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Luther Presentation

Luther Presentation

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Published by Paul Hambrick
Finishing up my lecture on Luther this morning. If you're interested, you can read the entire thing at Scribd.com
Finishing up my lecture on Luther this morning. If you're interested, you can read the entire thing at Scribd.com

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: Paul Hambrick on Jul 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Awhile ago, I asked if I could be the church’s official Luther apologistbecause I believe that many times, when people say “Luther got this wrong,”whatever ‘this’ might be, I think, “How do you know, Luther got it wrong?”And the reason I think that is because Luther got the most importantthing in the world right, and viewed the entire world through the lenses of that thing.I’m talking about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.Luther understood, better than anyone, since possibly Paul, that JesusChrist came and lived a perfect life, never sinning, perfectly righteous, andthen he received the full wrath of God in place of us all, and because of that,we are reconciled to our Creator, the Heavenly Father.Luther called it “The Great Exchange” our sins were placed on Christ,and his righteousness was placed on those who are children of God so thatwhen God, the Holy Heavenly Father looks at us, he doesn’t see me thesinful Paul Hambrick, he sees His perfect son, His true child, His true Israel, Jesus Christ.And the reason why Luther understood this so completely was because of his life experiences leading up to the moment when he read Romans 1:17“For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith for faith, as it iswritten, “The righteous shall live by faith.”The way Luther probably would have read that last part, is: “The onewho is righteous by faith, shall live.”It really sunk in for the first time that there was not anything that Luthercould do that would make him acceptable before God.Christ did all the work in his life, and on the cross, and it was that eventin history 1500 years previously that made the children of God acceptable toGod. The child of God was righteous by faith alone.
Luther describes that moment as if the gates of paradise were finallyopened to him and he happily walked through them.But it was all of his experiences before this moment that prepared him tobe open to receive this truth from God.Luther was a “True Believer” if there ever was one. He didn’t just givehis beliefs lip service, he truly believed what he thought, wrote and said,which is why, when he says things like, “Pray and let God worry,” we laughbecause it’s a witty statement, but Luther, while being slightly facetious,would have meant it. You didn’t get “half-pints” with Luther, as I heard ahistorian put it this week. When he was warm, he was very warm, and whenhe was cruel, he was very cruel, you got the whole full measure of Lutherwhen Luther believed something.But two things that Luther seemed to believe above all others - 1) It wasonly by God’s grace that he had hope for salvation, and 2) Scripture was thefinal authority on everything.So, when I hear someone say, “Luther got this wrong,” or “Luther wasn’tquite right here, or there,” I wonder if maybe Luther is just misunderstood.It’s not that I think he couldn’t have possibly been wrong about things,he was a man after all, it’s just that I wonder if maybe he saw things that wedon’t see.I once heard that Luther said, after reading John Calvin’s views on theSacrament of the Lord’s Supper, “Give me half an hour with this young man,and we’ll hammer out our differences on the Lord’s Supper.” Which isinteresting because that was the one point that they supposedly disagreed on.This week, I’m going to give an historical overview of the Life of Lutherleading up to the Diet of Worms and through Wartborg Castle, and nextweek, I want to go over his organization of the Protestant Church and throughthat talk about his doctrines which will include many of his wonderful quotesabout various topics.But, let me read one quote here, this is Martin Luther on quoting MartinLuther, and I want you to keep this in mind whenever you hear someonequote, or talk about Luther, and whether or not Luther may have been wrong
about a point:
Because I see that the mobs are always growing, thenumber oferrors are always increasing and Satan's rage and ruinhave noend, I wish to confess with this work my faith before Godand thewhole world, point by point. I am doing this, lestcertain peoplecite me or my writings, while I am alive or after I am dead, tosupport their errors, as those fanatics, theSacramentarians andthe Anabaptists, have begun to do. I will remain in thisconfession until my death (God help me!), will departfrom thisworld in it, and appear before the Judgment Seat of ourLord JesusChrist.So that no one will say after my death, ``If Luther wasalive, hewould teach and believe this article differently, becausehe didnot think it through sufficiently,'' I state thefollowing, onceand for all:
I, by God's grace, I have diligentlyexamined thesearticles in the light of passages throughout theScriptures. Ihave worked on them repeatedly and you can be sure that I want todefend them, in the same way that I have just defendedtheSacrament of the Altar.
No, I'm not drunk or impulsive. I know what I am sayingandunderstand fully what this will mean for me as I standbefore theLord Jesus Christ on the Last Day. No one should thinkthat I am joking or rambling. I'm serious! By God's grace, I knowSatanvery well. If Satan can turn God's Word upside down and

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