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Other Percentage Taxes

Other Percentage Taxes

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Published by feloniouslypink

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Published by: feloniouslypink on Jul 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Other Percentage Taxes (Secs. 116 to 128) as amended by RA 9337 and RA 9238.
Secs 13 to 24 of RA 9337.
The NIRC Annotated by De Leon & De Leon, Vol. 2, 2003 ed., pp. 163 to 285. [Takenote of the amendments after its publication].
What are percentage taxes?
What transactions are subject to percentage taxes?
What is the situs of the tax?
Who are liable to 3% tax under Sec 116?
Give the instances when persons otherwise subject to 3% percentage under Sec 116are not subject to it?
How is the tax determined? Or what is the basis of the tax?
What deductions are allowed, if any?
When does the tax attach? When is it payable? And Where?
Is it subject to any tax credit or refund?
May it be imposed concurrently with our other taxes, whether local or national?
Who are subject to percentage tax under Sec 117? Domestic carriers & keepers of garages.
A trucking company is engaged in transporting consumer goods from Manila to Bicolfor which it gets paid transportation service fees. Are these fees subject to Carrier’s%tax under Sec 117?
Superferry is transporting passengers and cargoes from Manila to Cebu. Are the fees itcollects subject to 3% carrier’s tax?
What is the basis of the tax under Sec 117?
What carriers are exempt from the tax under Sec 117?
Who are subject to % tax under Sec 118? International carriers
What is the basis of the tax under Sec 118?
Who are subject to % tax under Sec 119? Franchise Tax on radio/TV/gas/h2o.
What is a franchise?
May radio/TV franchise holders be subject to VAT?
What services are subject to overseas communication tax under Sec 120?
Who are liable for the payment of this tax?
Who are exempt from this tax?
Who are liable to tax under Sec 121? Banks & non-bank financial intermediaries.
Who are liable to tax under Sec 122? Other non-bank financial intermediaries.
Read RR 9-2004 and RR 10-2004 implementing Sec 121 and 122.
Who are liable under Sec 123? Life insurance

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