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Color Expressions

Color Expressions

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Let's learn more interesting meanings of colors through this exercise!
Let's learn more interesting meanings of colors through this exercise!

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Published by: Nguyen Thi Ngoc Hanh on Jul 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I. Match the following phrases with the correct definitions.
1. black and blue
a. in very good health
2. out of the blue
b. never doing anything wrong
3. once in a blue moon
c. completely unexpected
4. the Yellow Pages
d. a large, yellow book which contains the
addresses and telephone numbers
5. in the pink
e. to have a simple view of what is right
and wrong or good and bad
6. whiter than white
f. with dark marks on your skin caused by
being hit or having an accident
7. see things in black and white
g. to permit someone to do something or
permit something to happen
8. white-collar
h. very rarely
9. give the green light to something
i. to be very unhappy because someone
has something that you want
10. be green with envy

j. relating to people who work in offices,
doing work mentally rather than

II. Use the above phrases to complete the following sentences. Make changes
if necessary.
1. His arm was______________________ after the ferocious fight with his friends
at school.
2. I have never believed in the image of the_____________ actress mentioned in
the article.
3. I spent two hours searching in______________ for his house’s telephone

4. She’s 29 but she still thinks simply. She just_______________________.
5. He has been working as a______________ worker for more than twenty years

without feeling bored of the daily chores.
6. One day,_____________, she announced that she was leaving. Everyone was

really surprised with her decision.
7. The government has_______________ the new shopping development.
8. Hey, buddy! Long time no see! Look at all of the muscle you have! You are quite

_____________, huh?
9. Ben wins a free tour to Spain for three weeks on a TV game show and I
10. My sister lives in Alaska, so I only see her________________.

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