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Father's Day Edition
Father's Day Edition

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Published by: starchild_publishing on Jun 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“…more than a magazine, it’s a movement”
June 2008
Ok, so I was prepping for the June issue of StarChild. The issuethat my beautiful readersdubbed the Father’s Day issue, even though this is chick-lit. Just the thought of devoting anentire newsletter to all things daddy made me want to barf. I had two inside views intofatherhood and neither was the stuff of joy and inspiration. But after talking to my friend Shanaand going over the Mother’s Day issue again, taking in the hurt, frustration and bitterness thatcame with some of the views and comments that were made, I decided to make a concertedeffort to make this as real and as positive of an issue as I possibly could. And in order to dothat, I had to push past my cynicism, my disappointment and my angst and begin to be real withmyself on what I was feeling and I why.In taking one for the team, I decided to begin by interviewing men that I felt were great dads.What is my definition of a “great dad”you ask? Well, it began with me getting warm fuzzieswhen I thought of how these men interact with, care for and raise their children. Moresubstantial than my emotions though is the fact these men:are raising (or have raised) God-fearing, well-behaved, well-rounded and happychildrenfully provide for their children and (where applicable) have learned to keep the“baby mama drama”in check.communicate well with their children, let their children know they are loved andpride themselves on being there for them in all capacities.believe that love is much more than a feeling but an action and have sacrificed forthe sake of fatherhood.The insight I gained from these men proved to be inspirational. I didn't think I'd be able topull off a "Father's Day" issue, but these interviews helped to get me through. As mycynicism dissipated, I was able to see that the lack of strong black men as fathers is amyth.They are out there, we just have to focus on them and give themthe props theydeserve.To the fathers who participated and shared with us, we thank you. And in appreciation,StarChild is giving you a free photo shoot for a family portrait, care of PAPARAZZA.In the meantime readers, I thank you for your patience, your prayers and your continuedsupport. As always we hope you find this issue enjoyable.Read and be blessed,
Derrick L. Britton, 35
Father to: Nafisah, 19; Isaiah, 10 and Elijah, 2
Parent/Student Liaison
“My husband is a great father because it is in his heart to be.It’s in his nature,I'd suspect, from his mom.You see a good father in a man that loves and  respects his mom.You know he'll treat you right and your children in return.He is a great father because he WANTS to be.When men get in their head they want to do something, they'll do it.And he's never had a problem accomplishing most goals.He loves kids, and he does what has to be done, when I can't, don't, or won't. I could not ask for a better partner in this deal called parentingand marriage.am forever blessed.Walida McClendon-Britto

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