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"The [Untold] Tillman Story" Appendix I1 -- Gen. McChrystal's Testimony Contradicts Gen. Abizaids (7/14/10)

"The [Untold] Tillman Story" Appendix I1 -- Gen. McChrystal's Testimony Contradicts Gen. Abizaids (7/14/10)

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Published by Guy Montag

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Guy Montag on Jul 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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General McChrystal & General Abizaid GaveContradictory Testimony at Congressional Hearings
Note on References:
DoD IG Report,refers to the Dept. of Defense Inspector General Report 3-26-07Jones 15-6,refers to CPL Tillman AR 15-6 Investigation, BG Gary M. Jones 12-28-04HOC 8-01-07,refers to House Oversight & Govt. Reform Committee Hearing 8-01-07SASC 6-02-09,refers to the Senate Armed Services Committee Confirmation Hearing
“The operational chain of command for CPL Tillman’s unit … was:
(DoD IG, p.12)1. Headquarters, Operations Team [LTC Bailey, Major Hodne?]2. Headquarters, 75
Ranger Regiment [COL Nixon]3. Headquarters, Joint Task Force [GEN McChrystal]4. CENTCOM [GEN Abizaid]
. . .
April 22, 2004:
CPL Pat Tillman is killed in action in Afghanistan. (p.70, DoD IG Report, Appendix B:Chronology)
“The Joint Task Force [McChrystal’s]
Chief of Staff COL [?] approved transmission of the
casualty report of CPL Tillman’s death at about 10:30 PM local time, April 22, 2004.”
(p.43,DoD IG Report, Appendix B: Chronology)
. . .
April 23, 2004:
LTC [Bailey] … and CSM [Birch] … tell COL [Nixon]
… that he suspects fratricide and that an
investigation was initiated. (p.70, DoD IG Report, Appendix B: Chronology):LTC BAILEY:
“Sir, within three or four hours
[on April 23
] of being out here on theground by the incident, I went back and I told [COL Nixon] that I was certain that wehad killed him. I mean, there was some doubt and we needed to do the 15-6. So, fromthat time forward, I never doubted whether or not we had killed Pat Tillman. In fact, I think just about everybody around knew that 
[Jones 15-6. Section Z, p 52-53)
“The night after or probably the day after the actual incident [I learned of possibility of fratricide]. … I think on the day of the 23
I got some indication that 
there might have been some fratricide.”
… “Sir, I believe it was on the [23
] 24
[that Idirected Bailey to conduct an initial 15-
(Jones 15-6, Section AM, p. 2)COL Nixon calls MG McChrystal to inform him of CPL
death. (p.70, DoD IG Report,Appendix B: Chronology)
COL Nixon is told of suspected fratricide by LTC Bailey and yet
doesn’t tell
. . .
MG McChrystal … while meeting with GEN Abizaid … tells him that Tillman was
killed inaction. (p.71, DoD IG Report, Appendix B: Chronology):ABIZAID:
“I believe about the
 , GEN McChrystal called me and told me that Corporal Tillman had been killed in combat, and that the circumstances surrounding hisdeath were heroic
. I called the Chairman and discussed that with the Chairman.”
(p. 23,HOC 8-01-07)ABIZAID:
“When General McChrystal called on or about 
23 April he did not mentionany possibility of friendly fire. He told me that Corporal Tillman had been killed in a fire figh
t in Afghanistan.”
(1-15-08 Abizaid written response to Congressman Waxman)
“On interview with us, GEN Abizaid testified that MG McChrystal informed him of CPLTillman’s
death while they were in Qatar for a meeting at the time CPL Tillman waskilled. GEN Abizaid said that the action resulted in other casualties, but he received nodetails and did not know friendly fire
was suspected.”
(DoD IG, p.24)
. . .
: “Corporal Tillman was killed on the 22
of April …
 I arrived back into Afghanistan from a meeting in Qatar with General Abizaid on about the 23
 , and I was informed, at that point, that they suspected that friendly fire might have been thecause of death, and that they had initiated what we call a 15-6, or an investigation of 
(p.17 SASC, 6-02-09)MCCHRYSTAL:
“I was
in Qatar when I was told [that possibly fratricide], about a dayor two after the incident. [23
or 24
] No more than three days later [25
]. [Nixon]told me that they suspected fratricide at that time
no later than 25 April. He gave me abrief overview of the situation and told me that based on what he had heard, he believed there was a potential for fratricide and was investigating it. I told him that I concurred with him that an initial 15-
6 investigation was appropriate.”
(Jones 15-6, Section AP)
. . .
Note on Contradictory Testimony:
General Abizaid
said General McChrystal informed him of Tillman’s death while they were in a
meeting in Qatar. McChrystal called on April 23
and said Tillman was killed in combat and his
death was heroic (or “no details”?) McChrystal did not mention the possibility of friendly fire.
 General McChrystal
said he was in Qatar (or “arrived back … from a meeting in Qatar withGEN Abizaid”?) when he was told by COL Nixon on April 23
of possible fratricide (During IGinterview Nixon and/or McChrystal said that McChrystal was
 just told of “death” on 23rd.)The testimony doesn’t match up!
Nixon says he only told McChrystal that Tillman was KIA ,but McChrystal says Nixon told him about fratricide. Abizaid says that McChrystal only toldhim about KIA on the 23rd, yet McChrystal says he had been told of fratricide by Nixon. Arewe to believe that McChrystal
didn’t tell Abizaid of fratricide, then
waited six days to sendAbizaid a P4 instead of just picking up the phone?And McChrystal contradicts himself about whether he was in Qatar or back in Afghanistan whenhe heard the news of fratricide.
April 24, 2004
CPL Tillman’s Platoon returns to the battalion Forward Operation Base.
(p.71, DoD IG Report,Appendix B: Chronology)

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