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P-01 Prophetic Dream - Seal-Mark of God

P-01 Prophetic Dream - Seal-Mark of God

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Published by Andre Niemand
The Pre-tribulation Rapture Theory believes will leave the Christian Church ill-prepared in times when God will judge His Church as she will endure great persecution. The days of trouble ahead will be for many a spiritual Pearl Harbor; they will be sitting ducks. Read about this prophetic apocaliptic dream.
The Pre-tribulation Rapture Theory believes will leave the Christian Church ill-prepared in times when God will judge His Church as she will endure great persecution. The days of trouble ahead will be for many a spiritual Pearl Harbor; they will be sitting ducks. Read about this prophetic apocaliptic dream.

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Published by: Andre Niemand on Jul 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Prophetic Dream: Seal-Mark of God
Marina’s Dream: July 5, 2010
I dreamt I saw three young men, below thirty yearsof age, which for no reason murdered people in asadistic and cruel manner. This evil triad committedthe murder crimes on the day in my dream. Theywere full of hate and murder and seek more peopleto kill as they were enjoying killing people. I ranfrom them and entered a building with an emptyroom where A4 size papers were on the floor,stacked against the walls of the room. All pageswere identical, having in the middle of each page acircle and inside the circle was a mysteriousimprint. The Holy Spirit brought to my heart thatthis was the
 seal-mark of God.
 If you kept one of those pages with the seal of God on it, on yourperson no evil could befall you and no attack fromthe evil one and his hosts could touch you.I was the first person and only one in this room butI noticed that afterward some strangers alsoentered this room. I started to hand out thesepages to them and explained to them that if theywould keep the seal-mark of God on their person itwill protect them against the onslaught of thedevilish triad. But I saw that they did not believe inthe power of the seal-mark of God or that the eviltriad could harm them. Therefore, most of themdisposed of those papers with the seal-mark of Godon it. They were unable to understand that thosethree young men were evil and were lethal andcould harm or kill them and thus they did notbelieve my words. Though I physically put a page inevery person’s hand most of them disposed of it.
 Then I put one of these papers with the seal-markof God into the hands of a young boy that wasabout seven years of age. He was alone and I didnot know the whereabouts of his parents. Thoughthe boy did not understand the seriousness of thesituation he held onto the paper with God’s seal-mark on it. He believed me and my words because Iwas an adult and he trusted my judgment. He wasa child and in his innocence he thought andbelieved like a juvenile.All the papers that were in my hand I handed out tothe people, including the young boy. I put thosepapers in everyones hand because I wasconcerned about them. Then this unholy triad entered the room and startedto kill the people that, because of unbelief, did nothold on to the seal of God. There were still stacks of papers with the seal-mark of God on it against thewall of the room but these three creatures were tooclose to me to give me a chance to get hold of onefor myself. Without the seal-mark of God I wasunprotected. They came forward as one, to attackme. I immediately placed the palm of my hand onthe seal-mark of God on the paper that was in thehands of the young child.Because of the seal-mark of God I was surroundedwith an unseen fire so that the unholy triad couldnot come closer than about one meter from mewithout burning themselves. When they burnedthemselves they were showing me teeth and growlat me like animals showing their pain and revealingfierce anger and hate for me. Then I knew theywere demons. They left me, the boy and everyoneelse that held on to the seal-mark of God. Then I stood with the few who had accepted andheld on to the seal-mark of God and I saw a bridgethat crosses a river between us and the evil triad. Ilooked over the bridge and saw a dirt road that led
to a forest. Then I saw on the other side of the riverand bridge the demonic triad about to depart to theforest. I knew we had the victory over them thisday. With irony they looked at us and gave us thepeace sign (V-sign). However, I knew in my spiritthat they meant they will be back to overcome (V-sign for victory) us. Then I thought we must
 ourselves for the next encounter becauseit will be much more fierce than today. This dream was very real to me and one of thosedreams that you remember very, very clearly andcompletely. This dream was like a movie from thestart to the end.
 Three men below thirty years of age refer toimmature governors.
I will give children to be their  princes, and babes shall rule them
(Isaiah 3:4). Jesus came into His ministry when He was aboutthirty years of age. Both King David and Josephstarted to rule kingdoms when they were aboutthirty years of age. Thirty symbolizes maturity;these men were below thirty or immature. Thewicked regardless of age shall never mature butperish.
…the way of the ungodly shall perish
(Psalm1:6b). The evil triad is an alliance of murderousconspirators.
Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a
threefold cord 
[powerful alliance]
is not quickly broken
(Ecclesiastes 4:12, emphasis added). The dream isnot clear who the evil triad is;
 the unholytrinity of Satan, Beast and False Prophet oppressingthe Christian Church through a powerful One WorldGovernment as some instrument of judgment in thehands of Christ. This is just pure speculation. The A4 size papers stored against the walls on thefloor of the empty room, which had a circle with amysterious motif inside of the circle was the seal-

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