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8klas Opps for Bulgaria Razpredelenie

8klas Opps for Bulgaria Razpredelenie

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Published by kmdimitrova

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Published by: kmdimitrova on Jul 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Opportunities for Bulgaria
Ме – сец/Уч.седм.Урочна единицаТематичнаобластСоциокултурнии социолингви – стичнизнания. Сферина соц.взаимодействиеЕзикова компетентност. Речева компетентност. Между – предметнивръзкиДопълни – телниупражне – ния задомашнаработаи/илиЗИП/СИПЛексика/фонетикаГраматикаКомуникативнаситуация иречеви уменияУмения зачетене/слушане/писане/учене
Diagnostic test/Classroom Language1/СЕПTЕМВРИ2/СЕ
Module 1HelloWarm-up1. Hi!2. Penfriends3. Communic.WorkshopМОЯТ СВЯТ – Моят език.Моето родномясто. Аз имоетопоколение.Националнапринадлежност иезик.Събеседник свръстници отдруги страни.Общуване поинтернет.The AlphabetCountries;Wordbuilding(nationalities);Prepositions:
(place) Numbers: 1 – 20Present Simpleof 
to be;
subject pronouns/po-ssessiveadjectives – singular;
Who/What/ Where
questionsMeeting people.Introductions – exchanging personalinformation.Talking aboutfavourites.Reading and Listening: aletter Writing: an email to a penfriendPunctuation and spelling:capital lettersБЕЛГеографияМатематикаLanguagePowerbook  p. 2 – 5Grammar PracticeBook Module 2Meet thefamilyWarm-up4. Our Family5. My Family6. Communic.WorkshopLanguageAwareness 1МОЯТ СВЯТ – това съм аз имоето семействоНачин на живот.Събеседник в разговор съссъученици иучител. Общуванев клас и извънклас. Numbers: 20 – 101FamiliesJobsPrepositions:
 Sounds, symbols andlettersPresent Simpleof 
to be;
subject pronouns/po-ssesiveadjectives –  plural;articles
a/an How old?
Possessive ’
Talking aboutfamiliesMeeting people – formal/informalRoleplays: meeting peopleReading and Listening:dialogues; a familyWriting: a description of my familyPunctuation and spelling:capital letters and fullstops;Learning power:Classroom languageБЕЛМатематикаLanguagePowerbook  p. 6 – 11Grammar PracticeBook Review 1 and 2TestsUse of English Modules 1 2TB
ПTЕМВРИ3/СЕПТ/ОКТОМВРИ4/ОКТОModule 3At HomeWarm-up7. Our House8. My Room9. Communic.WorkshopМОЯТ СВЯТ – това съм аз имоят домНачин на живот,ежедневие.Общуване извънклас. Събеседникв разговор съссъученици.Водене накореспонденция.Homes (rooms andthings)Opposite adjectivesColoursPrepositions:
the Have got/Has got 
PossessionsRoleplay: asking for a phone number Phoning a friendReading and Listening:dialogues, a letter Listening: spelling test, a phone conversationWriting: a description of my roomPunctuation and spelling:commasБЕЛИзобразителноизкуствоLanguagePowerbook  p. 12 – 15Grammar PracticeBook Module 4At SchoolWarm-up10. Lessons11. Projects12. Communic.Workshop Culture Corner 1МОЯТ СВЯТ – това съм аз имоето училище,моята учебнапрограма.СВЕТЪТОКОЛО МЕН – държави инароди,образованиеНачин на живот,ежедневие.Събеседник в разговор съссъученици иучител. Участникв интервю.Culture Corner 1 – Around BritainГеографскоположениеМеста изабележителностиThe Classroom; TheAlphabet; Days of theweek; Lessons;Objects; Geographicallocations;Prepositions:
Pronunciation:Intonation – questionsSingular and plural nouns
This/That/ These/Those
ImperativesTalking aboutclassroom objects.Guessing game;followinginstructions;a vocabulary quizReading and Listening:dialogues, instructions andsentencesWriting: my schooltimetablePunctuation and spelling:spelling mistakes;Learning power:Classroom languageБЕЛГеографияLanguagePowerbook  p. 16 – 21Grammar PracticeBook Review 3 and 4TestsUse of English Modules3 4Skills Test Modules 1 4 TBModule 5Every dayWarm-up13. Weekends14. Neighbours15. Communic.WorkshopМОЯТ СВЯТ – дневен режиммоето училище.СВЕТЪТОКОЛО МЕН – бит и нравиНачин на живот,ежедневиеОбщуване в класи извън класСъбеседник в разговор сучители исъученициTime Routines (1)Places; Jobs;Frequencyexpressions;Verbs – daily routinesPrepositions
on, at, in
The PresentSimple Tense – affirmative andnegativeTalking about timesTalking about atypical dayA guessing gameabout routinesSpeaking: aguessing gameReading and Listening – dialogues, descriptionsReading – TV showcharacter profiles(matching)Writing about a typicalschool day;linking with
and, but, then
БЕЛLanguagePowerbook  p. 22 – 25Grammar PracticeBook Module 6Free timeWarm-up16. Relaxing17. Your Life18. Communic.WorkshopLanguageAwareness 2МОЯТ СВЯТ – хоби и интереси,свободно време,аз и моетопоколениеНачин на живот,ежедневие,психическо ифизическо здраве,проблемите намладотопоколение.Събеседник в разговор съссъученици.Free time activitiesPronunciation:Final sounds/t/and/d/;“th” sounds;intonation (questions)Present Simple – questions,frequency(
Talking abouthobbies and freetimeA class surveyEveryday EnglishReading and Listening: adialogue and aquestionnaireListening: a surveyWriting: a personal letter (my hobby and interests)Linking:
Learning Power:VocabularyБЕЛФизическакултура и спортLanguagePowerbook  p. 26 – 31Grammar PracticeBook Review 5 and 6
МВРИ5/ОКТОМВРИTestsUse of English Modules 5 6 Skills Test Modules 5 6Module 7Persona-lityWarm-up19. Your Preferences20. Your interests21. Communic.WorkshopМОЯТ СВЯТ – хоби и интересиСВЕТЪТ ВЪТРЕВ МЕН – личност ихарактер,чувства инастроения,предпочитанияКачества,характери и разбирания.Общуване в класи извън клас,събеседник в разговор с учители съученици,водещ кореспон-денцияPersonality – adjectives (opposites);Moods; Family; Films;Hobbies and Interests;Adjective + preposition (
 good at/interest in
 Like/don’t like
(+noun/+verb+ – 
Describing familyand friendsTalking about filmsTalking about preferencesParticipating indiscussionsListening: descriptions of  people (matching), personality analysis(true/false questions), aconversation (preferences)Reading and Listening: adialogueWriting: a personal letter (my likes and dislikes)Listening strategies: predictionБЕЛИзобразителноизкуствоLanguagePowerbook p.32 – 35Grammar PracticeBook Module 8PlayingsportWarm-up22. My FavouriteSports23. MakingFriends24. Communic.WorkshopCulture Corner 2МОЯТ СВЯТ – хоби и спортСВЕТЪТ ВЪТРЕВ МЕН – здравеи отдихНачин на живот,ежедневие.Психическо ифизическо здраве.Culture Corner 2 – Teenagers inBritain: FactfileComparing cultures – a factfile aboutstudents inBulgariaAthleticsSports and Hobbies;Com – pound nounsPrepositions:
 from, to,at (time)
can/can’t (ability)
Adverbs of manner Talk about workingtimes, ability;manner Roleplays(exchanging personalinformation)Learning Power:StudyingReading and Listening: adialogueReading Strategies: predictionReading: emailsListening: exchanging personal informationWriting: an emailLinking:
БЕЛФизическакултура и спортМатематикаLanguagePowerbook p.36 – 41Grammar PracticeBook Review 7 and 8TestsUse of English Modules7 8Skills Test Modules 7 8TBModule 9AroundTownWarm-up25. Edinburgh26. London27. Communic.WorkshopСВЕТЪТОКОЛО МЕН – пътуване,забележителности, отдихГеографскоположение,места/забележителностиСъбеседник в разговор съссъученици.PlacesTimesPricesPrepositions:
next to,opposite, at, on, in, from, until(time)
There is/thereare
Talking about local placesRoleplay: asking for and givinginformationRoleplay:invitationsListening: places(matching); phone calls;tourist informationReading: Edinburgh web page (true/false questions);tourist brochure (matching)Writing: a short note(invitation and reply)Linking:
and, but 
Writing strategies: thinkingof ideasБЕЛГеографияLanguagePowerbook p.42 – 45Grammar PracticeBook 

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