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The Perfect Stone

The Perfect Stone

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Published by Jerry Vano

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Published by: Jerry Vano on Jul 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1Finally the crop circle that cannot be denied.
By Jerry VanoJuly 9, 2010The Divine Wisdom is reflected in the numbers impressed upon all things. Theconstruction of the physical and moral world alike is based upon the perfect stone oreternal numbers. This relationship is called GEMATRIA.
St Augustine
The PERFECT STONE upon which CHRIST builds His Church. This is the ROCK of 243 squared stones (see diagram), the Figure of the Temple of the Church and thePerfected Work. The perfect stone in Gematria is number 729 and it represents thename ”Cephas”THE NAME GIVEN BY JESUS TO PETER.Notice the crop circle received on July 6, 2010 shownbelow. As you will see it cannot be denied that the circlemakers are indicating the perfection. On the right of thecircle you see the drawing of Metatron’s cube which is alsoknown as the
aspect of the matrix or Pandora’s Box.They are indicating that our soul’s here on earth have beenbound, that our hearts are like a stone and cannot be moved.Notice the Star of David in Metatron’s cube; this indicatesour souls are bound between 2 entwined triangles as in theGiza Pyramid/triangles. The planet Saturn with its rings
= 9 × 9 × 9 or the CUBE of NINE
2symbolizes the walled city of Jericho as being bound by Satan/Saturn. Recently Saturn’srings disappeared for a few days as a sign of what is coming.Notice the crop circles center is shifted 1.6 degrees this is the number phi orphysical/flesh number. The pole shift of 2012 will cause this off set and open the door tothe heavens. Recently the planet Jupiter lost one of its bands. The planets bands arecaused by its lay lines being as 2 entwined tetrahedrons. Its as though the 2 band becameone as in a marriage. In the Gnostic gospel Jesus says I will be back when the twobecome one.
3The following is the last chapter of my book THE UNCOVERING OF THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLDYou probably have been wondering if there is any way out of the disaster about tohappen due to the pole shift. You may be thinking because I said that time repeats itself and there is nothing new under the sun, is there any event in the past that could beemulated in the future to produce a so-called Christian rapture. Well yes there is but it iscompletely misunderstood by the Christian community. The Christians perceive the eventof the rapture as too spiritual. You will see with what follows that there is a blend of bothscience and the spirit in the coming event. The past event that the coming rapture willemulate was an alien event that was both scientific and in a sense spiritual also.You will see in the following pages evidence of a coming rapture of people who havebeen spiritually awakened or born of the spirit, which Christ said, is the criteria for us toenter the kingdom of God.It was said by Jesus that during the tribulation time it would be as in the days of Noah. The bible is not too specific about the days of Noah. If we look in the bible we canget a general idea of what the days of Noah were like. But if we go to the Sumeriancuneiform clay tablets of the days of Noah, which was shown to be the source of ourbible text, we will get a much broader picture of the Noah flood. In our bible it says Godwas sorry he made man because there was so much sin in the world. So he decided tocause a flood and destroy man. But he was fond of Noah because he was pure and holyand decided to save him and his family. So he showed him how to make a boat/ark through dreams and visions and Noah and his family rode out the flood with the Ark andwas saved. I will just give enough detail in describing the Sumerian version to get thepoint across about a past rapture happening along with Noah being in the boat/ark. Inother words there were two events that happened during the flood. According to the claytablets as the story goes Enki was lord of the Earth and his brother Enlil was the lord of the command. Being lord of the command meant he was in charge of the whole missionto Earth. He was known in our biblical story as Yahweh. In our bible both Enki and Enlilare called lord and we get the impression that they were one person.The Anunnaki saw that the planet Nibiru was approaching Earth on its thirty sixhundred year orbit around our sun and realized something was wrong. It was coming tooclose to Earth and the result would be a deluge and destroy all life on the planet. In themean time man had become infested with mutated beings and Yahweh was angry. This iswhere our bible says the sons of God entered the daughters of men. Our bible refers to thesons of God as the Nefilim. They were alien beings that took Earth females for theirwives. The end result was that there were giants or mutates born. The Anunnaki had acouncil meeting and decided to let the deluge destroy mankind. They made a pact not totell the humans about the coming flood but Enki had an unusual dream and in this dreamhe was told by an old saintly white haired being to instruct Noah, who was geneticallypure, how to build an ark to ride out the coming deluge. The spirit of life gave this dreamto Enki because man’s destiny is to live. Our bible makes no distinction between the godEnlil/Yahweh who wanted man to be destroyed and the god Enki who broke the pact thatwas made by the council and told Noah how to build the ark. The plan of the Anunnakiwas to take off in their space ships to outer space to orbit just above the Earth to ride out

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