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A5- Eyeglasses99

A5- Eyeglasses99

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Published by SunGlasses011

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: SunGlasses011 on Jul 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Discover how eyeglasses were invented and evolved. Only the rich could afford thefirst spectacles. Thanks to Eyeglasses99, nearly everyone can afford glasses. Visittheir site athttp://www.eyeglasses99.com/.Reading Glasses: A History of MagnificationProblems with the eyes are as old as mankind. Unfortunately, it took a long time todevelop glasses to correct sight issues. According to Wikipedia the earliest records of corrective lenses come from 5
century BC hieroglyphs discovered in ancientEgyptian temples. These hieroglyphs depict "simple glass mensical lenses".The earliest
record of magnification devices come from 1
century AD scrolls.These records indicate that Seneca the Younger, who tutored the young Emperor  Nero, discovered that small written words on scrolls could be seen better whenviewed through a "globe of glass or glass of water". The Emperor Nero, whom wasinflicted with short sightedness, is said to have enjoyed the gladiator games byviewing them through an emerald, thereby correcting his sight well enough to viewthe games.Abbas Ibn Firnas discovered a way to make glass crystal clear. While still warm theseglasses could be shaped and polished into round, clear stones: flat on one side andconvex on the other. These stones came to be known as reading stones. In 1021 theBook of Optics was published by Alhazen. This is the earliest known record of adevice used for magnifying which was more advanced than the reading stone. This book was translated and was the foundation of the invention of actual glasses by theItalians in the 1200's AD.A book discovered and translated from Latin dating back to no later than 1235 ADmentions using an optical device to read very small letters at "incredible distances".About 100 years before this, the Chinese had discovered they could protect their eyesfrom the sun by using glasses made from smoky quartz.Salvino D'Armate was the first inventor of wearable eyeglasses in 1284. By 1352 portraits depicted the cardinal Hugh de Provence reading with glasses. The earliestsurviving pair of glasses was discovered in an altarpiece of a church in Germany. Theglasses were dated to 1403.The first glasses had convex lenses that corrected farsightedness and presbyopiacaused by aging. A short time later Nicholas of Cusa created the first concave lensesto correct farsightedness. The first portrait of a man wearing glasses depicts theoptical device to be made of gold. Whether or not these glasses were, in fact, gold isdebatable. What is clear today is that only the very wealthy or those men whom belonged to the Catholic Church in Italy could afford glasses, or even knew how toread.Today, those with glasses outnumber those without. We are lucky enough to be livingin an era where sight is easily corrected with glasses, contact lenses or readingglasses. Glasses are much cheaper than they used to be, but still unaffordable for many people. That's why Eyeglasses99 is offering very affordable glasses,

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