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Published by vladowsky
Periodical newspaper -fight terrorism - support Israel
Periodical newspaper -fight terrorism - support Israel

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Published by: vladowsky on Jul 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Submitted at 7/14/2010 2:36:00 AM
FromHa’aretz:, a story dripping withirony:The Palestinian Authority, as well asthe leaders of the Palestinian popularprotests in villages such as Bil’in,Na’alim, Umm Salmuna, have beentrying to keep the following storyaway from both public knowledgeand the media’s eye: One of the moreprominent Umm Salmuna activists –a village south of Bethlehem, longentrenched in a battle against theWest Bank separation fence – issuspected of the attempted rape of anAmerican peace activist who hadbeen residing in the village as part of her support of the local protest.Omar Aladdin, who had beenarrested three months ago oversuspicions he had attempted to rapethe U.S. citizen, was subsequentlyreleased after agreeing to apologize tothe young woman. However, Haaretzhad learned that representatives of both the popular protest movementand the PA have since appliedpressure on the American peaceactivist as to prevent her from makingthe story public.The incident allegedly took place lastApril, as Aladdin, who had served aterm in the Israeli jail in the past,arrived one evening at the guesthouse in which many of the foreignpeace activists were staying. TheEuropean and American femaleactivists reportedly agreed to letAladdin stay with them after he hadtold them he feared the Israel DefenseForces were on his tail, adding that hehad been severely beaten at an IDFcheckpoint only a week before.During his stay Aladdin allegedlyattempted to rape a Muslim-Americanwoman, nicknamed “Fegin” byfellow activists. The woman escaped,later accusing the popular protest manof the attempt. One villager who hadencountered the American followingthe incident said she had been in astate of shock.Aladdin then refused to apologize forthe incident, when news of it reachedthe village’s popular committee, thepopular protests’ governing body,allegedly saying that the incident hadbeen marginal and normal. TheAmerican activist then asked thecommittee to notify authorities of theattempted rape, a request whichresulted in the man being arrested bysecurity forces in Bethlehem. Afteragreeing to apologize for the incident,Aladdin was released from custodyby the PA police.The U.S. citizen was then convincedto retract her complaint, as to avoidtainting the image of the popularprotest, which had attracted praisefrom around the world in recentmonths.However, the Umm Salmuna case isnot the only one. Separation fenceactivists know of other incidents inwhich Palestinians molested andsexually assaulted foreign peaceactivists, a subject which wasapparently raised in the discussions of the various popular committees.Foreign female peace activistsregularly participate in protests in thevillages of Bil’in, Na’alin, and others,where the activists stay in separatehouses. Some villagers do not agreewith these housing arrangements,claiming that the villages’ youth, whofrequently visit the activists, arecorrupted by the young women.One villager said the female activistsbring a different “culture with them,western, too open. The young people,especially from the villages, aren’tused to stay near other girls, they donot know their culture, certainly whenit’s a young woman staying withother women in a strange house. Theymisinterpret it.”So now we have liberal Westernersagreeing to hush up stories of sexualabuse – tacitly supporting arepressive, patriarchal society.Notice also how easily these femaleWestern activists agreed to shield aman who said he was wanted byIsraeli authorities. This sounds a lotlike when the ISMshielded aPalestinian Jihad terrorist:In March 2003, Israeli troops raidedISM’s West Bank offices in Jenin andcaptured a suspected member of theterrorist organization Islamic Jihad.The Israeli army identified ShadiSuqiyeh, who was hiding in the ISMoffice, as a senior member of IslamicJihad who had planned a number of foiled attacks on Israelis. A statementreleased by ISM soon after theincident explained that Suqiyeh wasbrought into the apartment by an ISMvolunteer “concerned about hiswelfare” because “under Israelimilitary curfew, Palestinians spottedin the streets are shot on sight.”Finally, isn’t it interesting that in thiscase the young man specificallychose the only Muslim Americanactivist to be the victim?One more point: this is hardly thefirst clash between Palestinian Arabculture and so-called “peaceactivists.” In fact, Rachel Corrie mayhave been trying to ingratiate herself with Palestinian Arabs who werethreatening the Westerners whenshedecided to become a human shield:[Corrie] was propelled, in part, byfrustration. During the past few daysshe and the nine other ISM activistshad become preoccupied with ananonymous letter circulating throughRafah that cast suspicion on thehuman shields.“Who are they? Whyare they here? Who asked them tocome here?” it asked. The letterreferred to Corrie and the otherexpatriate women in Rafah as “nastyforeign bitches” whom “ourPalestinian young men are followingaround.” It was a sobering reminderthat outsiders — even internationaldo-gooders — were untrustworthy inthe eyes of some Palestinians.That morning, the ISM team tried todevise a strategy to counteract theletter’s effects.“We all had a feelingthat our role was too passive. Wetalked about how to engage the Israelimilitary,” Richard “Fuzz” Pursselltold me by phone from Great Britain.…That morning, team members madea number of proposals that seemeddesigned only to aggravate theproblem. Purssell, for instance,suggested marching on a checkpointthat had been the site of severalsuicide attacks. “ The idea was tomore directly challenge the Israelimilitary dominance using ourinternational status,” Purssell told me.(h/t Lenny) Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsraelPassover Haggadah [2009-0-31-118]Image taken on 1910-01-0100:00:00 by MagnesMuseum....Terrorist Attack Thwarted by IsraelNavy, 7 June 2010Earlier thismorning, an Israel Navy force in thearea of Nuseirath identified a squadof terrorists wearing diving suits ontheir way to execute a terror attack.The force fired and hit the terrorist...UK: Number of Muslim MPs coulddoubleUK: Number of Muslim MPscould doubleUp to a quarter of the 16Muslim females standing ascandidates at the next month’sgeneral elections are in prominentpositions to win parliamentary seatsfor the... Original post source
Submitted at 7/13/2010 10:53:00 PM
An Israeli flag flutters in the wind asthe Mavi Marmara, a Gaza-boundship that was raided by Israelicommandos, is escorted by a navalvessel (not seen) to th… Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsraelWerewolf Bar Mitzvah VideoSo,for my Special Effects and Animationclass, we were given the assignmentto make a movie in After Effects thatwas at least 30 seconds long. IATTEMPTED (keyword he...Daily Quote: Iyar 8, 5770 – April22, 2010Ten things were created attwilight of Shabbat eve: the mouth of the earth [that swallowed Korach];the mouth of [Miriam's] well; themouth of [Balaam's] ass; the rainbow;the manna; [Moses...Wage Wants to Learn the DreidelGameImage taken on 2009-12-1900:33:30 by ShellyS.... Original post source
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Submitted at 7/13/2010 7:28:00 PM
One of the great errors of biggovernment liberalism is its belief that inhuman systems are superior tohuman beings. This form of mechanical thinking is acommonplace error in a scientific agein which we have become used tousing mechanical systems to solveproblems. But people are notmachines, and trying to turn peopleinto gears in the great machine of government leads to tragic results.The embrace of big government inthe United States was driven by thebelief in scientific government as aperfectible system. This creepyworship of elitist technocracy lingersaround the more idealistic liberaladministrations, from FDR to JFK toObama. Always followed by a list of PhD’s and degree holders in thecabinet revealing a failure tounderstand that higher education doesnot make one immune from humanflaws. The idea of a perfectedgovernment is at odds withdemocracy, which treats politicalchaos and voter misjudgments asvalid tradeoffs for a leash ongovernment. It worships the idea of government, rather than the reality of government. An egotistical exercisefor policy wonks certain that the rightpeople can set everything to right,regardless of what the people as awhole might think about it.ObamaCare showed us the uglyspectacle of elitist government and itssupporters, dismissing and ignoringthe democratic objections of thepublic as the clamor of an ignorantand dangerous rabble. That is howtyrants throughout history haveviewed public protest. It is nothowever the response of a democraticgovernment to the will of themajority. It is how those who viewtheir policy endgame as a superiorideal to the will of the people, think and act. And that is shorthand fortyranny.To argue that government gets itsauthority not from representativedemocracy, but from the purity of their policymaking is to create anideological tyranny. It is thedeathblow of democracy. And yetthat is exactly what the raison d’etreof the Obama Administration hasbeen. Government as god, dispensingthe blessings of its policymaking tothe unworthy hoi polloi, the greatunwashed who don’t know enough togo green, buy health insurance andread the Huffington Post. And whenthose who govern feel themselves tobe superior to those they govern, theydivest power from the people, andinvest it in systems under their owncontrol. And so big governmentgrows even bigger.Where the Founders viewedConstitutional government as a kindof anti-system, an inoculation againstgovernment that was meant to keep inits place, liberalism has come to viewgovernment as the ultimate tool thatcan do anything. Government as aSwiss Army Knife of course leads toeven bigger government. Where theBill of Rights tried to restrain the roleof government by creating legalDMZ’s where its authority could notextend, subsequent Supreme Courtsand legislatures have in some caseseroded and in other cases eradicatedthose DMZ’s in the name of thepublic good. The public good of course not being defined by thepublic, but by the branches of government itself.The dangerous fascination withsystems is a hallmark of inhumangovernment. That is because thosewho love systems the most, distrusthuman beings. RepresentativeDemocracy works on theunderstanding that people are flawed,and that those flaws are neverthelesswho we are. Tyranny on the otherhand insists that the right person canrule the mob for their own good.Modern liberalism with itsprogressive ideas of government,insists that the right system can bringequality and teach everyone to bebetter people under the all-encompassing arm of the nanny state.To think that way, you first have todefine human beings as the problem.Where the Constitution definedgovernment as the problem, themodern day rulers view thelimitations of the Constitution as anirritating remnant of paranoidlandholders, with as much relevanceas the Magna Carta. It may be paidlip service to, so long as it isn’t takentoo seriously. Because they know thatthe real problem are the people.Which is how it is from theperspective of rulers. The system tothem is a tool for controlling the realproblem, the people.The system of course isn’t human.Or rather it’s as human as itsstrongest elements and as inhuman asits weakest elements. A strongcontrolling figure in a systemhumanizes it for good or ill. That iswhy a system is only as good or badas the people who hold authoritywithin it. That reduces the systemonce more to the human frailties of those who hold power in the system.Corrupt officials will corrupt asystem. Because the system is themwrit large. But the bigger a systemgets, the less human it becomes. Thatis because its size diminishes theability of individuals to influence itsfull scope. Instead the system beginsto run on scripts. Scripts define howthose serving within the system willreact to events. Which leads to thepainful inflexibility and rigidity of bureaucracies, as men and womenwho have been trained to respond likemachines, try to cope with a crisis.The bigger a system gets, the lesshuman it is. It becomes increasinglyautomated. A machine that grows inorder to grow. It makes collectivedecisions that are incredibly bad, andyet unavoidable, because they are nolonger the product of people, but of aliving machine. Like a dinosaur, it isslow and plodding. It resists changeand yet it is constantly making plansthat it is incapable of carrying out. Ithas no sense of purpose, becausepurpose is a human quality. Instead ithas physical properties which guideits mechanical responses tochallenges. This inhumanity leads tothe cruel tyranny of the system,whose very cruelty derives from itsdeafness to human sensibilities. Inattempting to create a perfect system,the advocates of scientificgovernment instead createFrankenstein’s Monster, a creaturethat has power over men, but is nothuman.Nor is the Inhuman System animprovement over the human one.That is because it still has no mind of its own. Instead it has to follow theinstructions scripted by those inpower. The delay between theinstructions and the problem are whatmake it inhuman. As it grows, itsstructure makes it increasingly moredifficult to script. That is when themonster comes alive sufficientlyenough to protect its own survival, atthe expense of its host. It consumesresources, draws more and morepower into itself, so that it is at onceindispensable and ungovernable. Theembedded bureaucracy within asystem function as its neurons,relaying information without beingable to act independently on it. Like aliving corpse, the system keepsmoving, but it cannot do anything butconsume. It was designed as a tool forsolving problems, but it has becomeone big problem.Rules are the scripts of the system,but rules may be made by humans,but once humans cease tointelligently administer them, theytoo become inhuman. The law inabstract has no regard for humanity,only for the odds. And the more asystem grows, the less regard it hasfor human intervention from juries orelected officials. Human beings aretoo unpredictable to fit into a system,unless their behavior is a knownquantity. And the only way to makehuman behavior into a knownquantity is by limiting their choices,controlling their minds and enforcinga desired outcome. Which becomesthe purpose of the system.Since no system can properlyaccommodate human individuality,the system chases after its subjectswith more rules. As human beingsadapt to the rules, more rules arerequired. As new rules are broughtinto being to modify the old rules, theresult is a system with endless rulesthat fewer people pay attention to.Crime becomes law, and lawbecomes crime. Everyone isconstantly in violation of the rules,and depends on human interventionto protect them from the system. Thegovernment at this point has becomeutterly corrupted. It exists toadminister shadow networks of interests who dispense bribes andreceive favors in return. The systemitself no longer works, because it hasparted ways with humanity. Insteadthe system is a piggy bank for theelite and a dangerous obstacle for thegeneral public to avoid. This is thedestiny of all big government beforeits collapse. To become a threat to thepeople it ruled over and a toy forthose who rule over it.The inhuman government whichreplaced representative democracy,with the elitism of the system itself,inevitably reverts to tribalism andcommon criminality, because familyINHUMAN page 6
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34 Knesset members voted to stripMK Haneen Zoabi of her privilegesEvery day seems to bring yet a newoutrage against free speech anddemocratic rights in Israel.Yesterday, the Israeli policemanhandled the director of Womenof the Wall, wrested a sacred Torahscroll from her hands, and hauled heroff to jail–all for praying. Today, itonly took 34 of the 120 member of the Knesset who actually had the gutstostrip Israeli Palestinian MKHaneen Zoabi of her parliamentaryprivileges–all because sherepresented her constituents faithfullyand joined the Gaza flotilla. Thegreatest shame perhaps is that only 16Knesset members opposed this anti-democratic abortion.What is interesting about all this isthat Zoabi broke no Israeli law indoing so (she might have had theflotilla reached Gaza). So in effect,the Knesset minority basically saidyou did something offensive and wewill punish you for it. This usurpsthe legal process by which the policeand attorney general would do their job and ferret out illegality andprosecute it. It is an entirely arbitraryand capricious act and I hope she willappeal it to the Supreme Court, abody which at times has been knownto get off its duff and protect therights of Israel’s largest ethnicminority.It should also be noted that MKZoabi had the honor of a Facebook group created which wished her goodhealth in the form of demanding shebe hung from the highest tree for her‘betrayal’ of the State. This indicatesthe robust good health of Israelidemocracy.Knesset speaker Reuven Rivlin is onrecord opposing the measure whichpassed, which is a tribute to his senseof the dignity of the Knesset.However, he is wrong when he warnsthe right wing Knesset members thatonce they strip Zoabi, that theirprivileges and immunity too could bestripped. He’s wrong because noIsraeli Knesset would ever strip aright-wing member of immunity. Theright-wing essentially owns theKnesset and they can act with virtualimpunity barring an act of Kahane-Goldstein like mass mayhem.I have often written here that Israel,instead of a democracy, is a nationalsecurity state which accords Jewssuperior rights and Palestiniancitizens rights at its discretion. Whenit is inconvenient to the State, therights of the Arab minority arecurtailed at will.The last MK whose immunity wasstripped wasAzmi Bishara, who wasdriven into forced exile by the ShinBet. Who knows what the rightistMKs have in store for Zoabi next?There is a campaign to strip her of citizenship entirely and leave herstateless like hundreds of thousandsof Israeli Palestinian refugees from1948. Wouldn’t that be an ironyworth noting? If I were her I woulddare them to do so. It will only harmIsrael’s image and burnish Zoabi’s.I’ve got news for any advocate forIsrael as a Jewish supremacist stateout there: “they” have as much rightto be there as you (or we Jews, if youprefer) do. They’re not going away.You can only deprive them of theirrights so long.Related posts:Near-Lynching of IsraeliPalestinian Knesset Member inKnesset (the Sequel)A few days agoI featured here a story from…Israeli Palestinian MK Assaulted inKnessetFor those not aware, theIsraeli Knesset has a reputation…Knesset Debates Bill to Limit GagOrders, Cites Damage to Democracy,Example of Foreign Media BreakingSecrecyA Knesset memberintroduced a bill today to limit the…Related posts brought to you byYetAnother Related Posts Plugin. Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsraelNear-Lynching of IsraeliPalestinian Knesset Member inKnesset (the Sequel)A few days agoI featured here a story from the IsraeliTV news about a shocking near riotin the Israeli Knesset over an addressto that body by one of its members,Haneen Zoabi, who had beenrelease...Im Tirtzu is NOT, Repeat NOT aBunch of Jack-Booted Right-WingThugs!Got that? You better. ‘Causeif you don’t or if you have any otheropinion on the matter Ronen Shoval,founder of the Israeli hasbara outfitwill set you straight; or else sue yourass o...Shin Bet Judge Denies ForeignMedia Plays Any Role in Lifting GagA few of my Israeli friends have sentme a link to a Yediot interview withJudge Einat Ron, who I disparaginglycall the “Shin Bet judge” in my posttitle, even though she formallyisn&#82... Original post source
Submitted at 7/14/2010 12:52:30 AM
Amalthea is holding its position ininternational waters with enginetrouble, says Israeli militaryALibyan charity’s ship carrying aidfor the Gaza Stripis stalled ininternational waters, the Israelimilitary has said, as questions persistover whether it plans to defy anIsraeli naval blockade of thePalestinian territory.With Israel insisting the ship will notreach Hamas-ruled Gaza, there ispotential for another showdown. AnIsraeli naval raid of another blockade-busting ship in May killed nineactivists.The captain of the Moldovan-flaggedAmalthea told the Israeli navy justbefore midnight that engine troubleshad hobbled the ship and that effortswere being made to repair it. Themilitary, which had four missile shipstailing the Libyan vessel, has said it isstill idled about 80 miles from Gaza.Israeli military officials earlier saidthe captain had told Israel he washeading for the Egyptian port of el-Arish, near Gaza. Egypt hadpromised to transfer the ship’ssupplies to Gaza if it docked there.A spokesman for the Libyan missioninsisted the ship still intended to tryto reach the Palestinian territory – butwould not violently resist any effortsto stop them.“First and foremost we want to arriveto Gaza. If this is impossible we don’twant to subject anyone to danger,”Youssef Sawani, an official with theISRAEL page 5

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