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Case Study Adidas[1]

Case Study Adidas[1]

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Published by Dharmendra Yadav

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Published by: Dharmendra Yadav on Jul 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Network | Expertise |
| Service
adidas America
Sporting goods
Access inventorydata in real-timefrom the fieldPlace accurate ordersReduce phone calls toback-office staffImprove customerserviceProvide all data in asecure environment
Wireless inventoryaccess from BlackBerrydevices increases“at-once” salesOrders are moreaccurate, avoidingpotential delayFewer back-officeinterruptions fromfield sales inquiriesCustom catalogs arecreated more quicklyand easilyCompetitive edgeand better customerservice achieved
A global leader.
Located in Portland, Oregon, with over1,000 employees, adidas America producesathletic footwear, apparel, accessories andequipment products. With roots reachingback to 1949, adidas America is part of alarger organization that strives to be theglobal leader in the sporting goods industry.adidas products are available in virtuallyevery country.
Extending innovation intothe sales process.
A leader in its industry, adidas Americarecognized that it could increase its salespotential by automating many componentsof the sales process. Its team of 200 salesrepresentatives had been using BlackBerry
 handheld devices for email. Tim Oligmueller,sales force automation manager for adidasAmerica, began researching ideas to putthe handheld devices to greater use.Oligmueller wanted to reduce the numberof calls from sales representatives in thefield to check on product availability,enabling them to capture “at-once”business and show customers that thecompany is on the cutting edge not onlyin footwear and apparel design, but also incustomer service.
Recognizing inefficienciesin the sales process.
Before implementing its wireless salesforce automation solution, the company’ssales representatives were required toborrow a customer’s phone or use theirpersonal mobile phone to check warehouseinventory. The company realized that thisslowed sales momentum.“We wanted to strike while the iron ishot, while the enthusiasm is there for theproduct,” Oligmueller said. “Real-timewireless access is important becausewe want the customer to see that wehave immediate access to data to meettheir needs.”Lacking wireless capability, some salesrepresentatives would prepare for ameeting with a customer by checkinginventory before they left the office.However, if an item wasn’t available whenthe sales representative returned to theoffice, they would have to contact thecustomer to change the order.The company’s 65 customer servicerepresentatives (CSRs) were alsoaffected by an inefficient pre-wirelesssales process. Getting calls from salesrepresentatives in the field to check oninventory interrupted their work andaffected order processing times.
Examining wireless andits alternatives.
Before implementing a wireless solution,adidas America equipped its salesrepresentatives with laptops that weresynchronized just before a customer visit,and the company also tried providing a
The broadest and deepest portfolioof wireless business solutions.
Sales Force Automation Case Study
adidas® America
Wireless sales force automationdrives sales for adidas America.
“Real-time wireless access isimportant because we want thecustomer to see that we haveimmediate access to data tomeet their needs.”
Tim Oligmueller
Sales Force Automation Manageradidas America
inventory system receives nearly 120wireless queries each day, saving timeotherwise spent by phone calls betweensales and back-office staff.Since sales representatives have up-to-date inventory information, there’s littleroom for error when orders are placed.And sales representatives rarely need tocall customers to modify an order basedon changes in product availability. Theimproved responsiveness has provedappealing to customers.For both sales and back-office staff, thelevel of frustration has clearly decreased,improving employee satisfaction.adidas America is also able to showcustomers that the company is on theleading edge and is utilizing technologythat its competitors haven’t yet deployed.
Rolling out in phases.
adidas America quickly developedthe sales force automation solutionin two weeks. The company had theonsite expertise to develop a customJava application, which leveraged theMobile Data Services (MDS)
featureof the BlackBerry Enterprise Server
 and handheld devices, so no additionalequipment was necessary.The application was pushed out overthe air to the sales representatives’BlackBerry devices during a regularlyscheduled sales meeting. Training wasdone on the spot at the same meeting.
Recognizing a returnon investment.
Oligmueller estimates that the companyspent less than $10,000 to developthe software application. “It was soinexpensive to do that just one order paidfor it,” said Oligmueller. “Our return oninvestment is going to grow and grow.”Web interface into the inventory system.Neither solution was dynamic enough forthe company’s needs.adidas America quickly realized thatreal-time wireless access on a handhelddevice was the only effective solution.
Deploying a wireless Sales ForceAutomation solution.
At the foundation of adidas America’swireless solution is Atlas2Go, aninternally developed sales forceautomation application. The customwireless application runs on the salesrepresentatives’ BlackBerry devices andperforms real-time inventory queries intothe company’s SAP application data overAT&T’s wireless network. Sales reps canview up-to-date inventory information,and can choose to receive an email withinventory status, which they can thenforward to their customer.adidas America chose AT&T, formerlyCingular, over other wireless carriers forseveral key reasons. “Our relationship wasa big factor,” Oligmueller emphasized.“We needed a company we could counton, someone who would be a goodpartner worldwide.”Oligmueller was also pleased to workwith a company that provided superiorenterprise customer support at eachphase of the project, and a secure andstable platform for sending sensitive salesinformation wirelessly.
Realizing tangible benefits.
The wireless sales force automationsolution has provided adidas America withvaluable benefits. Sales representativescan more quickly and easily checkinventory from the field while providingimproved customer service. Back-officestaff work more efficiently with fewerinterruptions from sales representatives.Oligmueller notes that the adidas
Purchase order size runscreen on BlackBerry devicePurchase order list screenon BlackBerry device

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