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07-11-10 Email From Doug Guetzloe to Ron Paul Mailing List

07-11-10 Email From Doug Guetzloe to Ron Paul Mailing List

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Published by Orlando Tea Party
I have a recording wherein Peg Dunmire admits to paying for ALL of the Tea Party Candidates entry into the race.
I have a recording wherein Peg Dunmire admits to paying for ALL of the Tea Party Candidates entry into the race.

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Categories:Types, Research, Law
Published by: Orlando Tea Party on Jul 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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07/11/2010 1:26 PM
Fwd: [ronpaul-184] BREAKING NEWS: Two more 'tea party' plaintiffs drop Feder...
Just FYI.Becki:I think we've covered everything but just to make certain you understand inunmistakable English:
1) Mr. Hoyt and Mr. Lee are not men of integrity or honor if they stoop so low tolie, misrepresent facts and distort the truth. I've been a target for years but forthem to attack an individual like Peg Dunmire with her having done nothing todeserve it - is not honorable and not an action of integrity. Mr. Hoyt, according toassociates of his, have misused Orlando Tea Party funds and that's a seriousmatter. A full audit of those funds is required and the call for that accounting will become a major issue for other unaffiliated tea parties in the days ahead.
 You can't call for political transparency without providing full transparency with your own group. Florida TEA party has it - Mr. Hoyt is refusing to release theinformation - duplicitous - not 'honorable.'
2) Apparently you do need to hear about accomplishments because you areapparently unaware of the role I have played in this community and statewide inpromoting freedom and liberty and leading the anti-tax movement statewide forthirty years... all 'tea party' type activities which you profess to be concerned about.
3) I have never slandered Mr. Hoyt. If you have any actual evidence of this baseless allegation - produce it or drop it.
4) I don't know who "Deborah W." is so I can't comment on that.
5) You don't own the right to tea party name and you don't determine who isinvolved in the tea party or not. The TEA party consists of movement leaders andour candidates are tea party movement people. The TEA party is the ONLY entity in Florida legally authorized as the TEA party. No one elected you 'queen' of thetea party movement and no one elected Jason Hoyt as 'king.' He's one of thousands and so are you. I was also on the very first conference call back inFebruary of 09 with Tom Gaitens - so what?
6) Finally, and this probably tells everyone more about you than me, in my lastemail I did not say that "I liked Grayson" and you know it. What I said was (fromthe last email:
"No splitting the vote - just ensuring a conservativechoice in November against Grayson (whom a lot of folks on thisgroup as well as Dr. Paul have very little dispute with) Dr. Paulintroduced him several times last year at the Liberty Summit tothunderous applause - chose your audience more carefully next time you do a personal attack tirade."
Exactly where do you get "I like Grayson" from this statement?
This comment is truthful and accurate one. This is a Ron Paul meetup group andI'm an assistant administrator of it - know your audience.
I realize that you're obviously a newbie to politics and public policy discussions andthat's fine. In the future, be very careful of what you decide to repeat without doingsome actual research. Many of the people you associate with have their ownagenda's and base their comments on past political battles. Hoyt and Lee are twoof those that prop up the current Orange County Republican RINO chair Lew Oliver - one that everyone on this list and in our conservative movement haveopposed for years.If Hoyt and Lee are willing to retract their lies and innuendo about Peg Dunmire,me, Nick, Fred O'Neal and the Florida TEA party then I'll be more than happy todrop it and move on - but I will not allow anyone to lie about me or question my integrity or my history of involvement in conservative causes - you don't have tolike it - just don't lie about it.
Correcting the record and speaking the truth is a 'grown-up' thing to do, not achildish thing to do. The childish thing to do is to make false statements aboutsomeone and pretend that it's 'free speech.' The First Amendment, which I wasprepared to go to jail to protect, does not support slander or libel - only the truth.
 Doug Guetzloe
 Chairman Ax the Tax www.AxTheTax.org "Over $32.5 Billion inproposed taxes defeated"P. O. Box 531101Orlando, FL 32853Phone: (407) 312-1781Fax: (407) 895-8331
 In a message dated 7/11/2010 10:31:27 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, beckiweaver@cfl.rr.com writes:
Last Reply to you, Doug Guetzloe: Why can't you just admit that what you did to Peter Lee was VERY wrong and apologize for it?It is
of the MAIN reasons I decided to speak up on this blog that comes into my email everymorning.I don't need to hear about all your accomplishments.Speak to the issue in question, period. (If I cared I could look them up.) Once again, here are the reasons I decided to speak up: 
1) I will defend the honor of people I know to be TRUE PATRIOTS to the bitter end: 
Peter Lee is a gentleman and a TRUE PATRIOT, in every sense of the word, and
you owehim an apology
Jason Hoyt is a man of integrity and a TRUE PATRIOT and you slander his nameconstantly
. (People see thru what you do & why)  c) Other people who've been on the receiving end of your insults, including Deborah W. , now me, &more. Grow up, Doug. Don't stoop so low. 
The Florida Tea Party has little to do with the real movement
, and everyone knows it butapparently a few in your "group." 
It's good to see you admit that you like Grayson. The rest of us want to see him replaced, butthat certainly does explain alot.
 I hope you think about what I've said, and then spend time in the presence of some of the people youlove; I hope they love you in return. Becki Weaver ----- Original Message -----
Saturday, July 10, 2010 11:38 PM
Re: [ronpaul-184] BREAKING NEWS: Two more 'tea party' plaintiffs drop Federal...
 Actually it appears you are fairly well alone with this group.I've fought hard for Ron Paul supporters to be included in the Republicanparty - even spending several thousand dollars of my own money onprecinct election postcards. Many of the people on this group have strongly supported our Ax the Tax battles over the years. It's through this meetupthat I meet Nick Egoroff and used my radio show to fight and beat back codeenforcement so that Nick and the other Ron Paul supporters could continueto put Ron Paul signs up all over the central Florida.Fred's a Patriot; so is Nick; so is Glenn and so many more.Mr. Hoyt and Mr. Lee have no honor if they continue to lie about me, Nick,Fred O'Neal, Peg Dunmire and all the other tea party candidates. PegDunmire is a member of dozen's of tea party groups; has marched on Washington, is a member of Campaign for Liberty and a precinct captain atthat. Mr. Hoyt and Mr. Lee have attacked this courageous woman viciously and personally and they and their tactics disgust me and a multitude of others. It is not "honorable or decent" to viciously attack a woman who hasdone no wrong and is simply participating in the political process. Severalpeople have sent me messages saying that you are supporting Falconer.How would you like it if fellow conservatives - the very ones he must dependon to achieve more than 3% of th vote - started attacking him withoutfoundation? If you are working for his campaign, you have done him a

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