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Positive Thoughts

Positive Thoughts

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Published by skjas7

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Published by: skjas7 on Jul 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Positive thoughts
I would like to talk about positive thoughts. Why do we need positive thoughts? What isthe use of it? What if we have a problem when we have positive thoughts? These arethe questions I need to answer to you today.First of all positive thoughts are making someone into more positive, making some onesuccessful, making someone energetic, making someone more happy.In the other side if someone has full of negative thoughts, what will happen to them?How there life is going to be?Negative thoughts are similar to credit card debt, it will always increase your worries,and it will always pull you behind. It will never leave someone without credit. Do you likethis credit card debt? No one will like debt .Same way no one will like negative mindedpeople too.Life was created by some external force called GOD. When he created this life, he alsoattaches other problems in life same like credit card. When we fill the water into glasstumbler, and kept it in the freezer, water will take a new shape like bottle, the same waywe are filled with our thoughts. When we have good thoughts, it will make your life withgood contents.When I was 19 years old, I had finished my Bachelor¶s degree in physics. Then Idecided to not to study further until I make some money. I was born in a middle classfamily with three sisters. When I cross 19
age, my parents were arranging for mysecond sisters marriage. I know it will cost my parents some money, which we were nothaving at that time. So I decided to not to go to college for my masters degree. I wentfor work .I got a job with an auditor firm as an account assistant. I was making littlemoney month as my first month salary. I was happy to see my first salary even thoughit¶s very little money .I was getting additional money from my parents to survive.I am a person who dedicates everything to do my job better. After few months of my firstemployment, I got promoted within short period in my company. My salary was tripledwithin one year. I learned a lot from my boss. I learned new skills to be a better business man. I had created a pooled account to start investing into stocks with myfriends. I spend few more months in that job then I left that job to start my own tradingfirm.December 13
, I started my own business firm in a sharing office with one blind person.He was my room partner .I was wondering many times to see him and his involvementin business. I bought a bicycle to get new investors for my business. I had it for 2
months, and then I got more than 10 accounts as a broker. I started making money, mymonthly income increased to 10 times as my first salary 2 years back. My parentssupported me a lot for my hard work and success.I bought a first used two wheeler bike. I was started moving my business area to 15miles beyond my area. I was getting more new investor accounts, I was doing very well.I decided to move to an independent office in the same city. I spend more money todecorate my first office. It was really amazing for me to do it and have a great office.I was growing step by step. I had 96% good customers in my list. My per daytransaction reached to 200000 US dollars and my per day income was 3000 US dollars.I never closed my office, I never had holiday to my business. I opened my door everyday, when I was there .I was having three associates to help me to do my job well.I got married and I moved my location to different place. It¶s a new country; I don¶t knowanyone other than my wife until I get my first job. I was searching for job for the first 2months. I had applied for a sales position in a textiles readymade showroom. Then I hadan opportunity to meet one gentle man from Pakistan, His name is Mr. Shadikhan. Hisintroduction changed my life .Now I left my job after my meeting with Mr. Shadi khan.Istarted looking for another job in my own field of investments. I found a new job as aninvestment consultant within a month .They offered me decent salary but they couldn¶trenew my work visa. Immigration department refused to renew my visa at that time. Wewere upset and we had argument for some time left my home for a short walk.My confidence helped me a lot for me to succeed in my life. When I was walking on theroad that day I had an opportunity to meet a person. I found that card in my pocket and Icame to understand that his office was very close to my location.I just called him to check, he said I am at my office please come to have coffee. Then Iwent to see him, I had explained him about my visa situation. He said, ³don¶t worry´come and see me tomorrow morning at 6.00 at my office in Immigration department. Isaid Thank God.Next day morning I got up at 4.00 AM and got ready by 5.00 AM and took a taxi to hisoffice .I went to see him, he came around 6.05 am. He signed a letter and asked metake to visa renewal section. I went, but the immigration officer again refused to renewmy visa and through my passport. I went back to my person, he came back with me andhe went inside and renewed my visa for 10 days. That is the great period in my life.I found another sponsor through my friend and they sponsored my visa. I believe inGOD for making great changes in my life. He always takes care of me when I needcare.

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