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Kansas Wing - Mar 2009

Kansas Wing - Mar 2009

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Published by CAP History Library
Civil Air Patrol
Civil Air Patrol

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Published by: CAP History Library on Jul 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike


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...to the stars
Ad Astra
Hero of the Hudson
To friends and family, he's just "Sully." To the rest of theworld, Chesley Sullenberger is now a miracle worker with apilot's license. The former Air Force fighter pilot remainedcool, calm and collected both before and after successfullyditching his US Airways flight into the Hudson River."That pilot is a stud," said one police source. "After the crash,he was sitting there in the ferry terminal, wearing his hat,sipping his coffee and acting like nothing happened."Sullenberger, 57, looks more like Clark Kent than Superman:He's balding, slightly built, with a thin mustache. But heemerged from the slowly sinking fuselage of Flight 1549 asone of Gotham's brightest heroes, able to land enginelessairplanes in a single try."Brace for impact," he warned the passengers before ditch-ing the plane, a voice of lone calm in the seconds beforethey crashed. Sullenberger wasn't done once his plane wasdown. He undid his safety belt and walked the length of theplane to make sure all the passengers were safely outside,Mayor Bloomberg said. Once finished, Sullenberger turnedaround and made a second pass as the plane steadily tookon water - and only then did he finally exit."He did a masterful job of landing the plane in the river andthen making sure everybody got out," said an admiringBloomberg, who is a licensed pilot.
John and Jane Garcia, neighbors ofSullenberger in Danville, CA weren't atall taken aback by the pilot's utternonchalance. "If you met Sully, you'dunderstand," said John. "You'd say,'Yep, that's Sully.'" "It's not surprising,"agreed Jane. "He's a great guy."However, family friend Jim Walberg saidbeing called a hero isn't likely to pleaseSullenberger. "Sure, he's a hero, buthe's also a humble man," said Walberg."'Hero' isn't a name he'll take to veryeasily." One of the first rescuers on thescene said Sullenberger seemedimpervious to the chaos around him."He looked absolutely immaculate," therescuer said. "He looked like DavidNiven in an airplane uniform. He looked unruffled. His uniformwas sharp. You could see him walking down the aisles makingsure everybody got out." Sullenberger maintained his calmfacade in a phone call to his wife, fitness expert LorrieSullenberger, after his death-defying heroics."When he called me, he said, 'There's been an accident,'" she toldCNN. "At first I thought it was something minor. But then he told methe circumstances, and my body started shaking and I rushed toget our daughters out of school."
Schwan’s Employees “Casually” RaiseMoney for KSWG Civil Air Patrol
Schwan’s Representative Karen Patterson presents a check to Col Regena Aye on behalf of employees throughout their company. For a one dollardonation, those employees who participated could wear jeans on Fridays.Funds were matched by the corporation.
Flint Hills Cadets and StaffMoving Toward the Future
With a small core of Seniorsand Cadets, the FHCS contributessignificantly to the success of CAP’s programs from the squad-ron to National level. The Seniorsand Cadets of FHCS served over6300 hours of volunteer time dur-ing 2008, averaging close to 490hours per squadron member, andexpect to do more in 2009. Dur-ing 2008, FHCS participated in 33ES missions, the third highestnumber in the wing, covering thespectrum from Red Cross bloodmovement to ELT searches onFort Riley.FHCS expects to do even morein 2009, from hosting the KansasEmergency Services Academy toonce again providing staff mem-bers to the National Blue Beretactivity. With the challenges of having a large percentage of unitmembers being active-duty mili-tary, the unit focuses on trainingand working to build unit cohe-sion and unit strength.
AF Major Tricia Kobberdahl (right), Commander of 2nd Detachment, 3rd Weather Squadron (and former Spaatz Cadet) briefs members of the FlintHills Composite Squadron during a visit to Fort Riley.Members of Flint Hills Composite Squadron gather for a picture during theunit’s Model Rocketry Day and BBQ. Cadets and Seniors studied Aerospacethroughout the day, culminating in the Cadets launching over 15 rockets andSeniors completing six Yeager Awards.
During the recentlycompleted Kansas Wing Encampment,cadets received anaerospace briefingfrom Major JeffreyMorris, KSWG’sDirector of Aero-space Education.Major Morris is amember of the FlintHill’s Composite
The NCR Staff College is designed to provide seniormembers with the ability to better executethe duties and responsibilities associated with CAPcommand and staff positions.Staff College provides students with in-depth stud-ies of management, leadership, andcommunications skills, and shows how CAP's mis-sions are accomplished at the region level.
Members wising to fulfillthe requirements for Level 4 and all othermembers who want to increase their leadership andmanagement skills. Those senior membersnot in level 4 can get waivers to attend. We will haveseminar groups and many sessions thatinclude communication skills, leadership, time man-agement, and much more.
Billeting is available on thebase for about $39.00 a night. A Dining Hallis available as well as many fast food or club op-tions on and off base. Billeting rooms arefurnished with microwaves and refrigerators.
Please fill out a CAPF 17 then e-mail the director a copy and also includeyour polo shirt size at the top of the form. Get theform approved by your chain of command,then mail the director a copy of the CAPF 17 with adeposit of $40 or the whole $80 registrationfee at the address below.
Application deadline isMay 30th 2009UNIFORMS:
Uniforms for the week are any of theCAP distinctive uniforms: polo, white aviatorshirt W/grey slacks or the new style corporate uni-form. You may wear the Air Force style shortsleeve blue uniform if you meet weight and groom-ing standards. No BDU’s/Blue BDU’s or flightsuits are to be worn.Most participants bring laptops if they have them—but they are not required. Cameras are nicetoo. You will be giving a 10 minute presentation on aCAP related topic so if you havesomething to aid your presentation, feel free to bringthat also.We will start the week off on Sunday, 14 June 2009for a social gathering and meal around 5-6PM. We end the week with a banquet Thursdayevening and depart around noon on Friday, 19June 2009.
For MoreInformation:
Col Mary Donley, RSC Director5510 S. Lewis Ave.Sioux Falls, SD 57108605-334-7797mfdonley@sio.midco.net
Kansas Wing Quick Notes
Col. Regena Aye
for being named the Director of 2009 NationalBlue Beret!
C/Lt Col Levi Lapping
on his appointment to the United States AirForce Academy!
KS 009 Hays Composite
for its re-charter to the KSWG!
KS 057 Ellsworth Composite
for chartering!
C/Lt Col Mitch Edwards
on his successful Form 5 completion!
Lt Col Dennis Pearson, Maj Phillip Aye and Maj Jeff Morris
forreceiving the Gill Rob Wilson Award!
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