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51 Things That Carlisle Cullen is Not Aloud to Do

51 Things That Carlisle Cullen is Not Aloud to Do



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Published by islajade austin

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Published by: islajade austin on Jul 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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51 Things that Carlisle Cullen is not aloud to do.1.
Dye his hair black2.
Then say he is Aro.3.
Or Dracula..4.
Then try and command the Volturi.5.
Or the world6.
Say that Bella is cheating on Edward7.
Try to start a war with the Volturi8.
Say that he and Aro are Twins9.
Propose to Alice.10.
Or Bella..11.
Or Rosalie12.
Attempt to change a turtle13.
Take over the world14.
Dress up as a Yankee on Halloween 15.
When Jasper is dressed as a confederate.16.
Say that  the confederates lost get over it17.
Go trick or treating18.
Eat Bellas cat19.
turn into an emo20.
Talk gangster language21.
Do extreme sports22.
Participate in the Olympics23.
Stand in the museum and pretend to be a statue24.
Pretend to go to work drunk25.
Go into a lingerie shop26.
Haunt people27.
Stalk Bella28.
Adopt Alec and Jane29.
Say he is going to kill everyone that Marcus loves 30.
Then groan and say, god I cant theyre all already dead31.
Dress up in uniform and go to school32.
Climb mount Everest, then broadcast it all over the net.33.
Create an army of vegetables.34.
Then try and beat Emmetts army of fruit35.
Go to work in drag..36.
Then try and seduce Edward37.
Buy a pet puppy38.
Kidnap Bella
Turn Mike into a vampire40.
Then make him hes apprentice41.
Go on a diet42.
Kill the queen43.
Bury Esme alive44.
Start a gang45.
Say that he is moses46.
Say that he has Jesus on facebook47.
Go to the movies and then ruin the ending for everyone48.
Buy an ice cream van49.
Then sell blood lollies 50.
Dressed up as DraculaDo you think that this ought to do it, Bella. how many of these lists have we put up now?, sheshrugs 7, I think And how many of them worked?, she sighed a defeated sound and says.None. A crash is heard in the other room, on further inspection it seems that Carlisle has thrownEdwards piano out the window. When asked why he did it, he replied. he wouldnt buy me an Icecream then shrugs and waltzes off. Bella takes the pen and writes on the bottom of the list51.
Carlisle Cullen must never ever ever throw Edwards piano out the window or ask for ice cream.14 things that Rosalie Hale is not aloud to do :1.
Shout at Bella2.
Buy a magic mirror3.
Kidnap Renesmee4.
Kill Jacob5.
Become a popstar6.
Dye her hair Ginger7.
Accuse Alice of sleeping with Emmett8.
Sleep with Jasper..
Or Carlisle10.
Go to build a bear11.
Kill Bella12.
Steal Edwards Volvo13.
Or Bellas Ferrari14.
Claim that she is the snow queen9 reasons to hate Jacob Black1.
He is fluffy2.
He is almost black3.
He is a paedophile4.
He smells like a dog5.
He is not a vampire6.
He is an idiot7.
He is ugly8.
His name is Black9.
He likes Sam51 Things that Bella Swan is not aloud to do1.
Ask Edward to turn her into a vampire.2.
Then when he refuses ask Emmett3.
Moan whenever a vampire touches her..4.
Then say ouch it burns5.
Sign up for work experience with Carlisle6.
Tell Esme that Carlisle is gay7.
Have a baby with Mike Newton..8.
Then ask Edward to babysit9.
Steal all of Alices clothes10.
Buy Emmet a teddy bear11.
Go on Paul o Grady..12.
Then tell him that vampires exist13.
Tell Edward that she loves her puppy more than him

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