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Our Expressive Hands

Our Expressive Hands



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Published by Luddite
Our hands are miracles of artful engineering. How we use them in expressing our emotions can be beautiful or brutal.
Our hands are miracles of artful engineering. How we use them in expressing our emotions can be beautiful or brutal.

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Published by: Luddite on Jul 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Our Expressive Hands
By Sunny Lockwood
Cover photograph courtesy of Wytske @ deviantart.comCopyright 20099 by Merikay McleodAll rights reservedFirst electronic publication: October 2009
 Not long ago, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra mesmerized me as Iwatched it on TV.While the orchestra performed under the lively baton of VenezuelanGustavo Dudamel, TV cameras give viewers artistic close-ups of variousmusicians’ well-manicured hands.I watched sensitive fingers making notes on violin strings, dancinggracefully across flute holes or prancing along the keys of clarinets. Iwatched as hands drew bows fluidly across cello strings.Such beautiful hands, expressing emotion, creating art without words.Watching the grace and beauty of the musicians’ hands convinced me a newthat there is a Grand Creator behind the human being, infusing the humanspirit, inspiring the human heart. How else can I explain such elegant precision, or the response its beauty creates in me?Each of our hands contains 27 bones (the wrist has 8, the palm has 5, theremaining 14 are finger and thumb bones). Together our two hands containone-fourth of all the body’s bones.Each of our fingertips has about 200 touch receptors, enabling us to tell thesubtlest of differences in heat, pressure, shape and texture. You can reachinto your pocket, finger the coins there and tell strictly by touch thedifference between a penny, nickel, dime or quarter. I find that amazing.That same sense of touch enables the violinist to create notes that can fill aconcert hall with music.It’s with our hands that we manipulate our environment. Think of it: theyenable us to touch, hold, grasp, stroke, to build, to paint and write and plantand harvest and, yes, to make beautiful music.And then I realized that while these musicians’ hands were creating sublimemusic that swelled my heart with joy…other hands in other places were

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JessHerrington added this note
Great piece, you nearly had me converted too.
Global Villain added this note
Beautiful piece, although as you know I can't share the divine angle. As far as I see it, God, great artist, bad plumber. My moonsilver chile and I sometimes communicate in basic sign language, we have no need to but picked it up working with special needs. I recommend it. There is something very beautiful about signing. maybe its the hands. A very true conclusion. I often wonder how the same -
7BILLIONHUMANBEING added this note
excellent work well said write thanks
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