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Thinking Cap One Final

Thinking Cap One Final

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Published by stephenstgermain

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Published by: stephenstgermain on Jul 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Withyour lyrics didyousit downandletyour feelings k indofspilloutodid yousayI wanttoe xpr ess this but sot of philosophizeaboutmy feelingstoo?
I had a really hard time writing lyrics. I knew from the start the things I wanted to talk about but I had a reallytough time translating those thoughts into words. I think that I did a little of both as far as letting feelings spillout and the latter. I would try to just write thoughts out, write lines down and so forth and then try to bringthem together to make them consistent.
 Howis the role of a singer different foyouthanplaying bass?
The role of the singer is denitely different then playing bass. I had been playing bass in bands for close to 10
years and I had grown pretty comfortable with it. I feel like with bass, guitar or drums you have something tokind of hide behind, and I don’t mean that in a negative way. It’s just that you have this instrument that is physi-cally in front of you and covers you and with singing there is none of that. You have a microphone and therest is out there for the world to see. On top of that you’re the mouthpiece so when the music stops its just you
speaking or standing there while the rest of the band tunes. It’s a very new thing for me and denitely taking
time to get use to.
P                                            h                                            o                                 t                                            o                                 b                                                       y                                 C                                            h                                            r                                  i                                               s                                 B                                           a                                 v                                 a                                 r                                  i                                              a                                 
Canyou e xplain  whyyouwantedtowritethissong?
I wrote the majority of this song on the sixth anniversary of my brother’s death. There is really no easy way ofdealing with death and the pain doesn’t really ever go away and I personally don’t think I have ever really
dealt with it and accepted the fact that he is never coming back. Writing this song was my rst attempt at
actually dealing with the loss of my brother so that’s why I wrote it. The majority of the song is directed to my
father because I think he often believes it was his fault, but there are lines in the song that are denitely for my
mother and sister as well. I think all of us wish we could have done more to help my brother but in the end hemade his choices and we couldn’t do anything about it.
Was itahadsongto wite?Why  wasitimportantfor you to let himknowyou don’tblamehim?
As I said earlier I’ve never really dealt with my brothers death, so yes this was an extremely hard song to write
but I feel like it has denitely helped me with the process of dealing with our loss. I don’t really talk to my fam
-ily about my brother because it makes me really uncomfortable. So writing this song was kind of important for my father and the rest of my family because its gives them an idea of what’s going on in my head. The factthat I am talking so openly about the whole situation is a sign that I am growing and dealing with it becausea year ago there is no way I would be willing to air out my life like this for anyone to read.
Have you showedhimtheselyrics?
Yes I showed him the lyrics and I think he really likedthem. I think he sometimes took me not talking aboutmy brother with him as a sign that I was upset with himor blamed him for what happened. So like I said it was away for him to know how I was feeling.
How doyou think you can heal someone’s pain?
I really don’t think there is one simple way to heal someone’s pain other then just being there for the onesyou care about. Listening to them and supporting them in anyway you possibly can. When I say “I wish Icould heal your pain” in the song I am saying that there was one simple solution to make all that pain goaway but the fact of the matter there isn’t. It takes years to even begin to heal from the loss of a loved oneand I just wish I could do something to help begin that healing process.
The purposeof this interview issimple: to spread theword about
andsupport a great friendand induvidual, AndyNorton. Thanks for reading!
Stephen St. Germain
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