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Sailing Info

Sailing Info

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Published by expeditionjabuka

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Published by: expeditionjabuka on Jun 17, 2008
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Sailing trip / Croatia August 2008Sailing Info Sailing Info
Sailing InfoIntroduction
It would be useful for everyoneto read the following overview of important stuff. Wehave a wide spectrum of people onboard: from licensed skippers, very experiencedsailors, those less experienced, to completely non-experienced people. Those who areexperienced know much more than this; those less experienced might want to refreshtheir memories; non-experienced people will probably need all information. Whateveryour level of expertise– please, read carefully!
We are going for summer sailing trip in Croatia, more precisely toDalmatiancoast. Youcan expect hotweather(up to 35 degrees), with an occasional short summer storm (thoseare quite rare; with a bit of luck, we’ll miss them completely).Even on a big boat such as ours, temperature differences are a few degrees more extremethan on the coast. During the day, we might experience a couple of very hot hours; duringthe night, it might get surprisingly chilly. There’s only 1 cm of plastic between you andthe elements – water, air and sunshine, so every variation of weather is felt much strongerthan in the house.
What to take onboard
Our boat will be quite packed - we’re completely full. In general, you will have to stuff all your possessions into your cabins. For this reason, restricting baggage to one standard-sized rucksack (50-70 L)is strongly recommended. You might need additional stuff foryourwhole trip – no problem, you can leave them in cars parked in the marina. Whileonboard, however, please do not exceed the recommended baggage.Recommended equipment for one week:
Two pairs of shoes (at least, flip-flops and a pair of firm, closed shoes). Shoesmust be non-marking, i.e. have soft soles – please, no high heels!
Spare socks/trousers/shirts/etc. (you might get your “evening clothes” wet– it’suseful to have a replacement. General rule of thumb is: one T-shirt & pair of underwear per day, 3-4 pairs of socks, two short trousers, 1-2 long trousers, 2 longsleeve cotton shirts, 1 fleece jacket, 1 waterproof jacket).
Washgear – soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste…
Sunglasses (optional, but very useful)
Suncream (you can share, but make sure you’ve got enough)
Swimming trunks
Any necessary medication (I will have sea-sickness medicine for those who need)
Spare film/discs for cameras (you might not be able to purchase those on islands)
Sailing trip / Croatia August 2008Sailing Info Sailing Info
Mosquito repellent (no mosquitoes onboard, to be used only on the coast. You canshare)
Spending money (small islands might not have cash machines)
CDs (yes, we have a CD player)!!! All neatly stowed in a soft bag that can be stowed away easily within limited cupboardareas (no hard cases). This is very important: boat storages are often strangely shaped andhard cases often cannot be stuffed into them.You don’t want to spend 7 nights huggingyour suitcase!
General Rules of Conduct
Boat is a small place, and it will be packed. At all times, the main cabin has to bereasonably tidy. When the boat turns from one side to another (this is a very typicalsailing situation), each non-secured item becomes a missile that can end up in someone’shead!Keep your personal possessing in your cabin. If everyone leaves just one T-shirt and acamera in the main cabin, it’s a mess!Don’t leave anything unattended in the cockpit or hull. Winds are strong, boat makesunpredictable turns, and your precious stuff will probably end up in the sea. Even worse:someone might fall over your stuff, with predictably unpleasant consequences.Put your used dishes into the sink straight after use! If weather permits, washimmediately and safely store in place.Occasionally, I will ask the crew to clean up the boat. This is not a personal command toanyone: simply clear up the nearest space and don’t worry: others will do the rest.In general, everything your mum taught you applies, just a bit more rigorously.Important: Be careful not to fall into the sea while the boat is moving. Furthermore, donot jump off the boat while the boat is moving! The boat is much faster than it seems, andit is not always easy to get you back onboard. If you feel like taking a dip, ask: we’ll stopand have a swim together.
The majority of people onboard have been sailing previously. Actually, some of you(Andrija, Filip, Igor, Irena – Greece; Adrian – West Coast of Scotland; Ana –everywhere; Franc – not so pleasant heavy weather from Vis to Split, Dini – Vis toBiograd etc.) have shared some of the most amazing sailing experiences of my life.This boat, however, is a bit different. It is really big – 10 feet longer than the boat whichtook us to Greece! – and consequently harder to handle. Boats of this size– 14 tons –cannot be handled manually – everything has to be done by engine and sails.I am already quite experienced as a skipper, and each week (thankfully) we have at leasea couple of really competent sailors. From the point of safety, therefore, I don’t expectany problems. On the contrary: I predict smooth and lovely trip with a lot of fun!
Sailing trip / Croatia August 2008Sailing Info Sailing Info
The Skipper's Duties
Ensure safety & well-being of crew
Ensure safety of boat
Take care that everyone has a good time.Please, pay attention to the distribution of priorities. In normal situations (consideringseason and sailing area, I am almost100% certain that our trip will consist just of those),my biggest problem is to make everyone happy. Where we’re sleeping tonight, whichisland we’re visiting, whether we’re drinking beer or wine tonight…However, in a highly unlikely situation of bad weather, I will have to put safety of theboat before your comfort. For instance: if weather conditions in this port are not suitablefor spending the night, we might need to drive 3 more hours in heavy weather towardsthe safe port although nobody feels like that.Finally, if someone falls sick or gets injured, I will seek immediate help even if it meansputting the boat into danger.I’m pretty confident that we won’t encounter any of those. In my whole sailing career, Ihad only a couple of real crises and never in Adriatic at this time of year! However, it isuseful that everyone knows what to expect.Under normal conditions, the main situation of higher risk is parking the boat –the wholecrew will have to be quite disciplined during those short maneuvers. If you want to take anice photo, it’s fine: if you’re blocking my view, however, you’ll move elsewhereimmediately on my request. As mentioned previously, I might also have to put veto onwishes to spend the night in an insecure port.I believe this is more or less the end of my tyranny.
The crew's Duties
Have fun!
Do what skipper tells them– and I will really ask you to do something only whenneeded.
Alert skipper to hazards he might not be aware of.
Listen to and follow safety procedures skipper discusses.
Let the skipper know if you can't swim.I promise not to bother you with any unnecessary stuff. Some things, however, will haveto be done and I do expect people to react to such requests immediately. Afterwards,while having a drink, you are encouraged to ask for reasons for anything I said or did: inthe middle of the situation, however, refrain from gibberish and simply do what you’retold. Again, this mostly refers to parking situations, and will take only a small share of the overall trip.We are taking a huge boat, approximately half of our crew is inexperienced, and I’mplanning to play slowly and safely. In order to have a great time, it will be the best to dothings by the book. More experienced people might want to go for more challengingtasks: please, understand that our main goal on this trip is having fun. If you want moreserious sailing, you know I’m all for it. However, we have to respect everyone on the

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