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Manhattan Beach Chiropractor - FAQ

Manhattan Beach Chiropractor - FAQ

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Published by Mike Kersgard
310- 374-1794 - Dr. John Conca, Manhattan Beach, California, Chiropractor, Personal Injury, Car Accidents, International Chiropractor, neck pain, headaches, professional services, low back pain, family care, Sir John Conca, Licenced Chiropractor, Best Chiropractor care in Los Angeles.
310- 374-1794 - Dr. John Conca, Manhattan Beach, California, Chiropractor, Personal Injury, Car Accidents, International Chiropractor, neck pain, headaches, professional services, low back pain, family care, Sir John Conca, Licenced Chiropractor, Best Chiropractor care in Los Angeles.

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Mike Kersgard on Jul 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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HOW TO PICK A CHIROPRACTOR By John Conca DCManhattan Beach Chiropractor OVERVIEW80% of Americans do not yet go to a chiropractor.That’s like saying 80% of Americans don’t brush or floss their teeth!Imagine the dental problems if that were the case. Just as we all have teeth we all havespines. That spinal structure needs maintenance just like the mouth. The spine houses themain electrical system that is responsible for properly running all the other systems of the body. Most spines have 24 segments, and we should include the sacrum and ilium in thisarticle. These hollow spinal segments protect the nerves when they are all in alignmentand impinge upon these same nerves when misaligned. So the purpose of chiropracticspinal care is to locate which specific segments of the spine are misaligned and interferewith the proper function of the nerves, and to introduce a force sufficient to assist thespine in aligning itself and thus relieve the nerve interference.PURPOSE OF CHIROPRACTICChiropractic is an Art, Science, and Philosophy. This article will deal with the Art of Chiropractic, that’s where the “rubber meets the road” as they say. How well skilled thechiropractor depends on two factors: professional training and education and nuance fromyears experience in practice.1.Training in chiropractic school. Here’s another saying, “You can’t teach what youhaven’t learned anymore than you can return from where you haven’t been.” Notwithstanding all the governmental accreditation etc, etc that schools anddoctors have to go through, there is still a lot to be said about the training and theteachers that first influence the graduated doctor of chiropractic. Why? Because Iam a patient of chiropractic care and a Doctor of Chiropractic and I KNOW if achiropractor is doing the job well. So my first criteria for finding a chiropractor that’s right for you is:2.Specificity. How specific is your chiropractor’s technique? If your sixth cervicalvertebra is misaligned and you have numbness in your right middle finder andyour chiropractor isn’t specifically contacting and adjusting the sixth cervicalvertebra – the misaligned segment is not going to be adjusted. This is the Art of Chiropractic.There are many types of spinal adjusting treatments used by chiropractors. The mostcommonly used is manual or “by hand”. The effectiveness and comfort of chiropracticadjustments depends on your doctor being specific in the spinal analysis and contact of the misaligned spinal segment and making sure that the adjustment is focused on thespecific segment(s). I find gross manipulations are no substitute for a specific adjustment.You can ring a door bell with a shot gun blast or you can go up to it and gently use onefinger. Which would you prefer?I am appalled at the lack of specificity among my colleagues; so much so that in 2000 Iwrote a professional textbook on specific spinal adjusting. I saw the work as a moral
imperative. The book incorporates static muscle palpation – the most commonly usedform of spinal analysis use by chiropractors today – with an adjusting tool call theActivator, although any spring loaded adjusting tool can be used. The spring loadedadjusting tool is the second most used system for spinal adjusting. More than half my book is devoted to the science and art of specific spinal analysis.ANALYSIS OF THE SPINE:How do we even know if the spine is misaligned and where? Unfortunately pain is not agood criterion to determine where or when the spine is out of alignment; although paincan surely accompany nerve irritation. Feeling the muscles that attached to the spinal bones is the most common form of spinal analysis used by chiropractors. Here againfeeling is an art – it’s called palpation. Some people have it and some don’t. Among thosethat do, even fewer are gifted. The KEY to finding where the spine is out of alignment isin the skill of palpation, not x-ray. X-rays can be deceiving because not all bones aresymmetrical. Personally, I don’t want a chiropractor who relies solely on x-rays to tell mewhere I’m out of alignment, would you? Once the level of misalignment is discovered,the process of pushing the bone back into place - called the adjustment - is also a skill andan Art.ADJUSTMENT OF THE SPINE:The spinal adjustment is a profound opportunity for the body to heal itself. A specificspinal adjustment by hand is the hallmark of the chiropractic profession. A hand full of chiropractors might pooh-pooh this statement because they use computerized adjustingsystems but well over 95% of chiropractors in practice are using the traditional “handson” spinal adjusting technique. Instrument practitioners are still required to fall withinthese stated guidelines of analysis and specificity of adjustment. Just because they have a$20,000 computerized adjusting device doesn’t mean they are immune from using it properly.SUMMARY:FINDING A CHIROPRACTOR THAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU:While the better doctors will describe to you the patient what is about to occur andrelieves your concerns by showing you what it is he or she will be doing for youregarding chiropractic technique, keep in mind that not all licensed doctors of chiropractic have the same skills when it comes to the Art of specific spinal adjustment.For more information or a personalized consultation and spinal analysis please contactthe author:John Conca, DCManhattan Beach Chiropractor 1133 Artesia Blvd. Suite DManhattan Beach California 90266Office 310- 374-1794Doctor: 310-955-0606Web address:www.worldwidechiropractor.com

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