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"The [Untold] Tillman Story" Appendix D3 -- Gen. McChrystal a "No-Show" at Hearing (7/13/10)

"The [Untold] Tillman Story" Appendix D3 -- Gen. McChrystal a "No-Show" at Hearing (7/13/10)

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Published by Guy Montag

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Guy Montag on Jul 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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General McChrystal ³No Show´ at House OversightCommittee¶s August 1
2007 Tillman Hearing
12-26-10 UPDATES:
A Lexus-Nexis search found the full CNN transcript of the only mention by the media during the hearing of McChrystal¶s absence (I¶ve placed relevant excerpts from thattranscript at the end).Also, I found an 8-04-07 AP article that mentioned that McChrystal ³declined´(?!) to appear.
. . .
On July 13
2007, Chairman Waxman invited Rumsfeld, four retired generals, and GeneralMcChrystal to testify at his August 1
2007 Tillman hearing. Myscreen printfrom July 20
 shows the House Oversight Committee¶s announcement of their August1, 2007 hearing withMcChrystal listed as the only ³invitee´ still on active duty [
McChrystal was still on thelist as of 7-28-07].General Kensigner evaded a supoena and did not appear at the hearing. However, it wentunmentioned by Waxman that General McChrystal also never showed up to testify. DidMcChrystal refuse to appear, or did Waxman rescind his ³invitation´? [
see 8-04-07 AParticle below that says McChrystal ³declined´ to appear]. (Waxman had subpoena power if pushcame to shove). Chairman Waxman never explained McChrystal¶s absence from the hearing.The Oversight Committee¶s July 17
2008 Final Report notes that Kensinger later testified before the Committee in a closed hearing. However, there is no mention that McChrystal ever testified at a later date. Why not given his central role in the Tillman cover-up? After all, heauthored the P4 memo and led the writing of the fraudulent Silver Star.Was Waxman¶s rationale for not questioning McChrystal that he had just been ³exonerated´ of all wrong-doing by General Wallace the day before and that McChrystal supposedly
³tried toalert his chain of command [with his P4 memo] that Tillman may have been killed by friendly fire´? [
: see 7-27-07 LA Times article below].
And, not to be conspiracy-minded, but this quote from a CNN raises some questions:
"There is another man who will not be in the room. That is Lieutenant General Stan McChrystal. It should be very clear to everyone, General McChrystal is the head ocovert special forces. The so-called dark or black forces. The ones who stay undercover ... Because of his extraordinarily sensitive position with covert special forces, he is not 
appearing in public. And so he will not be questioned 
by the committee in an
The phrase ³will not be questioned further « in an open hearing´ begs the question; did theCommittee hold a closed hearing prior to their public August 1
hearing with Gen. McChrystal?(The Senate Armed Services Committee held just such a secret, closed hearing on May 15
2008for their confirmation hearing for McChrystal).Was the Committee protecting McChrystal from public scrutiny? Was the Committee¶s hearingsand ³investigation´ just working hand-in-hand with the Army¶s cover-up?
. . .
12-26-10 UPDATE:
Lexus-Nexis search found this piece. Perhaps the Army ³clearing´McChrystal of all wrong-doing set the stage for Congress to allow him to ³decline´ attending thehearing just a few days later?
FromSanctions set in handling o
Tillman deathPunishment said to exceed suggestions
or retired general
Julian E. Barnes, Los Angeles Times Friday,
uly 27, 2007
 (07-27) 04:00 PDT Washington -- The Army secretary is expected to take the rare step of recommending a retired three-star general be demoted for misleading investigators probing themilitary's handling of the 2004 death of Army Ranger Pat Tillman «The Army will spare Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal, who currently oversees Special Operationsforces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Officials briefed on the
report said that McChrystal wasspared because he tried to alert his chain o
command that Tillman may have been killedby
ire.. . .Excerpted
³Tillman Memo Contradicted Citation´
SCOTT LINDLAW and MARTHA MENDOZA, Associated Press Writers
August 4
, 2007 Saturday 4:47 AM GMTJust a day after approving a medal claiming former NFL player Pat Tillman had been cut down by "devastating enemy fire" in Afghanistan, a high-ranking general tried to warn President Bushthat the story might not be true, according to testimony obtained by The Associated Press.
Despite this apparent contradiction, Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal was spared punishment
 in the latest review of Tillman's shooting. On Tuesday,
the Army overruled a Pentagonrecommendation that he be held accountable
or his "misleading" actions.
 . . ."Why did you recommend the Silver Star one day and then the next day send a secret back-channel message [
Krakauer used this phrase in his book] warning the country's leaders
about using information from the Silver Star in public speeches because they might beembarrassed if they do?" an investigator asked McChrystal.Despite numerous questions, the general never directly explained the discrepancies."That question seems to imply the fact that we were giving the award with one hand and thenwith the other hand saying it was something different," he protested. "But that's exactly theopposite of the way I felt and feel now.". . .Among those who work with him, McChrystal is respected and admired for his leadership andintegrity. He also has the trust of Bush, who despite the secrecy of McChrystal's operation publicly praised him last year when al-Qaida in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed ina U.S. airstrike.Attempts to reach McChrystal this week by telephone and e-mail were unsuccessful. KenMcGraw, a spokesman for US Special Operations Command, said in an e-mail Friday that itwould be "inappropriate" for McChrystal to comment or speculate about the punishmentdecisions.
McChrystal also declined an invitation to appear Wednesday be
ore a congressionalcommittee investigating the misin
given to Tillman's family and the American public following his friendly fire death in Afghanistan.
³decline´? How does an active-duty general decline to appear before Congress?Besides, Waxman had supeona power (which he issued for Gen. Kensinger, thescapegoated officer who also didn¶t appear). . .After a year-long inquiry that ended in March,
the Pentagon's acting inspector general
oundthat McChrystal should be held "accountable
or the inaccurate and misleadingassertions" in the Silver Star award recommendation;
and for failing to notify the officials processing the award that friendly fire was likely.. . .
But the Army cast that aside Tuesday when it overruled the Pentagon's recommendation.
 Another Army general, William Wallace, concluded McChrystal had behaved reasonably inassuming the supporting material presented to him for Tillman's Silver Star recommendation wasaccurate. The Army's statement Tuesday made no mention of McChrystal's acknowledgmentunder oath that he had known prior to approving the Silver Star that fratricide was a strong possibility.

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