two wars, and Syria’ssystematic massacre of as many as30,000 Muslim dissidents at Hama in1982, by claiming Israel wasfollowing Syria’s brutal “HamaRules.” If peace-making efforts resultin war, terrorism, anddelegitimization, most Israelis prefersafer stalemates to disastrousbreakthroughs.Yes, that’s fair. Most of us(including yours truly) prefer saferstalemates to disastrousbreakthroughs. The President’sproblem is that nothing has changed.In fact, as Troy goes on to show,nothing has changed since the 1930’s.At least when it comes to Arabacceptance of Israel. And I don’texpect anything to change in theforeseeable future either.Read the whole thing.posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 6:50AM Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsraelMuslims: ‘It’s a slap in the face’Muslims: 'It's a slap in the face'Dutchorganizations standing up for theMuslim minority are full of disbelief about the PVV's great victory."Todayis a dramatic day for Moroccans inthe Netherlands...???????? ?? ???? ??????Imagetaken on 2008-05-07 15:32:09 bySharon G.....Netherlands: Gov’t body dropsproject on role of religionNetherlands: Gov't body dropsproject on role of religionFor more onthe WRR reports see also "Muslimsare the scapegoats" and WRR reportviolated scientific norms.TheScientific Council for Governme... Original post source
Submitted at 7/10/2010 9:56:00 PM
The window isn’t even open yetThere’s a lot in this column withwhich I don’t agree – largely becauseI don’t think peace is possible now orin the foreseeable future, barring atotal military defeat of the Arabs byIsrael. But this little bit near the endis spot-on.We hear time and again that theenemy of peace in the Middle East istime, and that time is running out.Perhaps that is what has caused Mr.Obama and his team to misstep sobadly; they think it’s a race againstthe clock. Do something now or fail.But the real enemy of a negotiatedsettlement in the Mideast is not time;it’s failure. Neither Israel nor thePalestinians nor the United States canafford to fail again. After yet anotherfailure, it could well result inperpetual violence.We keep being told that ‘there’s notime like now,’ that there’s a‘window of opportunity’ and that the‘window is closing.’ In fact, for aslong as I can remember, that’s whatone US administration after another –going back at least to Bush 41 – hasbeen saying about the prospects forpeace in the Middle East. It just isn’tso. The window isn’t open and itnever has been.posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 7:56AM Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsraelSIRENE YOM HASHOAH 2009La sirène du souvenir de l'holocauste, jour de YOM HACHOAH 2009 endirect de Netanya...Money man for Times Square jihadist ordered deportedMoney manfor Times Square jihadist ordereddeported...cleaning for passoverImage takenon 2009-04-07 16:20:25 by RobertCouse-Baker.... Original post source
Submitted at 7/10/2010 7:38:00 PM
Mama grizzlies Sarah Palin put out acampaign-style video this week.Let’s go to the videotape.More about the video here (Hat Tip:Jennifer Rubin).Notice which flag pin she’s wearingin her lapel throughout the video.Yup, that one. I guess conservativewomen and Moms support Israel too.posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 5:38AM Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsraelIsrael stands firm on decision toexpand in East JerusalemBy WarrenP. Strobel WASHINGTON – Twoweeks after Israel's announcement of construction in East Jerusalemthreatened the worst confrontationwith the United S... ...Why did Israel attack the ‘flotilla of fools’?Why did Israel attack the'flotilla of fools'?Turkey has recalled its ambassador toIsrael. Good. It's time to stop the bluff that Turkey has a...Why sanctions against Iran don’twork Why sanctions against Irandon't work As some of you have probably figured out, I amtraveling today. At the moment, I amsitting in Terminal 3 i... Original post source

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