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Bloody Inductions

Bloody Inductions

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Published by Case Blackwell
Parents just don't understand.
Parents just don't understand.

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Published by: Case Blackwell on Jul 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bloody InductionsbyCase Blackwelle-mail: woodsinthebear@gmail.com  website: woodsinthebear.com 
BLOODY INDUCTIONSJuly 2010 (Version #1)CASTVlad - 30sBaron Blood - 30sEdmund - 20Vicky- 20s(Scene: Stage set up inside BaronBlood’s mansion. Enter Vlad and BaronBlood. They run around the stagelaughing wickedly and obscuring theirfaces with capes. They both behave likeoverblown vampire cartoons: thinkSesame Street’s The Count. Vladapproaches and speaks into a microphone.)VLADHa ha ha! Fellow fiends and demons, welcome to the 531stannual Stag Club of the Night Pledge Initiation! Our virilebonds, forged in the blood of the innocent, expand likedarkness at the setting sun!(Vlad and Baron Blood enjoy a wickedlaugh.)BARON BLOODAlso we’d like to thank Sarah’s Green House for theirsponsorship. Sarah’s Green House, houseplants, ceramics,glassware and more.VLADGlassware of the damned! Ha Ha!BARON BLOODAlso just regular glassware.VLADYes... well, let’s not waste time just because we’reimmortal, the moon has reached its zenith, the moment hascome for our first pledge to be baptized in the blood of avirgin, born again as an unholy being with untold power!BARON BLOODMembership benefits include around the clock access to theclub house, a life time subscription to our biannualnewsletter, discount prices at most Des Moines area IHops-VLADYes Baron Blood, we are all aware of the many unspeakablyperverse benedictions that come with ordination.
BARON BLOOD(adjusting his top hat)This limited edition top hat for instance.VLADIndeed. Thank you Baron. Now, from the darkest pits of hell-BARON BLOODBackstage-VLAD-We summon forth our first pledge. I am pleased to introduce my own rotten flesh and blood, the slayer of virgins himself, my son, Edmund Dracul!(Enter Edmund. He shuffles in,downcast. Edmund is essentially adepressing, emo, Twilight vampire.)VLADLet’s here it for Edmund. Come on, don’t mope.EDMUND(cautiously approaching the mike)Hi.VLADEdmund, my son, before you were just a monster, soon you willbe a manster. Are you prepared? Are you prepared to take yourfirst steps into the great abyss of evil which opens beforeyou like the gaping maw of hellish Charybids?EDMUNDIf I have to dad.VLADYou do! Bring forth the maid!BARON BLOODI gave my maid the night off.VLADNo, the sacrifice.BARON BLOOD(fetching the Virgin)Oh. Well don’t get snippy.(Baron pulls a struggling girl, Vicky,onto the stage.)

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