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Bible in a Year 36 NT Matthew 20 to 28

Bible in a Year 36 NT Matthew 20 to 28

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Published by Jay Winters
Bible in a Year guide for week 36 in the New Testament
Bible in a Year guide for week 36 in the New Testament

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Published by: Jay Winters on Jul 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The Bible in a Year
New Testament
Matthew 20 to 28
Read this coming week:
 Jul 18
2 Chron 1, Ps 17, Matt 20
 Jul 19
2 Chron 2‐4, Ps 18:1‐24, Matt 21
 Jul 20
2 Chron 5‐6, Ps 18:25‐50, Matt 22
 Jul 21
2 Chron 7‐9, Ps 19:1‐6,Matt 23
 Jul 22
2 Chron 10‐12, Ps 19:7‐14, Matt 24
 Jul 23
2 Chron 13‐15,Ps 20, Matt 25
 Jul 24
2 Chron 16‐18, Ps 21, Matt 26
 Jul 25
2 Chron 19‐20, Ps 22:1‐18, Matt 27‐28
Reading Questions
For next week you’re reading Matthew 20 to 28.Answer the following:
Whose mother asks for her sons to havepreferential treatment? (20)
What does Jesus do immediately after thetriumphal entry? (21)
What does Jesus say all the Law and the Prophetscan be boiled down to? (22)
When will Jerusalem see Jesus again? What do youthink this means? (23)
What is the sin of the wicked servant in 24? Doesthis have application to the Church?
Which parable does the line “Well done, good andfaithful servant…” come from? (25)
What is the statement that causes Jesus to beaccused of blasphemy in 26?
What are some of the events that happen after Jesus dies? (27)
Where does Jesus tell His disciples to go to inorder to make disciples? (28)
Matthew and Racism
If someone asked you what book of the Bible spoke tothe issue of racism, which book would you point themto?Certainly many of the books of the Bible speak to theissue of racism as we know it today. Even the earlybooks of the Old Testament speak of living peacefullyand in harmony with foreigner sojourners and otherneighbors (given that those neighbors are not in theway of God’s plan). Throughout the letters of the New Testament as well we have books like Galatians whichclearly show God’s heart for those who are not Jewishby ancestry.It may surprise you, however, to learn that the Gospel of Matthew appears to be addressing some of the sameracism issues as Galatians. The issue in Galatians isclearly an issue of Jewish Christians requiring Gentiles tobecome Jewish in behavior and ethnic allegiance beforeclaiming Christianity. Matthew’s Gospel appears to bestressing this same point as it begins with informationthat would have been vary Jewish in nature (i.e. thequotes from the prophets) but ends with Jesusproclaiming a freedom to make disciples of all nationsand ethnicities.Our God is not partial to one group of human beings,but shows love and mercy to all who have faith in thesacrifice of Jesus Christ upon the cross.

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