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YOCee e-newspaper Issue 16

YOCee e-newspaper Issue 16

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Published by revathee
E-newspaper from www.yocee.in
E-newspaper from www.yocee.in

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Published by: revathee on Jul 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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www. YOCee.in
Issue 16: July 4 - 10, 2010pg
Issue 16 : July 4 -10, 2010 *FREE*
The Hub for Young Chennai
 Ar you a studnt who lovs to cycl down to your school but find thcity roads too difficult to navigat through?How about xclusiv bicycl tracks on th roads? Ys, Chnnai city is soon to gt bicycl lans. Chnnai Corporationis planning to crat cycl tracks on slct roads. Ths tracks will bcratd on roads whr schools ar locatd or on thos roads ladingto ducational institutions.
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www. YOCee.in
Issue 16: July 4 - 10, 2010pg
(Pic. courtsey: Tamil Nadu Cycling Club)
Top Story 
Editor's note
 As a pilot projct th 1st, 2nd, 4thand 6th Avnus and 100 ft Road in Anna Nagar will gt cycl tracks.Not just cycl tracks, th Corpora-tion has also plans for walkways,drainag, dsignatd parkingaras, strtscaping, landscapingand spac for utilitis to b cratdundr this projct."Th pdstrian paths ar occupidby vndors and xtnsion of thshops. W gt a vry narrow path to walk at th nd," says Manish, a stu-dnt who walks to school."Cycling is vry good for halth andus of motorisd vhicls will bminimisd rsulting in clan air andnvironmnt," opins Kavya whouss privat van srvic to go toschool now. "If sparat cycl trackscom to bing, my parnts wouldallow m to us my bicycl to school.My hom is just two kilomtrs away from school," sh is xcitd about thida of bik lans.On thothr hand,Sukanya, amothr of twoschool-goingkids says thatsh is scardto s thtraffic aroundth schooljust bforand aftr thschool hoursand dos not want th childrn tous thir bicycls for this rason."Othrwis, I lov cycling and I wantmy kids to njoy cycling. Th biklan ida, if implmntd in th city, will b a dram com tru, for m!"sh says.Th corporation xpcts to rcivth dtails of study and plans withinthr months aftr which th work on bicycl tracks will start.
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Thr ar othr  ways to njoy cycling than justgoing to school.On is to fol-low th calndar of Tamil NaduCycling Club.Th club organ-iss rids in andout of th city vry month. Th rid to Mahaba-lipuram is th favourit for many bicycl nthusiasts in Chnnai."Anyon who is capabl of cycling,from 10 yars and abov, can par-ticipat," says T.K. Vibhakr, prsi-dnt of th club. "Idally a bicycl with gar will suit for such rids," hadds.If you do not hav your own cycl,th club can lnd you on for a f."But this is on first com first srvbasis, sinc w hav limitd numbr of spar cycls,"says Vibhakr.Th rids nd witha brakfast andth xpnss arshard by th par-ticipants. Whil th cyclrids ar opn toall, you will rcivinformation of thschdul of th rids organisd, only  whn you bcom a mmbr of thclub. If you hav a cycl and if your parnt nds anothr, you can hiron and go on a family rid!Thr is on coming up on July 18.Th rid starts at 10 p.m. from OMR Toll Prungudi and th rout is OMR - Sirusri and back.For mor dtails visit Tamil NaduCycling Club's wbsit: http://www.tamilnaducyclingclub.com
Love cycling? Try this!
* Adjust your bicycl to fit your hightso that your ft can touch th ground whn you stop th bicycl.* Th traffic laws apply to vrythingand vryon that travls on throad, Do not brak laws and rid onth wrong sid of th road.* Bfor riding, pump up tirs prop-rly and chck that your braks work.* Always rid bicycl with at laston hand on th handlbars.* B Prdictabl. Rid in a straightlin, not in and out of cars with sig-naling your movs to othrs.* Always look bhind you for a brak in traffic whn turning lft or right. Also giv a signal bfor making thturn.* To avoid th unxpctd from par-kd cars (lik doors opning, or carspulling out), rid far nough outfrom th curb.* Do not lav any part or strap of your bag hanging in nar th spoksof th whls.* Us bright colourd clothing if your ar riding in night.
It has been a week of organising the onlinesubscriptions forYOCee's e-newspaper.Yes, we received 87 sub-scriptions in a week! We find that many of everyday's news aboutthe city are worth a read by kids and family.There are also many events and contests that will enhance your talents as you grow.YOCee strives to bring them all to youthrough this e-newspaper. We will bring to you info on special events hosted for an eventthat celebrates Chennai - The Madras Week!Keep reading this weekly.Now, tell us what would you like to readabout our city on YOCee?E-mail to editor@yocee.inRevathiEditor www.YOCee.in
www. YOCee.in
Issue 16: July 4 - 10, 2010pg
In News
Srinivasa Ramanujan Acadmy of Maths Talntrcognisd thr snior school studnts for thir proficincy in maths at afunction hld on July 10.K. Ram Prakash and V.Karthik both studying inclass 11 at PSBB, K.K.Nagar rcivd th firstand scond prizs. Gout-ham Gopal of class 12,P.S. Snior Scondary School wasawardd th third priz.Th acadmy nurturs maths talntand giv th studnts an opportu-nity to improv thir skills. Thy alsorcognis mathmatics tachrsvry yar and dcorat thm withawards.Srinivasa Ramanujan Acadmy of Maths Talnt is at 98/99, Luz ChurchRd., Mylapor.Phon no. 24983072
Young Math wizards
Sophisticatd survillanc camras with night vision facilitis hav bninstalld at elliots Bach in BsantNagar.Th camras ar backd by IntrntProtocol. Thy will provid liv cov-rag of th bach at th controlroom, offics of th Commissionr of Polic and othr snior polic offi-cials. A coupl of camras hav bninstalld in such a way that th rgis-CPR environmntal education Cn-tr has launchd its KompassionatKids programm in 25 city schoolsin Chnnai. Animal Wlfar Boardof India chairman Major Gnral(rtd) Dr R M Kharb launchd thprogramm.Sponsord by th Australia-basd Winsom Constanc Kindnss Trust,th programm will inculcat in thchildrn th importanc of bingkind to animals and th link btwnthir food and nvironmntal dam-ag.CPR environmntal education Cntris at No.1, eldams Road, Alwarpt.Phon no. 24337023, 24346526.tration numbrs of vhicls would brcordd. Polic intnd to kp thfootag for at last tn days, policsourcs said.Liv footag would b monitord ina control room st up on th bach.Polic would rgulat th crowdand giv instructions ovr th pub-lic addrss systm. Thr is plan for xtnding this systm to th Marinabach.
 Elliots Beach under Surveillance cameraCare for animals
Is election of new leaders just got over in your school?Is your school celebrating a landmark year?Any of the students wona prize or a medal?
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If you are a student of class 6 to 10,send your report (including pictures)to the email:
If we publish your story we will send you a soft copy of the paper and anexclusive YOCee certificateto be presented to you in assembly!Don’t forget to include your name, age, and your school’sname and address.
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