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CPU Shortcut

CPU Shortcut

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Published by Bhavin
This Non requirement PDF file for CPU
This Non requirement PDF file for CPU

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Published by: Bhavin on Jul 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cursor Movement CommandsCOMMANDS FUNCTION? To move cursor one character left? To move cursor one character right? To move cursor one line up? To move cursor one line downPg Up To move cursor one page up i.e. screen upPg Dn To move cursor one page up i.e. screen downCtrl + W To scroll up one lineCtrl +Z To scroll down one lineCtrl + A or Ctrl + ? To move cursor one word leftCtrl + F or Ctrl + ? To move cursor one word rightHome To move cursor at beginning of lineEnd To move cursor at end of lineCtrl + Home To move cursor at the top of windowCtrl + End To move cursor at the end of windowCtrl + PgUp To move cursor at the top of fileCtrl + PgDn To move cursor at the bottom of fileInsert & Delete CommandsCOMMANDS FUNCTIONDelete To delete the characterBack Space or Shift + Tab To delete the character to leftCtrl + Y To delete the lineCtrl + T To delete the wordCtrl + Q Y To delete the from current cursor position On/OffCtrl + N To insert the lineInsert To make insert mode On/OffBlock CommandsCOMMANDS FUNCTIONCtrl + KB To set beginning of the blockCtrl + K K To set end of the blockCtrl + K C To copy the blockCtrl + KV To move the blockCtrl + KY To delete the blockCtrl + K H To hide the marked block i.e. Unhide the blockCtrl + K W To write a block to the diskCtrl + K R To read a block from the diskMiscellaneous Commands
COMMANDS FUNCTIONCtrl + Q A Search & ReplaceCtrl + L SearchCtrl + [or + Ctrl + ] Pair mathingHOT KEYSTurbo C++ provides hot keys, or shortcut
your convenience. These hot keys can beclassified into following categorya) General hot keysb) Menu hot keysc) Editing hot keysd) Online hot keyse) Windows hot keysf) Debugging hot keys[a] General hot keysCOMMANDS FUNCTIONF1 Displays a help screenF2 Saves the file that's in the active edit windowF3 Brings up a dialog box so you can open file.F4 Runs your program to the line where the cursor
positionedF5 Zooms the active the windowF6 Cycles through all open windowsF7 Runs your program
debug mode, tracing into functionsF8 Runs your program
debug mode, stepping over functions callsF9 Invokes the Project Manager to make an. EXE fileF10 Takes you to the menu bar[b] Menu hot keysCOMMANDS FUNCTIONAlt + Spacebar Takes you to the (=) System menuAlt + C Takes you to compile menuAlt + XD Takes you to Debug menuAlt + E Takes you to Edit menuAlt + F Takes you to File menuAlt + H Takes you to Help menuAlt + O Takes you to Option menuAlt + P Takes you to Project menuAlt + S Takes you to Run menuAlt + W Takes you to Search menuAlt + X Exits Turbo C++[c] Editing hot keys

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